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An Analysis of Travel Disruptors.
Explore the latest travel and hospitality industry trends and find out how four catalysts of change could impact travel in 2017
How Online Reviews Can Make Or Brake Your Business.
Online reviews help us decide where/what to eat, to watch, to buy, to sell, they became an integral part of who we are as a consumer and a business owner
Customers Buying Habits Are Changing. Are You Keeping Up?
Every day I get an email from RetailWire
Why Do You Need to Rethink Your Hotels' Loyalty Program?
There’s no question that guest loyalty is still important to the health of hospitality brands in 2017, one might argue that it’s more important than ever, now that travelers can base their booking decisions on the millions of re...
Key to being customer-centric: Count on cloud + data + API.
A guest or a consumer doesn’t differentiate between 'experiences' coming from a retail brand or a hotel property, so hotel companies need to move fast, and focus on customer-centricity in today’s complex world of accommodation s...
Who Owns Customer Service?
Customer service is what I’m all about, it is my life’s mission to help companies create a customer service experience that customers think is amazing;  So, I thought it would be nice to own the domain name CustomerSer...
OTAs Undercutting Hotels Ė A Billion Dollar Sinkhole.
Did you realise that on average, the direct hotel price is undercut by an OTA rate one in four times?  This level of undercutting is costing hotels over $1Bn a year* in direct bookings
Why Prefab Building Methods Stack Up for Hotels.
Once the hallmark of budget hotel chains, modular construction is emerging as an efficient, low-waste technique for boutique and big-name hoteliers in the US and the UK
The Future Is Now: Robots And Artificial Intelligence In The Workplace.
While it may be some time before we commute to work in flying cars or seek a transfer to our company’s lunar outpost, another concept once thought outside the realm of modern reality is now increasingly ordinary in the contemporary wo...
Attribution Models: The Secret Ways Guests Discover Your Hotel.
As digital marketing gets more sophisticated, the topic of attribution models has come up over and over in conversations with clients: every hotel wants to know what, where and how their guests are booking online
Anticipatory Customer Service: The Radar OíReilly Standard.
Some of you may be familiar with the 1970’s and 80’s hit TV show M*A*S*H, based on the novel and movie by the same name, the series premiered in 1972 and played for eleven seasons and while, most refer to the show as a sitcom, s...
Follow-Up On Voice Reservations Inquiries with Personalized Emails and Phone Calls.
If you’re like most hotel marketing and revenue leaders, chances are that one of your major near term strategic goals is to drive more direct bookings and thus reduce the costs of customer acquisition
What Airbnb's App Can Tell Us About Travel Messaging.
Here are a few things: In the past few years, much has been made of Airbnb’s impact on the hospitality industry, between 2010 and 2015, the number of travelers who stayed with an Airbnb host grew from 47,000 to 17 million per yea...
How To Blow a Soft Bubble Without Even Trying.
From a deep, long lasting recession, the hospitality industry jumped overnight, (about three years ago) into a period of enthusiastic and unbridled growth
Itís Due Time for the Lodging Industry to Catch-Up With the Commercial Airlines.
For years now the lodging industry has been trying to catch-up with the global commercial airlines; It started back in the days when airlines offered 3 classes on the same aircrafts and it took some time but in the late 70’s/early 80&...
How to instill Brand Loyalty in your Employees!
When I was starting out, Companies, to my mind, were these giant edifices of stone and steel with high ceilings and vast cold interiors, with crisp air of detachment and clipped, formal conversations; I felt that I and several other people ...
How do Organizations in Travel Manage Change and Transformation?
Many of us make resolutions for change and transformation when we’re bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at the start of the year, there’s optimism from having a clean slate of sorts
And Some Think The Telegraph Is Dead....
Wow – with digital and other technology colliding with nearly every aspect of hospitality, it not only makes one’s head spin, but it pushes our industry to speed way the heck up, which is new to the hotel business, versus the te...
Guest Expectations: Hotel Customer Relations Challenge.
In this digital age, use of social networks has become the new word-of-mouth communication channels amongst peers, spreading the news about your hotel’s handling of customer relations may have a new delivery method but it can still ma...
Airbnb & Noise Data: How the Data Handshake Improves Customer Experience.
Data’s value increases when it’s shared, and you can make money by selling it, sharing data allows marketers to better understand who their best customers are, which consumers they should market to, and with what specific offers
Where Consumers Shop For Online Travel.
When consumers plan their leisure travel, they quickly discover that there's often more than one way to get from here to there
Sometimes Doing Whatís Best for Customers Isnít Always Going to Make Them Happy.
What does it mean to be a customer-centric company? That seems to be the question of the week, it started off with one of our subscribers emailing in the question, followed by two reporters wanting my take on this now-popular phrase for the...
Hotels Give To Get.
An analysis of complimentary services and rooms, the offering of complimentary services and amenities by US hotels is on the rise
The Reservation Benchmark.
In pursuit of our mission to help hoteliers recapture guest relationships and increase conversions on their websites, we conducted a small piece of research
Ways Chatbots Could Change the Hotel Industry.
With the widespread adoption of in-house apps, instant messaging and even robots, hotels are on the cusp of a chatbot revolution
The Ship Is Sinking, Yet the Band Plays On.
Amazing Customer Engagement Ideas: A Special Report From the IBM Amplify Conference:  Common sense must always prevail – especially when it comes to customer service, that said, sometimes companies create strict rules and policie...
Before You Select a Franchise Partner, Do Your Homework and Check the Math.
Henry Ford once said, 'Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress; working together is success'; That has never been more true than in today's hotel franchise environment where there are a lot more franchise options for ow...
The Hotel Matrix: How Information Shapes Success in Hospitality.
Remember that scene at the end of The Matrix where Neo sees the entire world in binary code? Armed with the understanding that everything is information, he can suddenly do whatever he wants, not even the secret agents can compete with his ...
