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The Upfront Agreement of Future Communication
Not long ago, I wrote an article that featured Todd Hopkins, CEO of Office Pride, and his concept of core values being a decision filter; I had the chance to interview him for Amazing Business Radio and he dropped another big concept on us ...
Natural Connection: Why Hotels Should Help Guests Connect with Nature
One of the great joys and challenges of being a hotelier is that your vocabulary is always expanding, ours is an industry that closely reflects the progression of technology, wellness, networking, cuisine, and many other aspects of life
'Heart Failure': The Leading Cause Of Bad Reviews
When you read a cross-section of negative comments from online reviews and guest surveys, it’s easy to recognize a common theme across all lodging operations: 'Heart failure', and to be more specific, I am referring to the failure to ...
Reinventing the Hotel as a Meeting of Worlds
The mystique of a good hotel has always centred on the idea that unexpected things can happen and I’m not talking about rude surprises, like a hot shower that suddenly turns cold, or a $30 surcharge for wireless internet: I’m ta...
Why Consolidation is in the Air for Flexible Office Space, Something to Learn From Hotels
As flexible space continues to build its presence in global office markets, consolidation between operators of all sizes could help take it to the next stage of maturity
Fliggy Spearheading 'Global Fun' as Part of Alibaba’s Globalization Strategy
There is still much room for cross-brand synergy or consolidation under the umbrella of Alibaba, and globalization has always core to Alibaba’s business strategy, which aims to realize 'Global Buy, Global Sell, Global Delivery, Global...
Strategies to Prepare for Design Thinking - Part 5: Reconstruct Common Concepts
It might seem surprising, but being creative often first means being destructive: The great inventors of new products aren’t simply adding to what they’ve seen before, they critically question and challenge the standard ways of ...
Morocco Tourism: Hotel Developments, Local Tourism and Emerging Source Markets Underpin Growth
Morocco is amongst the best developed tourism markets in Africa, benefitting from its close proximity to Europe, a wide variety of landscapes and attractions, year-round warm weather in parts of the country, and a more stable political and ...
Fosun CEO Says Mattel Learning Clubs Key To Growth
Mattel-themed daycare and educational centers will drive tourism growth in China, China’s largest tourism operator said at ITB Berlin
Amaze It Forward
You’ve heard of the concept of Pay It Forward, many people use the phrase to describe doing a good deed for someone with no other expectation than that person doing something nice for someone else and so on, creating a chain of good d...
The High-End Coffee Emporium: A Sign of Asia’s Changing Neighborhoods
Tokyo’s Nakamenguro neighborhood has come a long way from its days as a backwater industrial area with a polluted river to a popular cherry blossom watching spot during hanami season
Memories versus Experiences
Exclusive Feature: At the luxury, boutique lifestyle end of the lodging industry, what really makes the difference are the memories and not just the 'experiences', plus 'Creating Experiences' has become a huge cliché
Are You Ready for Destination X?
Picture it: Sicily, 1922, a young girl meets an as yet unknown artist, they spend the day strolling the streets in wonder at the sights, smells and sounds of the people around them
Expedia Group CEO: Choose What You Don't Do!
Exclusive ITB Feature: If you want to grow, choosing what you don't do is just as important as choosing what you do, says Mark Okerstrom, CEO of Expedia Group Inc, speaking at the ITB Berlin this week
Travel Advertising Still Full of Challenges
Exclusive ITB Berlin Feature: More data to close gaps, more visual storytelling and more social media – those are the top trends in travel advertising, said Matthieu Betton, general manager Europe of Sojern, a global travel consultanc...
Look Past the Obvious for a Better Solution
Winter travel can be stressful with the concern of weather-related delays and cancellations; On a recent trip that had a connecting flight, I was notified the night before that my first flight was going to be delayed, which made me worry ab...
The Top Five Challenges Facing Hotels in 2019
Stuart Sinclair, Senior Manager at Equiom Hospitality, works with hotels advising them on financial operations within the hotel industry and ahead of one of the largest events in the hospitality industry calendar, International Hotel Invest...
