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Regular columns on trends and issues in the hospitality industry by one of Asia's most respected travel editors and commentators, Yeoh Siew Hoon.

Invest in Predictive Data and Create Sticky Customer Experiences to Win in Online Travel
At WiT Seoul held in early April, a panel of investors discussed what it would take to capture the hearts and dollars of South Korean travellers in an increasingly competitive travel space
Grab Adds Four New Services in Quest to Become 'Everyday Super App'
In a bid to evolve from ride-hailing app to super app, Grab announced four new services to its platform – trip planning, hotel booking, on-demand video streaming and movie tickets
From Ain Dubai to the Red Sea, Travel Brands Jostle to Find Their Groove in a Booming Market
On the morning after WiT Middle East ended, I went for a walk across from Jumeirah Beach to Bluewaters Island, a new development that boasts 132 shops and restaurants, Caesars Palace Hotel and the 210m Ain Dubai, touted as the world’s...
Letter from UAE: Excuse Me, Have You Got My Reservation Yet? The Art of Dealing with the Last Minute
The last time I was in Abu Dhabi four years ago, there was a lot of talk about the development to come that would transform this emirati of 214 islands into a tourism destination – among them, the Saadiyat Cultural District that would...
Al Tayyar Travel on the Move as Saudi Arabia Prepares to Transform
Exciting changes are afoot in the Saudi Arabian online travel market with the government’s Vision 2030 plan which sets ambitious targets to diversify sources of income and reduce reliance on oil in the kingdom
David Kong on the Transformation of Best Western Through Quality, Talent and Technology
Ever since he took over as CEO of Best Western Hotels & Resorts in 2004, David Kong has been a man on a mission to transform the company, and the process continues with the recent acquisition of WorldHotels, which added 300 hotels to it...
Travel Enthusiasts Help Fuel Trip 101’s growth
Trip101, a Singapore-based global 'travel enthusiast-generated media' startup, has reported exponential growth in web traffic and revenue, validating content and media as a powerful contributor of growth
Letter from Berlin: Brexit Woes, Hard Truths About Aviation and Hail the Good Guys of Globalisation
Flying across from Cardiff to Berlin via Amsterdam over the weekend of the Brexit negotiations made me mindful of how fragile and uncertain the social, political and economic landscape of Europe is
WiT Singapore 2018: Cherry Huang talks Alipay and the emergence of the 'lifestyle super app'
How can one really explain the phenomenon and colossus that is Alipay? Cherry Huang (General Manager, Cross-Border Business, South-east Asia, Alipay) did just that, documenting the goliath’s growth over the last 14 years from a 'Chine...
Welcome to the Blue Ocean of Cruising in Asia, Massive Market Yet to be Disrupted
Last week, I took a dip into the blue ocean of cruising – and it really is a blue ocean: Firstly, according to CLIA (Cruising Lines International Association), Asians are discovering cruising in a big way – for the first time, t...
Plug & Play Travel Plans Launch in Singapore to Bridge Gap Between Innovators and Corporations
Plug & Play Tech Center, the Silicon Valley-based company that bridges the gap between innovators and corporations, is looking to launch its Travel & Hospitality vertical in Singapore to plug into what it feels is a market gap waiti...
Mystifly Blends Indian, Japanese and Chinese Leadership in New Bid to Scale and Make Air Shopping Better
The biggest promise that the Internet brought was access to content anywhere and anytime, so 'Why should airfare booking be any different?' This thought gave birth to Mystifly back in 2009
To Aspiring Hoteliers: Don’t Be Seduced by the Glamour, Let Integrity Guide You
At the third Tern Travel Careers, veteran hotelier Jennie Chua shared nuggets of wisdom on what it takes to build a meaningful career in hospitality, including 'it’s the hotel that makes you, not the other way round'
Through The Looking Glass: What Drives Industry 4.0 Companies and How You Can Be Business 4.0
If you are a Business 3 company, it’s time to take it up a notch because Industry 4 is here where tech adoption is happening at an accelerated scale, challenging traditional business models and giving rise to new ones, and if you look...
Through The Looking Glass: How Travel and Home Helped Hugh Oliveiro Find his Voice as an Artist
In this first series of articles around our WIT Singapore Conference theme of 'Through The Looking Glass', where we look outside travel in search of different stories and lessons, we feature Singapore-Australian artist Hugh Oliveiro and how...
Letter from Seoul: Fasten Your Seatbelts and Brace Yourself for Another Golden Era in Low Cost Travel
I know it sounds like I am starved for recognition but it always gives me a small buzz when I hand over my Malaysian passport to the immigration officer at Incheon, Seoul and the little machine in front of her greets me in my native languag...
I Can See Clearly Now, But The Future is Still Blurred
As I go through my life without glasses, for the first time in a long, long, long time, I find myself feeling liberated, yet strangely vulnerable
'Data is the New Gold' has Become 'Data is the New Dirt'
What a week it’s been – first the Facebook data scandal and then the Grab-Uber deal in South-east Asia, and at the heart of it, our identities; The former led to outrage that we could have been so manipulated by marketers target...
