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Views on lifestyle, wellness and travel by our travel writers whom travel frequently throughout the world on assignments for the major travel magazines. In combination with health & spas at hotels and resort which have become an important feature for a growing number of today's travellers.

Unique Experiences Hotels can Use to Attract Guests
We’ve all been there: You finally wake up from the dreaming phase of the travel planning journey and pick on a destination to visit and now the planning begins
Africa: We Will Become a Wellness Destination
Travelers have long visited Africa to see its wildlife and other natural glories, but as the continent sees a surge in international visitors, some are coming for another local specialty – Ubuntu – or African wellness
How to Plan a Vacation, as Told by Millennials
Vacations are a luxury, even when they're just a quick weekend trip to the next town over, the main obstacle that keeps people from going on vacation is money, which is something millennials find themselves struggling to obtain
Arab World Tourism – The Golden Years Are Coming
Revolutions, terror attacks and political turmoil have taken their toll on North Africa and Middle East tourism since the so-called Arab Spring in 2011, but over the past two years, the region is seeing a rebound, officials from the region ...
A Beginner's Guide to Investing in Whisky
Thinking of starting a whisky collection, whether for passion, investment or a bit of both? The Wealth Report brings together leading industry experts to help get you started
Luxury Hotel Guests Get Casual
Guests are just as likely to be wearing Adidas and Lululemon as custom-tailored evening wear when they check in to finer establishments and its changed how we design boutique hotels
How France’s Mountain Hotel Industry is Exploring New Routes
Many of the hotels nestled among the French Alps are at a turning point and previously the preserve of local families, the hotel industry across the region is undergoing a transformation as properties change hands or owners decide to renova...
The Migration of the Immersion Wellness Resorts: Can Experiential Properties Sustain Global Models?
Horwath HTL Miami has observed 'migration' efforts to bring the Asian immersion wellness and destination resorts to the Americas
Minimizing Risk for Pregnant Travelers
Pregnant travelers face numerous considerations that most travelers do not need to bear in mind, however, with planning and preparation, pregnant women can safely travel to most locations
Coworking Hotels: A Productive Combination?
As millennial tastes have risen to prominence in the hospitality world, scores of hotels have made overtures to new ways of working: Stagnant lobby areas have been reinvented as vibrant laptop-friendly areas, crypt-like business centres hav...
Promoting growth: Myanmar Hotelier Association on Improving Infrastructure to Boost Tourism
What are your expectations for the homestay and ecotourism segments, and how is this likely to impact the market for hotels and lodging houses?
Eight Wellness Trends for 2019
Experts predict the future: from the rise of a 'dying well' movement and wellness remaking the fashion industry to 'meditation going plural' and scent playing a more dramatic role in our emotional health
How Hostels Went From Grit to Glam: Rise of Poshtels
Hostels have traditionally been for backpackers happy to share rooms with strangers, trek down hallways to shower and cook their own meals in basic kitchens in exchange for cut-rate accommodation, but now hostels are increasingly borrowing ...
Style in Small Spaces: The NextGen Capsule Hotels
Capsule hotels in Japan were once the domain of salarymen looking for a cheap, fuss-free spot to crash after a late night, but a new crop of guests has helped spur their resurgence, with growing numbers of novel and upmarket versions openin...
Designing for Millennials and Baby Boomers
Renovating rooms, lobbies, restaurants and other common spaces to cater to younger travelers’ preferences is smart business and the smartest hotels and designers know how to do that without alienating baby boomers
Renovating to Stay Relevant: Big Hotel Refurbishments in 2019
Some of the world’s most iconic hotels will reopen in 2019 after undergoing extensive renovation works to bring in a fresh look and smarter technologies as part of an effort to keep up with the ever-changing tastes of discerning globa...