Up Close and Personal Digitally.
The Wall Street Journal reports on how retailers are striving to keep consumers, current and potential, on their sites, physical and virtual and the tools and technology they have deployed offer a template for hoteliers to em...
United Airlines Computer Outage†Is Customer Service Crisis Case Study.
Last week United Airlines had a computer outage that lasted two and a half hours and caused 200 flight delays and six cancellations - keep in mind, this wasn’t a single unhappy customer complaining to a gate agent at the airport - thi...
Adding the Personal Touch in an Age of Digital Communications Goes a Long Way.
There’s no replacing the personal touch in hospitality, in an age when chatbots and messaging platforms are speeding up communication, the importance of slowing down to talk with guests is more important than ever
Talking Data with Hilton: Jonathon Wardman, Vice President CRM.
This month in Talking Data, our authro spoke with Jonathon Wardman, Vice President CRM at Hilton about hotel guest data, how Hilton is leveraging the use of data, and the success of the much publicized Stop Clicking Around campaign
Millennials will book direct. Here's why:
Savvy, ambitious and loyal, the millennial traveller can spot a great deal across the ether - but what exactly can you do to catch their eye? The infographic reveals
Is Competition Healthy for Innovation?: Redefining the Concept of the 'Innovation Race' for Better Results.
Most of us love to watch a race, we love to see winners, losers, the eliminations, we like to observe others as they go through the highs and lows of a hard-fought competition: Arguably the concept of the ‘innovation race’ has s...
The Traits That Make for Good Customer Service.
Recently one of our subscribers asked me, what traits a person must possess to deliver a good customer service experience, I asked if this was for a customer support rep, and he said no, he was hiring for his IT department, so we went back ...
For Hoteliers, The World is Truly Their Oyster! - Part Two.
Lessons from seasoned hoteliers on how best to relocate and cope: Relocation is, indeed, a double edged sword – the proverbial one with which you can either slay the demons that come in the way to superstardom in your career or o...
Is Tourism Innovative? Are there Innovators Dilemmas?
A couple of years ago, we were commissioned to build an evidence-based marketing plan for a tour operator and at the time, they were highly successful but an external review had identified that they lacked process and a way to drive the nex...
For Hoteliers, The World is Truly Their Oyster! - Part One.
Whys, woes and wherefores of Relocation: Working with international hotels brings in the attraction of having to deal with a multiracial, multicultural set of people, from all corners of the world; There would typically be a European Genera...
Corporate Governance in a Trump Presidency.
Like it or not, corporate governance is about to change in a big way, President-elect Donald Trump has already been talking tough about 'dismantling' the Dodd-Frank Act; Many of the Dodd-Frank policies were put in place to curb banks from c...
Science Fiction Hotels Already Exist.
Not so long ago, telephones had chords and not long before that they had wind up handles with people talking on party lines where several people in the neighbourhood had to share the same number and others could listen in to your call if th...
Four Reasons Why Remembering Your Customers Is Important.
A few weeks ago I had breakfast at one of my favorite places, First Watch, and n that particular day I wasn’t that hungry so I ordered just one pancake; typically, when I add a pancake they charge a dollar
Remarkable Tips for Hotels to Create A Better Guest Experience in a Digital World.
We are living in a digital era where for all of us, the Internet and technology is our basic need: shopping, sightseeing, car bookings, address mapping, dating, socializing- we often find it almost impossible to imagine our life without mob...
Conquering Complaints Ė Part Two.
With the proliferation of online guest reviews and social media postings, training all of your guest contact colleagues to properly respond to guest complaints is more important than ever before in the history of the lodging industry
The Millennial Traveller: Unplugged Then Plugged Back in Again.
In major cities across the world much like Jakarta and Singapore, many of us peer at our smartphones, skimming the news on their way to the office, or scroll through the muted group chat on Whatsapp that we have neglected to open for far to...
2017 Will Be The Year of the Hotel Guest.
Hotels will use personalization, engagement, and feedback to enhance the hotel guest experience in 2017
Itís Not Just About Big Data, Leverage Small Data, Too.
Small data results from internal resources like PMS, channel manager, website etc
Todayís Critical Importance of a Good Force Majeure Clause in Hotel Management Agreements.
Exclusive Feature: Most hotel owners tend to put extra emphasis on management charges like brand fees, marketing fees, pre-opening and incentive fees, however only a few bother to look at the 'Force Majeure' clauses
Win Your Guestsí Hearts by Feeding Their Lust for Information.
Scientific consumer behavior studies have shown that the desire for knowledge can make some people physically hungry; There’s an innate curiosity in human beings, a drive to solve mysteries and know as much information as possibl...
The One Thing We Must Do to Create a Customer Focused Culture.
To kick off the start of 2017 I could share my 'Top Seventeen Ways to Deliver Great Customer Service in 2017'; I’ve done something like that most years but instead, I’d like to kick off with something a bit more manageable, not ...
Knowing Makes No Difference to Sleeping Giants.
Following the 2008 global financial crisis, one Chinese businessman observed, 'With the best and brightest from the top business schools and advice from top consulting firms, the Western companies still didn’t see the crash coming', a...
Engage and Delight Your Hotelís Guests in 2017 by Applying These Emerging Consumer Trends.
How can your hotel brand evolve to give customers the experiences they desire – to make a real, personal connection with those travelers in ways that foster true hospitality?  To answer that question, you need to know the tr...
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 Most Recent Articles
Four Customer Service Lessons†From a Stevie Award Winner.
Thursday, 23rd March 2017
Congratulations to Squaremouth, who just won a Gold Stevie Award for Customer Service Department of the Year – for the fourth time! (For those that don’t know, the Stevie is an international business award that recognizes top performing organizations in several categories including customer service

