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Views on lifestyle, wellness and travel by our travel writers whom travel frequently throughout the world on assignments for the major travel magazines. In combination with health & spas at hotels and resort which have become an important feature for a growing number of today's travellers.

The Pandemic has Changed Clients’ Priorities, What This Means For the Future of Interior Design
Exclusive Feature: The pandemic has changed clients’ priorities, and Lesha Fernando, Associate with HBA Dubai reflects on how this affects design briefs and what this means for the future of interior design in Dubai and beyond
Reviving Luxury Trains in India
Luxury travel has recovered faster than other global travel segments following COVID, and according to a recent report, the global luxury travel market is expected to grow as demand for unique, highly personalized, and exclusive experiences...
It’s All About the Experience – How Gen Z and Millennials Are Transforming the Travel Industry
After two years of social and cultural isolation, travel is booming back, with many travelers (especially from European countries with a seemingly strong grasp on the pandemic) keen to be surrounded by new people, cultures, and experiences ...
Eight Global Wellness Trends and How They Will Impact the Future of Fitness
The pandemic has sparked profound shifts in what consumers perceive as 'true wellness' – what they want, need and expect has fundamentally changed
Paradise in Peril: French Polynesia’s Pursuit of Luxury May Not be Sustainable
A market in peril is rarely good news for investors, however, if the biggest challenge is the lack of supply and the opportunity comes with extensive government incentives the picture changes
How Can We Optimize Air Traffic Today?
With travel rebounding fast to pre-COVID levels, the industry faces significant congestion challenges, as headlines globally show
Will Travel Defy Inflation?
Inflation is soaring in many countries due to a combination of factors such as rising fuel prices, ongoing supply disruptions, strong demand, and the Russia-Ukraine war
Travel in Transition – A Reshuffle of Leadership Taking Place Before Our Very Eyes
Wilson to AirIndia, De Schepper to TrustPilot, Peller leaves AWS, Agoda’s Morgenshtern on the rise – watch this space
Northeast India: The Unexplored Paradise
Northeast India, comprising eight states, is a stunning combination of majestic mountains, lush green valleys, scenic landscapes, rich biodiversity, and historical sites
10 Jet Lag Myths Debunked
Sleeping poorly on a work trip may seem insignificant, but the consequences of jet lag are wide-ranging and costly
Why Lifestyle Hotels Are Not Just for Millennials
Growing numbers of older travellers are opting to stay in lifestyle hotels across Asia Pacific
Airlines – The End of Golden Days or 'The Beginning of Our Third Epoch'?
So on the one hand, you have Peter Harbison, executive chairman, CAPA (Centre of Aviation) painting a rather grim picture for the future of aviation – he believes the golden days may be over – and on the other, Sir Tim Clark, pr...
The Next Generation of Technological Innovation in the Travel Sector
With customers now expecting a personalised travel experience at their fingertips, it is essential that the travel sector takes a tech-first approach
Sarawak: Authenticity, Avoiding All the Cliches
The largest state in Malaysia, on the island of Borneo, is a paradise for culture and nature enthusiasts
LGBTQ+ Community see the Pandemic as Offering Lots of Opportunities for Growing Tolerance
For many tourism destinations, the LGBTQ+ travel community is a solid and reliable market
The 4 Key Trends for Asia Pacific Travelers in Q4
Some of the brightest news for the quarter came from the Asia Pacific (APAC) region, and here we look in more detail at the key habits and outlook of travelers in this market
Luxury Travel’s Role in the Industry’s Recovery
The fluctuating recovery trends amidst the COVID-19 pandemic have taken the travel industry on quite the ride
Letter from Siem Reap: Jolie Spotting, Khmer Home Lunch and Elephant Playtime
I first visited Siem Reap circa 1995 when it had just opened to international tourism and then, the best way to appreciate the scale and grandeur of the Angkor temples was by aerial view from a military helicopter because going by foot was ...
What Post-Pandemic Business Travel Looks Like Now For Corporate Travel Management
New research reveals how COVID-19 is driving changes in corporate travel approaches and programs, especially in online booking processes, policies and approvals
An Omnipresent GM Who Picks Up The Trash
Having been in the profession of hotel training for over three decades, with an average of six clients a month, one can imagine I have stayed in a lot of lodging facilities across all segments
The Race to Reopen in APAC Is On – Who Will Emerge the Winner?
'A disorderly restart with changing and confusing requirements' will have longterm negative impact, says IATA’s Vinoop Goel
The Future of Wellness 2022
Experts identify 10 wellness trends: from a new soil-focused and survivalist wellness—to the men’s body image crisis and women’s health research gap finally getting addressed—to the rise of the wellness metaverse, ce...
22 Forces, Places, and Trends Shaping the Future of Travel (2022)
An immersion into key trends driving and defining an ever-evolving industry, an exploration of the shifts and movements that are slowly determining what the future of the industry might look like
Chandigarh – the Emerging Hospitality Hotspot in India
Chandigarh, also popularly known as the Tri-city region, is quickly becoming the new hospitality hotspot in India
Travel Program Communication During COVID-19 and Beyond
What business travelers want to know and how they want to hear it: new survey reveals employee traveler communication preferences in a fast-changing world
Design Predictions for 2022, Inspired by TikTok
Takeaways: TikTok has revealed some trending design buzzwords used by its community of creatives - and Airbnb is seeing these same buzzwords being used by its community of Hosts
To API or Not? Travel Agents Face Dilemma as Cruising Distribution Undergoes Shift
New players like Klook, Lazada swooping into vacuum created by pandemic – sales went from zero to 'couple of million dollars'
To Recovery and Beyond: New Strategies for the Local Travel Experiences Industry
The opportunities for the travel experiences industry are very big but still very nascent in terms of digitalization, especially when compared to flights and hotels
Ready to be a Giddy GOAT? Yes, It’s Time to Go BIG
Yeoh Siew Hoon feels like a kid in a candy store after a marathon trip across the US and Europe
The Global Wellness Economy: Looking Beyond COVID
New research reveals that the wellness market grew to a record of close to $5 trillion in 2019 and then fell in the pandemic year of 2020, but with a consumer 'values shift' underway, the future of the wellness market is incredibly bright, ...
Why Hotels are Focused on All-Inclusive Resorts
As the highly contagious Delta variant continues to spread, many people are still wary of travel and tourists want to stay in one place to avoid the spread of COVID-19
Letter from Ohio: Rock & Roll, Small Towns and Apple Pie
Cleveland, Ohio, may not be the most obvious destination for a first holiday in 20 months, but it certainly yields the most unexpected discoveries
Blue Skies Ahead: Factors Shaping Air Travel and Pricing in 2022
Amidst a healthy job market in many countries and changing attitudes to work-life needs and sustainability, travel buyers need to look at how to balance the desires of their staff with budgeting and building their travel programs
Opportunities Lie Ahead for Lifestyle Hotels in Asia Pacific
What makes a lifestyle hotel different from others? How did the segment grow to a 'must-have' in the portfolio of brands for large operators in Asia Pacific?
Why Frictionless Payments Matter: At the Airport, Destination and Post-Trip (part 3 of 3)
Our latest report, ‘Towards a frictionless future for travel payments’, seeks to highlight the opportunities for travel companies that take an end-to-end approach to payments throughout the entire traveler journey
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