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The global hospitality business is no stranger to crisis management, read articles about how to manage a crisis, response to situations, PR & Crisis Communications and more.

Expert Tips To Help You Through Your Media Interview Or Public Statement
Having trained hundreds of clients for difficult speaking situations like media interviews or angry shareholder meetings we can tell you there’s one constant – people are scared of standing up in front of strangers and talking a...
Boeing: 'Sorry' Doesn’t Have To Be The Hardest Word
Peruse any newspaper, news aggregator or social media feed and you will see that outrage appears to be the default response for many, especially for those who quickly take to social media to express anger
Don’t Let Good Attorneys Make Bad News Worse
We get it: Corporate counsel’s job is to protect the organization from risk, but crisis communicators often must exert authority on clear messaging with attorneys who would sacrifice clarity hoping to minimize future legal or financia...
Creating A Media Interview Checklist
Let’s face it, nobody wants to talk to the media in the middle of a crisis situation, even the best-trained experts feel a little sweat when the heat is on, but you can eliminate an awful lot of unnecessary stress by making sure you&r...
Luxury Brand Diversity Programs Won’t Prevent More Culturally Insensitive Mistakes
Over the last several months, Burberry, Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana have been caught, tried and convicted in the court of public opinion for the crime of cultural insensitivity and these are only the most recent examples of brands guilty ...
Top Risk Management Tips when in Crowded Places
Concerts, festive markets or shopping on the high street – the holiday season is always a popular time for going out and, as much as these events are to be enjoyed, it is important that anyone attending such events should be mindful o...
Create a Solid Foundation for Communication in Crisis
Crisis communications plans cannot be cookie-cutter, but there are certain principles that apply to just about every situation
Some Things Are Not To Be Shared, Especially Not On Social Media
A little help to avoid creating your own social media crisis: Before posting anything to social media you need to ask yourself – 'What could go wrong here?', could I be insulting a stakeholder group? Does this message mean the same to...
Smart or Risky? Starbucks Instructs Employees On Crisis Comms After Former CEO Announces Presidential Bid
Like it or not, when someone’s represented your company publicly for many years that association sticks around after they retire and that’s a lesson Starbucks is learning the hard way after former CEO and chairman Howard Schultz...
The 3 Most Important Things to Do When A Crisis Hits
When you run into a situation that threatens to disrupt operations, reputation, and your bottom line, a brand-new 'To Do Now!' list snaps into existence with alarming speed
Crying Wolf Pt. 3 – How to Prevent the Situation from Spiraling into a Crisis
Once a situation exists that has the potential to become a crisis, there are specific conditions that can magnify and convert it into a true crisis
Crying Wolf Pt. 2 – The Elements of a Crisis
A key part of crisis preparedness and issues management planning is remembering that a crisis will only occur under very specific circumstances
Crying Wolf Pt. 1 – When a Crisis Really Isn’t
In Aesop’s famous tale, The Boy Who Cried Wolf, a shepherd boy convinces his neighbors that a ferocious wolf is attacking his flock of sheep, the townsfolk, after a few false alarms, catch-on and later on, when a wolf actually does ap...
Three Ways Technology Is Improving Hotel Security
Nothing ruins a vacation faster than theft: There is no getting past the sense of violation and loss of trust, plus there has also been an increase in the number of assaults in hotels, as well as incidences of cybercrime
3 Hot Takes On Crisis Management PR in 2019
As we step firmly into 2019 I thought I’d sit down for a few hot takes on the top crisis management issues of the coming year and here are three that have been top of mind
Can You UnGoogle Me?
When a caller asked, 'Can you unGoogle me?', I have to admit it took me a second to respond; Though I chuckled at how this particular individual phrased it, asking if we can have something removed from search results entirely is not at all ...
