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The Customer Is Angry – And, It’s Not Your Fault
Imagine this: The customer on the phone – or in person – is raging mad, you can hear it in their voice – or see it in their eyes, you brace yourself and you’re ready to take the lashing this customer is about to give...
Hotel Expiration Dates: Fact or Fiction?
Expiration dates: they’re super common in some industries – they are regularly seen on consumer-packaged goods, food and drinks, medicine, etc – but the idea of an expiration date isn’t often applied to the hotel ind...
Why Listening To Your Guests Is The Key To Improved Operations Management
Improving the management process of internal operations is one of the most important goals of every modern hotelier and with so many tasks, responsibilities, and technologies that you have to juggle with on a daily basis, the simple act of ...
How a New Era of Mega-Regions is Taking Shape
Amid rapid urbanisation, neighbouring cities are joining forces to create mega-regions that are increasingly driving the global economy
The Rise of Nomadism and How Travel and Hospitality Are Responding
'The question you should be asking isn’t, 'What do I want?' or 'What are my goals?' but 'What would excite me?' Tim Ferriss - Like the overall theme in Tim Ferriss’s best seller 'The 4 Hour Work Week', more and more people are b...
The New Face of Australian Hospitality
We have seen, in recent years, a barrage of impressive stats on tourism in Australia, the government continue to release forecasts for things like international arrivals (+75% from 2017-2027) and overnight spend (+50% from 2017-2027) and pr...
IHG CEO: China is 'Second Home Market' and OTA is Running Hotels 'to Learn'
Hospitality as one of the world’s oldest trades has seen its fair share of evolution and challenges in different eras, now in the mobile internet era when emerging technologies and platforms are transforming travelers’ accommoda...
How Hotels are Meeting the Demand for Quality Meeting Space
Whether they’re hosting a conference for 300 out-of-town guests or an away-day for a 30-strong team from a local company, hotel meeting and event spaces are in high-demand
What the Hotel World Looks Like in 2020
OTA War on the Horizon Hotel Distribution is arguably the big topic of the near term: Expedia Group and Booking Holdings (previously Priceline) are the two big online travel agencies (OTAs), dominating well over 70% of OTA market share
Why Residential and Retail Are Getting Closer Than Ever
With today’s consumers looking to have a range of amenities on their doorstep, retail and residential developments are being built in ever closer proximity
Online Reviews Still Important But Craze is Slowing Down
Folks in the travel industry – hotels and restaurants in particular – know how important online reviews have become ever since sites such as TripAdvisor came into the spotlight almost two decades ago
How to use Room Types as a Strategic Pricing Tool
The rooms of your hotel are one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal as a revenue manager, as it allows you to segment and position the hotel product, differentiating yourself from the competition
The Difference Between “Surprise and Delight” and Just “Delight”
Surprise and delight is a great customer service concept or is it? The concept behind surprise and delight is to surprise the customer with a level of experience that they weren’t expecting and obviously, it should be a positive exper...
The Power to Listen – Become Your Hotel’s Own Superhero
Hey, listen! We know the days of turning towels into capes and playing superheroes are way behind us, but don’t you just wish sometimes that you’d have a little extra help when juggling with so many responsibilities at once? Of...
Experiential Calluses Against Poor CX
Last summer I played golf with a friend and at the end of the game, he had blisters: He didn’t play very often, and the golf clubs rubbed his skin raw
Guiddoo Set to Introduce New Domain to Woo Travel Agents in China
The landscape of the tours and activities market is fragmented, but it is finally going digital as big players such as Expedia, Booking Holdings, Airbnb and GetYourGuide are increasingly stepping up the game
Luxury Airport Hotels are Coming
If there is one reason for massive growth of the global travel industry, it has to be the accessibility of air travel and according to IATA, close to 4 billion people took to the skies in 2016, by 2035, that number is expected to double
How Paris is Nurturing its Growing Start-Up Scene
For a city with a long-standing reputation for haute couture and fine dining, Paris has made great strides as a destination for trailblazing tech firms in recent years
Closing the Gaps in Hotel Housekeeping
As far as the public is concerned, housekeeping is the most fascinating aspect of hotel operations, just search a phrase like 'shocking hotel housekeeper secrets' and behold the plethora of results – many of them from major news outle...