The Potential of Predictive Analytics in Business Travel
When a new technology is hot, the hype can sometimes distort its true meaning and potential and in meeting rooms across the globe, industry evangelists blend notions of big data, business intelligence, data analytics, artificial intelligenc...
A New Look at the Direct-Booking Game for Hotel Chains
In recent years, hotels have been waging a war on Online Travel Agencies such as Booking-com, Expedia, Ctrip, and Agoda in order to win back their customers by offering a wide range of perks, including discounts, in exchange for booking dir...
GDPR: Where Are We Now?
On this episode of The Business of Travel, we take a look at GDPR – the General Data Protection Regulation that went into effect in the EU on May 25, 2018: The legislation has a goal of strengthening the collection, transfer and prote...
Some Hotels Want Guests to Meet and Fall in Love: Here’s Why
Where do you go when you want to meet someone new? A bar, a gym, a singles cruise? How about the sky? A recent survey from HSBC suggests that one in every fifty travellers meets the love of their life on an airplane, and that your odds of m...
Interview with the Strategic Advisor of Rosewood Hotel Group
Next in this series of Interviews with Leaders is Mr Neil George, Strategic Advisor, Rosewood Hotel Group sharing insights on the company's strategies, growth plans, the different brands and more
Make Your Company’s Name Your Brand Promise
Earlier this year, I had the pleasure and honor of being the keynote presentation for River Valley Bank, soon to be Incredible Bank, as they merge the names of their brick-and-mortar banks and their online bank
Hotels Are Wasting Valuable Data Without Even Knowing It
The world is on a mission to go green and the hotel industry is joining the movement, starting with removing plastic straws from their properties, major hotel chains including Hilton, Marriott, Hyatt, and AccorHotels are trying to reduce th...
How CRM Has Evolved the Digital Landscape
The landscape of how we manage our data has changed: People are more aware of how important data is when it comes to making decisions about pricing, marketing campaigns, investment and hiring, but as this data management grows increasingly ...
How Hotels Keep the Noise Down and Their Ratings Up
Upscale hotels are turning to a growing selection of damping materials, quieter air conditioners and better designs to deliver peace and quiet even when they’re located near airports or in busy urban neighborhoods
Small or Large, Companies Should be Doing More with Data
Small companies should not be left behind in the data game, advised Luke Donkin, sales director for Adara in Australia, New Zealand and Pacific
Should Your Hotel Embrace a More Informal Service Model?
Hotels these days have been having a lot of fun tearing down old ideas and putting new ones in their place and there are good reasons for this: The global travel business is surging, competition is fierce, and the rise of Airbnb and the tra...
What's There to Grab in the Ultra-Luxury Hospitality Market?
With the recent acquisitions of Belmond by LVMH and of Six Senses by IHG (InterContinental Hotel Group), what is left to 'grab' in the ultra-luxury hospitality market? What makes the LVMH purchase of Belmond exceptional and may lead to 'cop...
Why Coworking is Coming to Hotels
It’s not just offices that are adapting to new, flexible ways of working and an increasingly mobile workforce, a growing numbers of hotels are also looking to get involved in the flexible space boom, transforming underused spaces in c...
Doing the Right Thing: A Habit Worth Mastering
When it comes to taking care of customers, sometimes people go a little further than expected and when asked why, they often say, 'It was the right thing to do', there’s no incentive other than the desire to care for someone else
The Way Hotels Operate Are Shaped by Millennials
As a hotelier, the process of (effectively) marketing to millennials might have initially presented itself as a rather daunting task, just how much buying power and influence do millennials have? And how does that impact the hospitality ind...
Core Values are Decision Filters
I’m honored to be the keynote speaker later this year at Office Pride, a franchisor of commercial cleaning service companies: All of the franchisees will be attending their annual meeting to network and learn about the latest and grea...
Plastic Loyalty – Investigating Loyalty Card Programs
Few studies of hotel loyalty programs, particularly field studies, examine basic questions such as the need for loyalty programs or their effects on hotel choice
Build Your Hotel's Ideal Guest Journey and Learn How to Make it a Reality
Technology has changed guest expectations, making it more difficult than ever for hotels to understand how to best cater to their guests
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