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Views on lifestyle, wellness and travel by our travel writers whom travel frequently throughout the world on assignments for the major travel magazines. In combination with health & spas at hotels and resort which have become an important feature for a growing number of today’s travellers.

Hacking the American Express Big Data System for Your Advantage.
Hacking American Express? Wait, what?  Banks and card providers like American Express are increasingly becoming more reliant on predictive analytics, merchant and transactional data to help drive new revenue; In fact, most banks, inclu...
The Surprising Benefits of a Haunted Hotel.
It used to be that hotel managers and owners eschewed rumours of ghosts and hauntings in their properties; You worked hard to maintain a good business, and the last thing you needed was someone avoiding your place due to a fear of thin...
Five Things to Get You Through Your Long-Haul Flight.
Travelling to an exotic destination and exploring the unknown is always exciting, unfortunately, long plane rides aren’t always fun; Here are five ways to make the journey more comfortable so you are well rested by the time you reach ...
Mobile Ride-Hailing: The Corporate Travel Challenge.
This white paper tracks the rise of mobile ride-hailing among US business travelers, analyzes business traveler attitudes and behavior in relation to mobile ride-hailing services and assesses the impact on corporate travel managers
5 Travel Tips For A Last Minute Getaway.
To provide some relief and assist in restoring that work-life balance, Hilton Garden Inn recently partnered with several travel experts and bloggers for advice and tips to some of travelers’ greatest problems – and in regard to ...
Capsule Hotels: Small Spaces with Big Potential.
Sleeping in a box which is 2 meters long and a little over 1 meter high and wide is becoming the low cost, Japanese-style choice of thousands of international travelers; Launched in Osaka in 1979 to enable local businessmen enjoy an evening...
What Matters to Millennial Business Travelers?
In recent years everyone has been talking about millennial travelers and their influence on the travel industry, this group, also called Generation Y and now aged between 18 and 34, will soon become the largest group of travel customers
5 Common Frequent Flyer Program Mistakes – and How to Fix Them.
I have a somewhat embarrassing confession to make: Even though I regularly write about the hundreds of ways you can save when traveling through Europe, when it came to my own frequent flyer program, I was a bit of a newbie; I rarely managed...
How a Techie Discovered Happiness and Became Bhutan's Biggest Tourism Champion.
Nobody who travels to Bhutan leaves unaffected by the magic of this mountain kingdom in the Himalayas and Singapore-based travel executive Joni Herison is no exception, Herison first heard of Bhutan in 1997 when he was in Nepal on a un...
Top Ten Traveling No No's for Business Travelers.
What happens when I get in one of those moods as I wander around airports?  Well, I take notice to the little things about travelers that you need to be aware of: These are the top ten no no's for business travelers as they hit the roa...
The Increasing Autonomy of Asian Business Travellers: Understanding the Insights.
Asian Business Travellers are now enjoying greater autonomy and demanding more flexible travel policies, according to the findings of a commissioned report on 'Asian Business Travellers', more than half of Asian Business Travellers view wor...
Luxury Travel: Q&A with Lindsey Ueberroth, Preferred Hotels & Resorts.
Since joining Preferred Hotels & Resorts in 2004, Lindsey Ueberroth, the President and CEO, has been integral in shaping the company’s image as an iconic global hospitality brand, she sat down to talk to Benbria about th...
A Matter of Opinion: Bobby Healy on Google’s Stealth Attack on Travel
Bobby Healy, CTO, CarTrawler, believe that Google poses the biggest long-term threat to the profitability and growth of airlines, hoteliers and travel intermediaries that they have ever seen
Why Travel Agents Still Matter.
I often get questions from my circle of friends and relatives about where to find travel deals or which website or mobile app to choose to get insider tips or travel off the beaten path, I guess it makes sense, considering I have alway...
Cyprus – A Small Island Nation with Huge Tourism Potential.
Exclusive Feature: Cyprus is a small island located on the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea and the history of this small but beautiful island goes back to the Greek Mythology where it was mentioned as the birthplace of the Greek ...
Triggers for Social Media as a Way to Increase Popularity and Occupancy Rate of Your Hotel.
Exclusive Feature: Social media is filled with pictures of popular destinations, look at Instagram hashtags, for example, #berlinwall or #worldtradecenter and there are thousands of such publications in the search results
Why Mid-Market Properties and New Hospitality Concepts Are in Hot Demand.
The hospitality industry is in a state of constant evolution and the guest is at the heart of everything we do, successful hoteliers adapt to current trends, demands and new source markets and also take a proactive approach to anticipating ...
4 Main Reasons Why Travellers Choose Local Hotels.
Exclusive  Feature: Travel is continuously changing, coloured by the digital evolution: Low airfares on scheduled flights and low cost airlines are paving way to affordable yet rather comfortable short and long trips and last minute or...
Six Reasons to Consider Serviced/Furnished Apartments for International Extended Stays.
As Corporate Travel Managers and Procurement and Sourcing professionals, you face myriad challenges when securing lodging for your travelers and teams in need of global extended lodging and those challenges may include: duty of care complia...
Staycation? For Sure!
OK, as a well heeled, experienced traveler, your latest escapade was a three-day weekend at an ultra-luxury ranch in Montana: first you had to fly from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City, dealing with the security check for 90 minutes or more
Tips for the First-Time Traveler.
Caught the travel bug? It seems you aren’t the only one, according to MasterCard’s latest Global Destinations Cities Index, there are more tourists travelling within Asia Pacific than ever before
Group vs. Individual Travel in China [Infographic].
Escorted group tours have been a big part of Chinese travel, both outbound and domestic, since the country’s post-1979 reform and opening first made it easier to travel
Millennial Travel Trends: A Look at the Largest Generations' Habits.
Between the years 1980 and 2000, something terrific happened, something that would forever change the shape of the world as previous generations knew it -  No, it wasn’t the launch of MTV (though that was pretty awesome, too), an...
The Millennial Traveller: Old Fashioned Storytelling and Customer Service Work for Mr and Mrs Smith.
James and Tamara Lohan (co-founders of Mr and Mrs Smith) reveal the strategies that have kept their hotel booking platform going in an increasingly competitive market – keep it 'niche', harness the power of content and strive for...