The Power of a Smile
'Smile and the world smiles with you', that is part of a longer quote attributed to Stanley Gordon West: It became the topic of conversation while on a New York subway with my daughter, Alex, when I noticed her smile at someone who, in turn...
How Many Tourists is Too Many?
The hospitality industry, benefiting from surging tourism worldwide, is scrambling to keep up with demand while remaining aware of the potential pitfalls from the deluge of tourists
New Romantics: Hotel Stays to Remember
In order for a hotel to be considered romantic, it doesn’t have to be luxurious – but it does need character and that could mean a unique set of physical features
Directing The Spotlight On 'Big Data', Technology And Sustainability
Considering the global impact of the travel and tourism sector, should delegates not raise the topic of sustainability and how technology and big data can help drive change? Is that not the topic that should keep everyone up at night?
Flexible Space Makes Its Mark in Central and Eastern Europe
As old workplace norms give way to modern ways of working and start-ups build thriving local communities, big cities in Central and Eastern Europe are joining the global shift towards flexible office space
The Data Journey in a Hotel
Data scientists are becoming increasingly popular and necessary as industries realize the need to manage data points and understand how to collect and breakdown their data to better advance their business
A Collection of Thoughts on Hotel Collections
You may have seen the news in January that Ted Teng will soon be stepping down as President and CEO of Leading Hotels of the World and most of you share my high regard for Ted, who ran LHW for 10 years
Nobody Goes There Anymore, It’s Too Crowded
The other day I was driving by a Chick-fil-A restaurant at lunchtime, I was blown away by how many people were in the drive-through lane, there had to be at least 20 cars, so I thought to myself, 'That’s a long line, you really have t...
Singapore In Focus: The Reinvention of Co-Living
The Republic of Singapore is a metropolitan city-state and island country in Southeast Asia with a total land area of an estimated 714 square kilometres, it is situated at the southern tip of the Malayan Peninsula, between Malaysia and Indo...
How Hotels are Rethinking Style and Space
Design has long been important to the hotel industry as a way to attract new guests and turn them into repeat visitors, in recent years, however, new brands to the market have raised the design standards to stand out from the crowd and win ...
APAC Mobile Sites Lagging in Speeds, While Consumers Increasingly Depend on Mobile
Consumers of today’s mobile generation are highly dependent on their devices and are an impatient lot and APAC sites have some work to do to keep up with the expectations of these consumers
Hilton CCO Says AI Will Free Staff To Focus On Personal Touches
Artificial intelligence (AI) will free frontline hotel team members from admin so they can focus on customer experience, one of Hilton’s top executives said
Simple CX = Customer Delight, But What About Fraud Prevention?
Simple experiences that mean convenience and control for shoppers are welcome, but they also mean a bigger threat as far as fraudulent transactions and account takeover are concerned
The Upfront Agreement of Future Communication
Not long ago, I wrote an article that featured Todd Hopkins, CEO of Office Pride, and his concept of core values being a decision filter; I had the chance to interview him for Amazing Business Radio and he dropped another big concept on us ...
Natural Connection: Why Hotels Should Help Guests Connect with Nature
One of the great joys and challenges of being a hotelier is that your vocabulary is always expanding, ours is an industry that closely reflects the progression of technology, wellness, networking, cuisine, and many other aspects of life
'Heart Failure': The Leading Cause Of Bad Reviews
When you read a cross-section of negative comments from online reviews and guest surveys, it’s easy to recognize a common theme across all lodging operations: 'Heart failure', and to be more specific, I am referring to the failure to ...
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