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Views on lifestyle, wellness and travel by our travel writers whom travel frequently throughout the world on assignments for the major travel magazines. In combination with health & spas at hotels and resort which have become an important feature for a growing number of today's travellers.

What It’s Actually Like to Go Glamping
The Collective retreats don’t offer glamping, during a recent visit to their campsite in Colorado, we learned they offer something far more meaningful
Wellness Revenues for Any Hotel Brand Starts with Tech
Wellness is at the forefront in 2023, both as a back-of-house means to retain talent and for the front of house as a way to support higher rates or grow ancillary spend
3 Trends Keeping Travel Leaders Awake at Night
Ahead of the Web in Travel Singapore event on October 2-4, titled The Human Revolution, three travel leaders have told us about the emerging trends that are keeping them awake at night
The True Magic: Supporting Spa Employees
It is easy to evaluate spa and wellness practices in hospitality from a consumer-facing perspective
Some Basic Pointers for Developing a Glamping Retreat
This article provides some basic pointers for Landowners who have sites in pristine natural locations, who may want to examine the Glamping opportunity and plan the development of a Luxury Retreat aimed at affluent travellers, with a target...
Hotels Catering to Adventurous Guests Seek To Limit Liability Exposure
There has been much talk recently about 'extreme tourism' — particularly in light of the catastrophic implosion of the OceanGate's Titan vessel, bringing four passengers and the company’s CEO to their tragic, and likely avoidabl...
Letter from Tokyo: A Date with Destiny in a Place Called Kabukicho
From Godzilla to Indiana Jones, ancient theatres to art-themed hotels, to embracing change and the human imagination, Yeoh Siew Hoon finds it all here
Why Hoteliers Should be Offering Local Tours and Activities?
Last week Sabre acquired Techsembly, an automated online retailing platform hotels can use to sell on- and off-property experiences and other add-ons
Luxury Hospitality: Redefining Luxury in the Hotel Industry
If you ask friends and colleagues who appreciate the finer things in life 'what defines a luxury hotel?', you’ll likely get a range of responses from mod cons – with everything from a decent restaurant to a spa – to seamle...
Corporate Wellness as a Next Big Profit Center with TheLifeCo
Wellness has tremendous potential for hotels, as is being made abundantly clear from the litany of articles on the matter in recent months
Hospitality Trends: How Are the Different Generations Traveling?
The hospitality and tourism industry has always come up with names to describe cohorts of travelers that share similar interests and behaviors
Important Ways to Make Water Recreation Safer This Summer
As summer kicks into high gear on Memorial Day weekend, families converge on aquatic centers, pools, water parks and open bodies of water
Nostalgia-Motivated Tourism
Virtual trips are destination 'teasers' and a valuable way to attract new tourists, but what about returning tourists?
Chinese Tourists are Back Travelling, But What Can We Expect from the Rebound?
When China’s long and lockdown-laden journey away from COVID finally reached its culmination in late 2022, the global travel industry breathed a sigh of relief: The fastest-growing, and one of the top per capita spending markets, was ...
Why 2023 is the Year of Wellness for Hotels
If you don’t make time for your wellness, then you will be forced to make time for your illness
How the Rise of Blended Travel Is Changing Our Behaviors, Industry Offerings
Hybrid work has spawned a new trend – hybrid travel – as the line between work and leisure experiences continues to blur
Trends for Cannabis Industry Employers to Track in 2023
The cannabis industry is growing at a rapid pace given the proliferation of states legalizing medical and recreational use
Why Chinese Tourists Are Not Totally Ready to Make a Revenge Comeback
Insights into the various factors that have impacted Chinese tourists before and after the pandemic, and why the likelihood of a Chinese revenge tourism comeback is slim for the moment
King Charles III’s Coronation: All You Need to Know and Royal Attractions to Visit
With the upcoming coronation of King Charles III set for May this year, many people are planning to travel to London for the event
The Retiring Room: A Soothing, Sensory Adventure
Stephen Dobbie and Colin Nightingale of A Right/Left Project brought their expertise and creativity to The Standard, London—transforming one unassuming Cosy Core into an unexpected multi-sensory experience
Wildlife Tourism in India - The Roar Can Be Louder!
India is known as a land sustaining immense diversity, not just in terms of its population, but also when it comes to other living beings
The City of Haifa and the New Botanica Hotel by Fattal Hotels
Exclusive Feature: Q&A with Mr Asaf Fattal: The opening of the Botanica hotel – the newest edition of the Fattal Hotels chain brought me back to the city of Haifa which is one of my favorite cities in Israel
What Makes A Forbes Travel Guide Five Star?
When Forbes Travel Guide’s expert inspectors visit a property, they anonymously test it based on hundreds of exacting standards, with an emphasis on exceptional service
Why 'The Whole is Greater Than The Sum of Its Parts' in Aviation Today
This oft-quoted phrase is attributed to the philosopher Aristotle and neatly captures the power of synergies
Travel Leaders Corporate Whitepaper Finds Changing Role for Travel Managers
Post-pandemic, business travel trends bring new challenges, renewed call to justify the expense
Eat, Pray, Sleep Bali-Style. How I Escaped the Box
It’s been nearly thirty years since luxury hospitality innovator KP Ho and Banyan Tree took hotel guests out of the box and into their own private villa with a swimming pool in Phuket Thailand
Saudi Arabia’s Tourism Landscape – Establishing a Vision
Saudi Arabia is entering an entirely new tourism landscape with its Saudi Vision 2030 initiatives
Hotel Spas – Rewriting the Narrative
Spas have become a standard amenity at most hotels in recent decades, with several hotel chains placing a strong emphasis on offering top-notch spa facilities to guests
The Consequences of Food Choices
For years now, many of us have been aware that making good food choices would have a general positive effect on human longevity
Spending on Wellness is Strongly Associated with Greater Longevity and Happiness
As consumer spending on wellness has exploded into a multi-trillion market, it raises key questions
WiT Singapore 2022: Small Tech Innovations Spark a Big Travel Revolution
The pandemic-induced tech boom is changing the lives of travel community in big ways, shares panel experts at WiT 2022
Travel is Back, Asia’s Rising, Here’s What to Watch Out for in the New World
Travel is back and so is Asia – was the resounding sentiment at WiT Singapore 2022, which gathered more than 400 delegates from close to 30 countries in the first physical reunion of the online travel industry in Asia Pacific in three...
How Does Airport Chaos Affect Hotels and OTAs?
Long queues, delays, and airport cancellations made headlines this summer, so how did airport chaos impact travel intent and bookings? A global perspective for hoteliers and travel agents
How Do We Prepare Aviation For The Next Generation of Travel?
As people return to the skies and passenger numbers grow, more than ever we must focus on the need to prepare aviation for the next generation of travel
Bleisure Travel is Back in Business
With the steady recovery in corporate travel, the concept of bleisure travel, also known as blended travel, is re-gaining popularity
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