Who's Minding the Store while Everybody is Out Selling Strawberries?
Up to six times a year, many of my favorite clients (with their spouses and some of their key employees in tow) disappear to mostly glamorous locales; in recent years, these have included Rome, Paris, Cape Town, Tokyo, Vienna, Amsterdam, La...
Six Best Places to See the Northern Lights in Winter 2015-2016.
Would you like to see the 'Northern Lights', or Aurora Borealis? Viewing these unearthly colours and sounds in the night sky above a snowy Arctic wilderness is on many a bucket list, but how, and where, can you see this phantasmargorical ph...
When Your Travel, Big is Beautiful.
I like small things, as in small cars, small cockapoos, small books, small portions and small watches (a big shiny Rolex makes me cringe, but its a personal thing), yet there is one thing I will never like nor enjoy: a small hotel room
Wellness Tourism: In Search of the Self.
Is wellness tourism a pleonasm? Few people go on holiday to suffer, unless they’re devotees of adventure tourism or endless treks! But some push the limits of wellness
Hotel Spa Departments: Following Industry Trends.
Coming out of the great recession, US hotel operators struggled to earn revenue from sources other than the rental of guest rooms, however, in 2014, we began to see guests spend their money in other areas of the hotel
How to Plan a European Travel Itinerary That Won't Leave you Exhausted.
When putting your itinerary together, try to remain calm and realistic and if possible, give yourself a minimum of two nights at every stop in order to minimize travel expenses and keep everyone happy
A Guide To Filipino Dining Etiquette. (Infographic)
Below is an infographic by Gourmet Society Philippines on useful tips to remember when eating in the Philippines, particularly if you dine in the company of Filipinos!
Themed Hotel Rooms — Way Chic, or Too Geek?
Themed hotels seem to be all the rage these days, recent examples of note include The Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Hotel in Orlando, and the Space Suite at the Grand Kameha in Zurich, complete with a very cool 'zero gravity'...
How Indian Tourism Can Be Increasingly Incredible.
No longer a slumbering giant, Incredible India is thoughtfully attracting varied tourism markets with an increasingly sophisticated marketing strategy, but there’s always room for more 'incredibleness':  What are the drivers of i...
10 of the World's Worst-Behaved Air Passengers EVER.
Boozing, brawling and more mile-high madness as we reveal 10 of the most badly-behaved plane passengers
What’s in a Boarding Pass Barcode? A Lot.
The next time you’re thinking of throwing away a used boarding pass with a barcode on it, consider tossing the boarding pass into a document shredder instead, the two-dimensional barcodes and QR codes can hold a great deal of informat...
Strategy: How to Not Get Stuck with the Worst Room in the Hotel.
Whenever you are on the road in Europe, you are bound to have a few frustrating experiences
Two Truly Local Mekong Experiences.
Stay in an Isan Village, Thailand: It’s far too easy to visit Thailand and come away feeling that you never really got to see what life for Thais is like outside of the tourist centres
Eight of the World's Best Underwater Hotels.
Staying in an underwater hotel is no longer a sci-fi dream, not even something only the readers of Jules Verne’s novels could dream about, it is a reality, get on your snorkel and take a peek at these crazy underwater hotels, from Dub...
15 Stunning Bridal Suites in Singapore.
Really nice hotel suites to get naughty in, luxurious, elegant, and romantic, these beautiful bridal suites will set the right mood for your wedding night
How and Why Exercise Boosts Brainpower.
The Proven Way to Build Your Brain  Finding the time to exercise can feel impossible some days, with all we’ve got to handle, who has time to make it to the gym? But, while you know what skipping a workout means for your body, do...
Are Travelers Getting It All Wrong?
Travelers are armed with more information than ever to make travel decisions, vastly more;  In fact, there are on average 465 reviews per hotel available to be read1, with so much feedback in hand before booking, travelers should be pr...
10 of the World's Cheapest Countries to Go to on Holiday.
From Hungary to Honduras: spend less than £20 a day on any of these 10 of the cheapest places to go on your holiday;  Want to get the best value for money when you go on holiday? Of course you do! Live like a king for less and ch...
Top 10 Haunted Hotels in Asia.
Have you ever heard of hotel room stories which tickle your sixth sense? Or maybe you checked into a hotel which eerily reeked of an unknown presence, Asia has a lot to offer in the paranormal sense of the word
Croatian Hospitality Infrastructure – Great Potential.
Exclusive Feature: This year's family summer holiday was to Croatia and Slovenia, I took us back to places we visited back in 1987 when Croatia and Slovenia were still a part of a country called Yugoslavia;  The trip back in 1987 was o...
The Five Senses of Hotel Marketing.
People have keen senses:  Taste, smell, touch, sight and sound evoke powerful emotions and memories, and that’s good news for hoteliers
Before Redesigning the Lobby, Find Out What Business Travelers Really Want.
Many brands have been fast at work inventing new approaches to stay ahead in an über-connected business travel world that is increasingly populated by Millennials
Best Places in the World to See Cherry Blossoms.
Cherry blossoms are quite breathtaking, with their vibrant colors and thick foliage that helps them to stand out among other flowers
It’s Time for Travel Managers To Measure More of the Right Things.
Travel managers have traditionally had difficulty getting their hands on reliable, comprehensive data for shaping and improving strategic travel plans and processes, and consolidating it across global operations
Things To Do in Spring in Istanbul (Or Any Time of Year).
Istanbul has it all, with more than 2,500 years of history, culture, traditions, amazing landmarks, vibrant nightlife, and breathtaking views to offer travellers
The Evolving Luxury Consumer – and How Luxury Brands can Respond.
Having navigated significant volatility over the past decade, luxury brands have an exceptional opportunity to continue to capture growth over the next
China Brands Special Part 2: Hotels - Digitalization and Quality Consistency.
Part of a three-part special series, we take a look at the Travel industry brands that made the list, part 2 takes a look at hotels, with three making the list
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Chinese Travellers Seek New Silk Road Adventure.
Friday, 23rd June 2017
Over the past decade, outbound Chinese travellers have remade the world tourism market; Currently worth US$ 168 billion and still on the rise, the 120 million and growing band of Chinese consumers travelling the world in search of local culture, experiences, food and shopping in 2016 is proving to be a tantalizing demographic: What are the opportunities for Middle east and North America

