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Views on lifestyle, wellness and travel by our travel writers whom travel frequently throughout the world on assignments for the major travel magazines. In combination with health & spas at hotels and resort which have become an important feature for a growing number of today's travellers.

Air Travel in the Time of COVID-19 and Beyond
Not surprisingly, I personally miss getting on airplanes; I miss it a lot but actually, I do not miss getting on airplanes as much as I miss meeting new people and being exposed to new cultures
Boost the Confidence of Your Traveling Employees
Leading a team – especially during a crisis – takes patience and fortitude and when your direct reports express confusion, it’s important to support them
Improving Hotel ROI – Thinking Out of Box from Design to Operations
As an industry there is a need to make hotels more viable, the pandemic has taught us to rethink in this direction and develop hotel assets that can drive higher ROI and it can only be done when we look at making changes from Design to Oper...
The 3 P’s of Traveling During Covid
Concerns about business travel have left many scanning news headlines and feeling none the wiser, while travelers are increasingly confident that hotels, ride-sharing companies, and airports have safety and security measures in place
​Ready to Fly: What to Expect at the Airport
If you haven’t stepped foot in an airport since before Covid-19 restrictions were introduced, it can be hard to know what to expect, especially as measures change constantly, such as the increasing adoption of test-on-arrival faciliti...
Post-Lockdown Lingo: 7 Words for a Return to Travel
We’ve learned a lot in recent months: We’ve discovered that we’ll never take hairdressers for granted, that teachers should probably be paid more than top-tier athletes and that we’ll never bake our own bread again n...
A Deep Dive into Wellness Hospitality
In this article, we take a deep dive into this rapidly advancing industry and identify what distinguishes an immersive and transformational spa-and-wellness experience from a traditional hotel or resort spa facility
Into the Unknown: Weighing Up the Risks of Travel
I wasn’t able to say goodbye to my wife and young daughters inside the airport terminal recently, as I normally do at this time of year, as they head off to spend their summer in France
The Experience of Flying Private
There is only one way of flying that can accommodate even the pickiest client, and that is – via private jets
Why Travel Advisors Are Everyone’s Best Friend Right Now
While it’s clear that the pandemic hasn’t put an end to the desire to travel, how clients book and the priorities they now hold have undoubtedly shifted
Hotel Amenity Ideas That Will Wow Your Guests
Guests stay at hotels for a variety of reasons: Some are business travelers looking for a place to rest their heads between meetings while others are vacation travelers looking for nearby tourist attractions
Fragrant Memories in the Making
Hotels that use scent aim to capitalise on its ability to 'cue memories and conjure up emotions', yet little is known about how guests respond to the diffusion of various scents throughout hotels
What do Changing Holiday Habits Mean for Europe’s Hotels?
With lockdowns lifting and borders opening, millions of Europeans are heading off for a summer holiday – even if their plans are rather different to previous years, many people are staying closer to home this year
Luxury in a Post-Covid World
Letting no crisis go to waste, the MBB big-three consulting firms – McKinsey & Company, Boston Consulting Group, and Bain & Company – have all come out with their post-coronavirus predictions for the luxury market
Getting Back on the Road: 9 Things to Plan for as Travel Resumes
Around the world, travel restrictions are gradually being eased and in recent weeks, a number of countries have allowed domestic travel to resume
Six Senses CEO Predicts Which Travel Segments Will Rebound First and How Behaviors Will Shift
In this edition of the Wellness Q&A Series Beth McGroarty, VP, Research & Forecasting, Global Wellness Institute asks Neil Jacobs, CEO, Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas: Which travel segments will rebound first?
Hospitality’s Health + Wellness’s Great Escape From Niche, To The New Luxury
For hotels and the swinging hospitality set, health and wellness have been relegated to a mystic compartmentalized back into the box modus operandi, at a time when travelers are trying to escape the box
Are You Stuck at Home? 11 Virtual Tours of Museums
When you may not be able to visit museums in-person, virtual exploration offers a great way to get your dose of culture and creativity
Redesigning Hotels to Welcome Back Guests
Hotels focus on safety for guests eager to travel after COVID-19 lockdowns: Plexiglas shields at check-in counters and buffet lines, sealed hotel rooms, bar seats one meter apart, welcome to the new hotel experience
Design-Build: What Hotel Owners Should Consider
When a hotel owner wants to start new property construction, there are a few methods to make this happen and traditional construction projects require multiple contracting companies to handle everything from start to finish, but that isn't ...
Ways To Rethink Airline Boarding Process In The Age Of Sanitised Travel
In less than 3 months the novel coronavirus outbreak has transformed the way we travel, many protection aspects have already been added and many more are yet to be implemented
The Rise of Sanitised Travel
Welcome to the age of sanitised travel! Get our newest report featuring over 70 new areas on the day of travel summarized in key stages of travel
Travel Etiquette: Tips That Will Make You a Popular Travel Buddy
Traveling for most of us, is an exciting experience that broadens the mind, so that said, it is true that some trips can become a headache if you encounter inconsiderate travelers along the way
The Cruise Industry - What It Will Take to Survive
A View from North America: The coronavirus pandemic has cut a deep and devastating swath through the travel industry – with negative impact on all sectors – but none greater than cruising
​The Knowledge: Why You Should Chat to Your Cab Driver
Passengers seem to fall into one of two categories: Those that say nothing to their taxi or ride-sharing driver and those who are unfazed by reading out a text message from their love interest to a complete stranger
Cocooning in a Foreign Place
Why leisure vacation rentals might turn out to be on the winning side of post-virus Chinese outbound tourists
Travel Beyond COVID-19
As the novel coronavirus grounds more than 2 billion worldwide, tourism industry experts weigh in on how the global pandemic will redefine travel in the near future
Crowded Destinations are a Thing of the Past
David and Catherine speak to Nicolas Mayer, Managing Partner of PwC’s Global Centre of Excellence for Tourism
Post COVID-19, Authentic Experiences & Community Will Shape Hotels
In many respects it is still too early to foresee what hotel industry trends will be triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic, however, it is possible to imagine that our attitudes towards mass tourism may have changed permanently
Should Airlines & Hotels Extend Elite Status in Times of Crisis?
That’s the million-dollar question circling around the travel loyalty industry lately: The unprecedented grounding of aircraft, significant decline in demand, and empty hotel rooms are forcing management to be creative and discover ne...
Solo Travelling: The Social Distancing We Craved Even Before Covid-19 Made Us Do It
It did not seem so long ago that all talk was about connectedness, globalisation, borderless travel, the seamless journey, but how quickly life can go on reverse
Setting Up a Boutique Hotel? Here Is How To....
Boutique hotels are all the rage these days as more and more travelers are showing a preference for smaller and more private properties to stay in while on their vacay
Travel: Must-See Places to Take Photos in Hong Kong
In Hong Kong, gleaming glass towers jut between green mountains and the South China Sea, creating one of the photogenic skylines on Earth
Business or Pleasure? What are the Differences?
Have you ever spent three days at a business conference in a far off city, eating richly and drinking with industry friends? I bet you came home feeling more tired than you left
Is Bleisure Travel the Solution?
The surprising effects of business vs leisure travel on your health and well-being business vs leisure header and some 83 percent of millennials who have never traveled for business wish they had the opportunity to do so
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