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Views on lifestyle, wellness and travel by our travel writers whom travel frequently throughout the world on assignments for the major travel magazines. In combination with health & spas at hotels and resort which have become an important feature for a growing number of today's travellers.

Chinese Guests in Alpine Destinations
Switzerland has been one of the early winners among European destinations in Chinese outbound tourism, already in 2012 more than half a million Chinese visited the country, in 2015 the best result was achieved with more than 1 million guest...
Solo Travel On The Rise, Driven By Desire to Reward Themselves
Travel trends have seen many changes, and in the last few years more and more people are embracing solo travel as they want uninterrupted 'me time' or to reward themselves
The WeWork Debacle and Lessons for the Wellness World
In the wake of Uber and several other disappointing tech IPOs, the WeWork debacle marks the end of the golden age of unfettered tech growth
A Tale of Three Places: Bamboo, Bali and Never-Ending Neon
Travelling straight from the private island of Cempedak to the mass tourism island of Bali is one thing, but going on from Bali to Shanghai the day after, well, that’s another
The Wellness Real Estate Development Process Explained
As people are becoming increasingly aware of the impact of lifestyle and environmental factors on their wellbeing, they seek health- and wellness-enhancing solutions that can be implemented into their daily lives
Predictions for Airline Loyalty in 2020
Looking back over the past 10-years, could we have predicted the airline loyalty industry would be where it’s at today? Could we have predicted that airlines would buy-back loyalty programs they once had sold to third parties?
Travelers Off the Beaten Track
This week I would like to guide your attention to an article which was written by Yang Han, a journalist based in Hong Kong with the China Daily, the article discusses the fact that Chinese Outbound tourists are increasingly switching their...
Hotel Managers Should Care More About Their Health
According to some estimates, the global wellness industry is now worth around AUD $6 trillion – but you probably don’t need a statistic to see that: Juice bars, yoga studios and health-tracking wristbands are everywhere and new ...
Cultural Travel & How Your Hotel Can Benefit From It
An increasing fraction of the travel sector, cultural tourism is defined by the search for rich experiences that go beyond beautiful views and adventurous activities and this type of travel has seen an uprising level of popularity in the la...
Understanding Wellness: Opportunities and Impact of the Wellness Economy for Regional Development
Second report explores the opportunities and impact the wellness economy has for regional development; series brings clear, expert insights on how wellness is evolving now and into the future
Motivations of Chinese Luxury Travellers
The motivations of Chinese luxury travellers are not very well understood, and little studied, but with persistence they can be determined
Adventurers in Tokyo: What We Love About The World’s Most Populated Metropolis
Tokyo is known worldwide for many diverse reasons and when most people think of it, they envision a haze of bright colors, lights, traditions, cutting-edge technology, great food, and huge masses of people, in fact, Tokyo is the world&rsquo...
The Growth of Micro Hotels in North America
The pod hotel concept that originated in Japan in the 1970s has evolved and become one of the latest innovative trends in hotel development and design
Congestion Taxes Best Solution for Overtourism, But Creates Unequal Access
There is a risk of the trade war morphing into a currency war and just as for a trade war, a currency war has no winners, Plus the possible benefits of depreciating a currency (like the hope of boosting growth) are small and elusive, while ...
The Next Level in Hotel Fitness Facilities
Exclusive Feature: Recent years have shown a trend in what travelers look for in a hotel, they're forming new expectations based on what's popular to enjoy in their daily lives, which means personal fitness has become a bigger priority
Tricks for Sleeping on a Plane
Not everyone can count on getting some good sleep on a long flight, while some of my girlfriends’ eyes start to fall shut the moment the aircraft takes off, I’m the one who sees each minute passing on my watch
Why Hotels Are Taking Wellness Seriously
Hotel operators have been buying firms focused on wellness in a bid to attract guests looking for healthy getaways
From Baroque to Bare Essentials: Current Hotel Design Trends
If there’s one thing that’s constant in life, it’s change and nowhere is this change more visible than design trends: This article looks at some of the design trends that are going to be adopted by hotels across the world
Understanding Wellness: Four Global Forces Driving the Growth of the Wellness Economy
The GWI launched a new white paper series: 'Understanding Wellness', the research papers are designed to become the go-to primer for policymakers, business people and researchers to understand—in clear and simple terms and backed by e...