Interview with Airbnb Host Management Platform, GuestReady.
Wednesday, 22nd March 2017
The on-demand economy is taking off thanks to the likes of Uber and Airbnb, the boom in ride and home-sharing also opens new opportunities for new business to emerge and leverage from the new economy

Segmentation vs Personalisation.
Tuesday, 21st March 2017
Last week’s ITB trade fair in Berlin showed us that one thing is on the minds of hoteliers and OTAs alike - data: Talks from the biggest players in the travel game all centred on the opportunities that ‘big data’ can bring to the industry - and in particular, how that big, nebulous cloud of data can actually be used to provide each customer with a perfectly tailored, ‘personalised’ travel experience

Risk on the Road: Are Business Travelers Packing Fear in Their Suitcase?
Tuesday, 21st March 2017
Business travelers face a variety of risks – from the mundane to the catastrophic, from pickpockets to global terrorism: in today’s world it is important to be prepared no matter the destination
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Top 10 Trends in Hospitality for 2017
Wednesday, 7th December 2016
Just 10 years ago, Facebook morphed into a mainstream business tool, Twitter arrived, the iPhone exploded on the scene and Android phones were born, today, the pace of change has accelerated dramatically

The Costly Effects of Bad Customer Service on Hotels
Friday, 9th December 2016
Ultimately every hotel manager wants to provide the best in guest satisfaction and in today’s world, hotel guest satisfaction is based on customer service and it extends beyond check out

Itís Not Just About Big Data, Leverage Small Data, Too
Monday, 9th January 2017
Small data results from internal resources like PMS, channel manager, website etc

Powerful Reasons Independent Hotels are Better Placed to Win Market Share over Chain Hotels
Wednesday, 28th September 2016
The independent hotel market in Europe is a big business, big in terms of employment, tourism and contribution to local economies and most importantly for our industry, independent hotels are big in terms of room inventory – the collective number of rooms these hotels represent

Lodging Brands Proliferation, Extension, Expansion or is it Brands Inflation?
Wednesday, 14th December 2016
Exclusive Views: I would like to apologize in advance if some of you find what I wrote here somewhat blunt, maybe even provocative, my intention is to try and make you think 'outside the box' and I hope you will see my points more clearly once you finish reading this

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