The New Travel Boom: Why Your Next Holiday Won’t be Where You Expect.
Tuesday, 18th April 2017
Today, the number of people on the move is unprecedented, with international tourist arrivals increasing from just 25 million in the 1950s to 1

The Draw of Art in Modern Hotels.
Friday, 14th April 2017
Sipping cocktails next to giant Ming vases, sleeping under Regency portraits or finding your bedroom within an Antony Gormley sculpture — these are among the experiences that hotels are now offering their guests

Nimble now: How Hotels and Airlines are Transforming the Essence of Hospitality.
Tuesday, 14th February 2017
A recent Inc
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Hacking the American Express Big Data System for Your Advantage
Monday, 13th February 2017
Hacking American Express? Wait, what?  Banks and card providers like American Express are increasingly becoming more reliant on predictive analytics, merchant and transactional data to help drive new revenue; In fact, most banks, including American Express, will aggregate their big data insights, and sell this data back out to corporations and governments as business intelligence

The Draw of Art in Modern Hotels
Friday, 14th April 2017
Sipping cocktails next to giant Ming vases, sleeping under Regency portraits or finding your bedroom within an Antony Gormley sculpture — these are among the experiences that hotels are now offering their guests

The New Travel Boom: Why Your Next Holiday Won’t be Where You Expect
Tuesday, 18th April 2017
Today, the number of people on the move is unprecedented, with international tourist arrivals increasing from just 25 million in the 1950s to 1

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