What the Marriott Breach Says About Security
We don’t yet know the root cause(s) that forced Marriott recently to disclose a four-year-long breach involving the personal and financial information of 500 million guests of its Starwood hotel properties
Crisis Management Case Study: Fast Food Contaminated With E.coli
Though identifying details including names and locations have been changed, the following is a real-life case study based on Bernstein Crisis Management client experiences
What Do You Do When The Media Goes Too Far?
This article has only grown in relevance since it was written, more often than not when we’re assisting clients with breaking crisis response there are reporters involved, and a worrying percentage of those reporters are willing to go...
How the Facebook Data Breach Could Affect Online Fraud
Facebook recently announced that a previously unnoticed vulnerability in their site code has led to a hack of nearly 30 million accounts: Hackers were able to steal users’ access tokens, allowing them to stay logged onto the platform ...
Annual Fraud Attack Index
Fraud attack rates overall, have increased by 13% since the beginning of 2017, coupon abuse in Q1 of 2018 increased 217% from the last quarter and account Takeovers increased by 31% YOY in Q3 of 2017
When Will CEOs Make Proper Use Of Social Media?
The world gasped when unwise tweets from Elon Musk cost his company and shareholders billions of dollars, yet CEO failure to engage online is also a risk to reputation and diminishes capacity to manage issues and crises
Is There a Loose Cannon on Your Deck?
One of the questions we ask any client during a vulnerability audit is: 'Are there any loose cannons associated with your organization, people who – even if they are strong supporters – tend to say the wrong things to the wrong ...
Keeping Your Eye on the Ball during a Crisis
Crisis management mistakes can cost you: In this guest post Tim Scerba, multinational reputation and crisis management expert, explains a deceptively simple problems that impacts crisis teams around the world
4 Ways To Stay Calm When Faced With Public Outrage
Though public outrage has always been a driving force in PR crises, I think we’d all agree it’s become a whole new beast over the last few years
The 10 Biggest Mistakes in Crisis Communications
All organizations are vulnerable to crises: Disasters, lawsuits, accusations of impropriety, sudden changes in ownership or management, and other volatile situations will happen, the threat of serious damage to people, property, reputation ...
So You Don’t Think You Need Crisis Training, Huh?
I haven’t learned to do anything really well without training and lots of practice, I suspect this is true for you in your personal and professional lives
When Advertising is Created Without Crisis Management Consideration
Why you have to consider the negative when making ad decisions and how did an Australian clothing company wind up sending thousands of customers a marketing email that threatened to release compromising photos of them 'everywhere'?
The Five Core Concepts of Business Success
In today’s post Bernstein Crisis Management president Jonathan Bernstein takes a step aside from his expertise as a crisis management pro to speak from his deep base of experience both as a business owner himself and as a trusted advi...
Are You Media-Ready?
If you ask most organizations whether they're prepared to deal with the media, they'll give you a quick 'Yes' and, while they wouldn't necessarily be wrong, the chances they're as prepared as they need to be are slim
Crisis Management Quotables on Readiness
Be prepared, work hard, and hope for a little luck: Recognize that the harder you work and the better prepared you are, the more luck you might have
When Legal Meets PR - Mounting an Offense
In part one of this series we talked a bit about being on the defendant’s side, but what about when you’re the one on the offensive in a battle of litigation and PR? There are two scenarios where we see a need to take things int...
How to Survive an Accidental Emailing Crisis
Sensitive information is sent via email every single day, and making a mistake can create serious issues; This post looks at the most common risks and shares recommendations on how you might react if and when an email containing sensitive i...
How Secure Is Your Hotel Program?
Travelers spend a significant amount of their time on the road in hotels, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re safe; Incorporating safety and security into the hotel RFP process is the first step towards proactively managin...
Turning Potentially Negative Communications into Positive PR Opportunities
Welcome to When Legal Meets PR (Part 1)! Today every legal move has potential for PR ramifications and vice versa and that’s why it’s critical that your legal and PR work in tandem to produce the best possible product for the si...
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