Integrating Wellness into Hospitality for Guest Satisfaction and Owner Return
Driven by the interests of an increasingly older and unhealthy population, healthcare has been at the center of political debates in the United States for over a decade and as the current conventional healthcare model is broadly recognized ...
Asia is Key to Future of Wellness Tourism
It’s the first time since 2013 when The Global Wellness Summit was held in New Delhi, that it’s being hosted in Asia again, a sign of the region’s growing influence on tourism, the conference will put a powerful spotlight ...
Medical Spa Trends 2019
The global medical spa market is projected to grow at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12+% between 2018 and 2025, reaching more than US$27 billion
Rise of the Urban Wellness Resort
Overtourism – The World’s Newest Wellness Destinations: Cities - Even in the world’s most crowded cities, people need a respite and it may seem counterintuitive to place a wellness hospitality property smack in the middle ...
The 'Do No Harm' Principle Will Become a Travel Destination
The recent landmark UN report on biodiversity comes to the sobering conclusion that the decline of the world’s biodiversity is such that 'it is eroding the foundations of our economies, livelihoods, food security, health and quality o...
The Merging of the Industries: Hospitality and Wellness
You’re no stranger to the term ‘wellness’, what with modern lifestyle placing so much emphasis on it, but, in addition to wellness offerings springing up as an industry in itself, hotels are also making a lot of effort to ...
Top Five Hot Springs Trends Worldwide
Trends put focus on World Bathing Day, June 22, and the new role hot springs are taking in connecting communities, including designing for multiple generations of users and hot springs’ unique—and ever-expanding—wellness o...
What Top Priorities are Driving the Boutique Sector, and How Can It Continue to Thrive?
5 Priorities for the Boutique Sector: The boutique hotel sector continues to boom across the world, and travelers are drawn to the personalized, once-in-a-lifetime experiences that these hotels promise
Singapore Airport May Be the Example to Follow, But There Are Different Models for Different Airports
With its high productivity and extraordinary service, 'fast and seamless travel' is the proposition boasted by Singapore’s Changi Airport, which impressively, has been named the World’s Best Airport in the Skytrax Awards for sev...
Ways to Attract the Solo Female Traveler
A segment of the business and leisure traveler that had been ignored for far too long is the solo female traveler and going back to the stone ages, most hotels only worried about catering to men, as most business travelers were men and the ...
Affluent Insights 2019: The Asian Millionaire Travel
The APAC region contributes over 6 million millionaires, recording double digit growth in 2018 and a powerhouse market like China continues to drive global wealth, with well over 1 million millionaires to date
How Hotels are Going on a Fitness Kick
Working out in a hotel is no longer a choice between a treadmill in a small gym, laps of the pool or a 7am yoga class and with health and fitness an engrained part of modern living, a growing number of hotel chains are making it easier than...
Mindstyle Travel: The New Report Set to Shake Up the Luxury Travel Industry
What was once a mere trend has grown into a fully-fledged travel segment – health and wellness travel is an area that no luxury hospitality brand can afford to fall behind on
Why Cities Are Bringing Walking Into Focus
The ability to stroll through cities became less of a focus for urban planners during the last century, when needs of the automobile typically came first, while cities often still reflect that preference for machine over foot, there are mov...
Is the End in Sight for the Industrial Look?
While the warehouse look of distressed wood and metal furnishings has been hot for years, the trend may be on its way out
Defining Today’s Boutique Hotel
Hotels, inns, bed and breakfasts, hostels, Airbnb—travelers now have endless lodging options to choose from when visiting their favorite cities around the world, and while boutique hotels are at their essence unique, they do share cer...
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