Longhaul Low Cost the Next Wave – Airlines Have to Become eCommerce Companies that Fly
In the last 10 years, longhaul low cost airlines have mushroomed with international seats growing by 900%, newcomer World Airways, the first longhaul LCC in the US, will be 100% digital and Millennial-focused while Cebu Pacific is trying to...
Best practices in storytelling, an STB case study: Use your brain and make people happy
Last year, Myfanwy McGregor, co-founder of Adhesive PR in Sydney, had an idea for a campaign – was there a way to measure the happiness levels that Singapore can create? And so the agency for Singapore Tourism Board worked on a progr...
Letter from Assam, Part 1: Of Tea, Monsoons and Learning to be a Guest
'I remember when I was young the monsoons in Assam' and with that opening line, I settle back into my armchair at the Mancotta Heritage Tea Bungalow to listen to my host Sanjay of East India Travel Co
As Cruises Grow in Asia, Will Tech and Customer Behaviour Converge to Rock the Boat?
There are many things cruise companies say that they hold to be true: One of these is, if you’ve been on a cruise, you will become a fan for life, I don’t necessarily believe that to be true – I went on my first sea cruise...
8 Thoughts for 2018, Part 2
As 2017 draws to a close, it’s time to look ahead to what awaits us and we ask our panel of industry leaders to share their thoughts and personal wishes for the year to come
How to Fly High: Lessons from Tony Fernandes.
It was fitting that I was flying high on a United Airlines flight to San Francisco when I read the new book by Tony Fernandes, group CEO of AirAsia, as he told his story from the low cost airline to QPR (Queen’s Park Rangers, for thos...
Pitch Me Something I Don’t Understand, Says Investor Supremo Joel Cutler.
It is said the best ideas either terrify you or make you laugh, in Joel Cutler’s case, it’s ideas he doesn’t understand; Known as the man with the Midas touch with his investments in companies such as ITA Software, KAYAK a...
Letter from Singapore: 8 Key Takeaways on Creating 'Better Travel'.
From opportunity markets to product innovations to new tech, a lot was discussed at this week’s WIT Conference in Singapore
Letter from Hong Kong: From Real Estate to Community, From Brick to Clicks, Can Hospitality Make the Leap?
The sky is piercingly blue, as blue as it could only get after a huge storm has just whipped through, I am in Hong Kong two days after the last Typhoon 8 visited this city built on a rock
Google’s Heckmann on How Machine Learning Will Translate to Better Travel and How Asia is Setting Pace in Mobile.
Ahead of his speaking on the WIT Main Stage on Tuesday, October 24, Oliver Heckmann, Vice President, Engineering for Travel and Shopping, Google, shares what’s top of his mind on how new technology such machine learning/AI and voice c...
Letter from Muscat: And so we Enter the Golden Age of Digital Travel in Middle East.
For some reason, Muscat seems closer in my mind than it really is: To get here, I had to connect via Dubai and with a four-hour layover, it’s almost a 12-hour journey and I thought I could have flown to London in that time
Post-Restructure, IHG's Barr Says It's About Brand, Scale and Tech.
It was the Friday of the 10th Formula 1 weekend in Singapore, one assumes all visitors coming to town that weekend are here for the race but no, not the new group CEO of Intercontinental Hotels Group, Keith Barr; Barr was making a lightning...
Steve Kaufer on TripAdvisor's Great End Game.
Fried scorpion may not be his thing but helping travellers have better vacations is: Steve Kaufer, CEO & founder of TripAdvisor, could hardly remember what he ate for dinner the evening before
Skyscanner's Gareth Williams on How Its Bet on Asia Led to Its Big Win, Being a CEO and the Future of Apps.
The first thing Gareth Williams, CEO & co-founder of Skyscanner, says to me with a grin when I caught up with him yesterday evening was, 'I deny all rumours that I was offered the Uber job
People and Culture, The One Thing You Can't Copy.
People and culture, the one thing you can’t copy, and here’s how Sabine Hansen Peck intends that to be Amadeus’ competitive advantage; Yeoh Siew Hoon catches up with the power woman who runs people and culture at Amadeus IT Group, Sa...
Letter from Sydney: Winter's Coming, A Battle of Amazonic Proportions is Looming.
Winter in Sydney is very different from the winter portrayed in the Game of Thrones television series but I get the feeling that the competition for online consumers is going to get as brutal and bloody in the next year or so, and travel wi...
On the Rocks, Hoshino Talks Ryokans, Minpaku and Recognition.
I suppose when you work in travel, you shouldn’t be surprised who you run into so when I heard that Hoshino Resorts was having a media lunch in Sydney the week I happened to be in town, I gatecrashed it
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