6 Travel Trends in Tours and Activities to Watch in 2019
Solo travel, pop culture influence and the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) effect are among the six driving factors in tours and activities for next year, reveals Hong Kong-based leading travel activities and services booking platform Klook
Performance Report: Spa Department
On average, spa and wellness departments run profitably and can contribute significantly to a hotel’s bottom line
The International Hostel Market is Changing
The hostel market is changing around the world and while many people still think of hostels backpackers-only accommodations, these properties are growing in popularity like never before and the millennial generation has shown a particular a...
Why Boutique Gyms are Shaping Up as a City Center Staple
From working up a sweat on a spin bike to rebalancing body and mind in a yoga studio, the gym is the place to be for today’s health conscious consumers
2018 Global Wellness Tourism Economy
The new 100-page Global Wellness Tourism Economy edition is packed with more regional and national data and trends analysis than ever before – including, for the first time, the spending premiums for wellness travelers (both inbound a...
Just Back from Havana, Cuba
I recently took a trip to the beautiful Cuban capital, where I was immersed in their local culture and discovered the historic city, maybe it’s something they put in the mojitos, but this trip is unlike any other
How Wellness Became Big Business
During a ‘60 Minutes’ segment on health in 1979, anchor Dan Rather said, '‘Wellness’: there’s a word you don’t hear every day', and four decades later, the word is ingrained into the paces of modern life,...
5 Tips to Eat Like a Local on Your Next Business Trip
In recent research digging into business travel dining trends, we delved into the psyche of the business diner, the typical business travel dining experience really depends on the trip
Don’t Become a Victim of Vacation Deprivation
We all love vacations, but are we any good at them? It turns out Americans aren’t making the most of their annual leave and employed adults in the US continue to leave millions of unused vacation days on the table, and it’s taki...
A New Era of Transformative Wellness Travel
Wellness is, by nature, a journey; a multi-chapter story; a lifelong physical, mental and spiritual seeking; a personal and emotional quest; So it’s odd that, even at the most fantastic wellness and spa destinations so many of the cla...
Unlocking Travel Through Food: How SORTED Went From How-To Cooking Videos to Destination Marketing
At the inspiration stage of travel, video content is not a new phenomenon in its ability to inspire, motivate and move audiences
5 Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling
It’s no secret that when you’re away from home, fast food like McDonald’s and Dunkin often looks significantly more appealing than taking the time to find healthier options, and staying consistent with a meal plan and bein...
Airports Are at a Tipping Point. Digital Transformation Offers a Solution
There's hyper competition throughout the travel industry and airports of all sizes are not immune to this phenomenon, but they’re at a tipping point, airports need to re-evaluate traditional approaches to technology and embrace digita...
The Rise in Solo Travel: How and Why You Should Encourage It
Ted Turner, founder of Cable News Network, once said that ‘to be happy in this world, first you need a cell phone and then you need an airplane’ and an increasing amount of people seem to be living through this quote, which fail...
Cannabis & The Hospitality Industry
As more states ease laws on cannabis usage, hotels are finding new ways to incorporate the drug into their product offering, either catering to new demographics or offering new services for those eager to try something different and excitin...
Adaptive Reuse: Amazing Hotel Transformations
It’s an architectural movement that’s gaining momentum – especially as consumer preferences realign and point even more strongly to experiences and for hotels, that means locations in city centers, it also means fighting f...
How African Luxury Tourism is Heading Off the Beaten Track
For growing numbers of today’s high-end travelers, holidays are less about sipping cocktails on sandy beaches and more about opting for new experiences they can’t get at home
Hotel Hopping: Pop-Up Hotels are a Hit Around the Globe
It’s no longer just a fad: The concept of the pop-up hotel has proven it has what it takes to be a full-fledged trend and now they’re popping up all over the place
First Impressions of the Hotel Lutetia Rive Gauge Paris
The rebirth of 'La Grande Dame' on Paris’s Left Bank - This lodging and hospitality 'bug' is still very much present in me and has not left me after over 30 years in the lodging industry, I visited Paris for a day and just had to see ...
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