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Views on lifestyle, wellness and travel by our travel writers whom travel frequently throughout the world on assignments for the major travel magazines. In combination with health & spas at hotels and resort which have become an important feature for a growing number of today's travellers.

When All You Can Do is Talk About it, Inspiration is the New Transaction
What is it they say about those who do, do and those who can’t, talk about it?
Growing Up at The Grande: Living at the World's First InterContinental Hotel
IHG Hotels & Resorts is celebrating the 75th anniversary of the InterContinental Hotels & Resorts brand: From one hotel to more than 200, InterContinental has grown with the advent of technology and evolving hotel operations
A Dose of Reality: Vaccinations and Returning to Travel
Vaccination programs are ramping up worldwide, and more people are starting to travel
At Last, First Two-Way Quarantine-Free Travel from Singapore to Germany, Brunei
A Singapore reaches almost 80% vaccination rate, the doors are creaking open and IATA (International Air Transport Association) was the first to applaud the opening of quarantine-free travel lanes from Germany and Brunei and urged other Asi...
What is Slow Tourism? The Next Big Hospitality Trend
The trend of 'Slow Travel' has become increasingly popular over recent years, however through COVID19 it has accelerated immensely and has almost become a new norm without people even realising
A Four Phase Theory to the Return of Travel in 2021
Implications and recommendations for hoteliers when moving through phases of COVID-19 recovery
Sri Lanka Tourism – Achieving the Next Growth Frontier
Sri Lanka’s tourism sector has become a mainstay of the economic development in the country in the past decade, contributing over 10% to the country’s GDP and 11% of the total employment in 2019 as per WTTC
Not Immune to Confusion: Do You Need a Vaccine to Travel?
Changes to COVID-19 travel-related guidelines occur every day and add to that, traffic light systems and news about new variants, and it’s no wonder that so many travelers find planning a trip a daunting task
Examining the Vaccine’s Impact on Leisure Travel Demand
Over the last twelve months, Tripadvisor has tracked the planning and booking behaviors of travelers all over the world
Terminal Tips: 5 Changes to Expect at the Airport
The vaccination rollout is well underway in many countries, restrictions are being lifted and nations are reopening their borders to welcome travelers again
High Stakes as Phuket Prepares for Reopening July 1
Spikes in bookings from all markets and across demographics, says Anthony Lark – except for Asia
Med Spa: A Cure for Ailing Hotels
To say that the hospitality and travel industry has been affected by the worldwide pandemic is truly an understatement
COVID-19 and Sleep
If you've had trouble sleeping over the last year, you're not alone, as reported in a new national sleep survey from 23andMe
Travel - The Essential Commodity
Why travelers are checking off big-ticket items on their bucket lists
Will Domestic Travelers Boost India’s Tourism Sector?
There was a time when Indians took pride in traveling to foreign locales and swapped stories with their friends on what exotic destinations they’d holidayed in
Workations and 'Bleisure' Concepts Take Root in Japanese Work Culture, Thanks to Covid
ALL eyes are on Japan as its major cities enter a state of emergency, a couple of months before the Olympics
From Dog Cruises to Creepy Tours, Singapore Rides Out Covid and Prepares for the Future
Technology and sustainability at the heart of change, THE Year of No Travel may well be 'one of the most fertile periods' in the Singapore tourism sector, with new products, experiences and bundled packages being launched, said Keith Tan, c...
Could Wellness Tourism Provide the Boost Hospitality Industry Needs?
Post the pandemic and after travel norms have been relaxed, it almost feels like the only natural thing for people to do would be to seek out wellness related initiatives
Despite Asia Being Closed, Maldives on Track to Achieve Tourism Recovery by Mid-2021
Having practised Covid-safe management policies since July 15, destination will get headstart when borders fully open
How to Handle Lost Luggage: A Lesson From the Airlines
It’s been almost a year since my last business trip and I’m excited as I’m writing this article because I’m about ready to take the first trip since the global pandemic lockdown
Rethinking Heritage Tourism in the Post-COVID India
India is known for its rich heritage and cultural diversity and heritage tourism has the potential to lead the revival of travel & tourism sector in the country and collaborative efforts by the public and private sectors will be crucial...
Wellness Tourism will Flourish in the Post-COVID Era
Wellness tourism, one of the fastest growing tourism segments globally in the pre-COVID era, is expected to reach greater heights post-COVID as the pandemic has been a wake-up call for people – never before has health & wellness b...
Here’s Looking at You, 2021, Part 1: Mixed Start, 'Time to Claw Back Lost Ground'
WE kicked off the year with a gathering of views and opinions from our community of industry leaders on their outlook for 2021, from their levels of optimism and their plans to get through the year
​Seeing Stars: Ways to Prepare Your People for Post-Brexit Travel
31 Dec 2020 marks the end of the Brexit transition period and as we get closer to this date – the theme tune to the game show 'Deal or No Deal' is in the back of our minds - it’s natural to be concerned by the dizzying news emer...
How Cruise Ships Can Return to the Seas - Safely
Yesterday, I received an email from Viking Cruises detailing how the cruise line intends to protect its passengers, I was (and am) so impressed that I had to share it with you
Travel 2021 Predictions – A Take on What Travel Might Look Like Next Year
Let’s be honest: Who in 2019 could have predicted that a microscopic organism would come out of the blue and like a wrecking ball turn our world upside down? Yet, here we are, hoping that the next year will be the ray of sunshine at t...
​Open for Business: What Matters in Travel Right Now
Green Lanes: We're seeing openings between select destinations like Singapore & China
Phuket Can Reap Huge Rewards from the World’s Biggest Free Trade Agreement
On November 15, 2020, the heads of 15 Asia-Pacific nations – including China, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and Australia – signed the unique Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP)
AirAsia Group Confident of Returning Stronger Post Pandemic Despite Setbacks
AIRASIA Japan, a unit of Malaysia-based AirAsia Group (33% stake), which shut down its operations October 5, filed for bankruptcy on November 17
From Global to Local Hero: The Singapore Fight to Stay Ahead of Covid and Revive Travel
SAFE bubbles; pilot events; partnerships with Klook, Airbnb, Expedia; domestic vouchers – you name it, Singapore Tourism Board is pulling out all the stops to buy time for local businesses until borders open or a vaccine arrives
​Checks and Balances: Can Pre-Trip Approval Boost Travelers' Confidence?
There are many things we couldn’t have imagined doing a year ago – wearing a surgeon’s mask to buy groceries, working solely from home, and embracing tasks we once loathed
'Hello, I am Zooming in While Cruising'
From cruises and conferences, to Tokyo Olympics and Expo2020 Dubai, slow and steady steps are being taken to revive economies
Don’t Fear, K-Travel is Alive and Well – Industry's Bursting with Creativity and Feistiness
WiT Seoul 2020 captured how online travel players are executing by millimetres to last the long game
Handling baggage post-Covid: Automated, contactless, mobile
In an era where human touch is not welcomed, baggage handling and retrieval are going the same way too, as discussed in SITA webinar on baggage solutions for the aviation industry in a post-Covid environment
Smarter, Kinder, Safer: Predictions for the Future of Travel Revealed
With few facets of our lives and world unchanged by the unparalleled impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, travel too will be forever re-shaped by this extraordinary moment in time
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