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Social media, the latest fashion item or a not to be under-estimated new comer who will grow more power full as the web develops. Read here articles related to social media hotel & business marketing, eCommerce, sales programs, marketing strategies, revenue management and more.

The Importance of a Hotelís Presence on Google.
What would our lives be like without Google?  Ever since the world wide web took over, online research has become a necessity, almost a reflex: we use it for school, for work, for our own entertainment and to be honest, we don’t ...
Three Tips and Tricks to Build Your Independent Hotel's Brand.
Brand marketing is one of the most beneficial types of marketing your hotel can use: to the public, your hotel’s brand is your hotel’s identity, therefore a strong brand is vital for encouraging direct bookings, along with dozen...
The Power of Package Bookings for Hotels.
Hotels are always looking for new ways to drive demand – and packages have been a solid vehicle to do just that; Packages, or combined hotel, airfare and/or car bookings, offer valuable benefits to hotels, as well as consumers, b...
How Social Media Preferences Vary Per Generation.
Do Millennials (18-34 years old), Gen Xers (34-54 years old) and Boomers (55-70 years old) use social media in the same way? Do they all adopt similar behaviors? The SproutSocial Social Index – Q1 2017 provides great insight into each...
The Benefits of Internet Marketing for Hotels.
As we are so entrenched in the digital age, it seems logical that your hotel advertising should be as well; For many years hotels have relied on print marketing in newspapers, magazines or paper mailers to get their message to potential cus...
Latest Facebook Mobile Apps and What They Mean for Your Hotel
Social media marketing for hotels is ever changing and mobile usage is becoming the norm for searches and social interaction
Top 10 Big Data Trends for 2017.
2016 was a landmark year for big data with more organizations storing, processing, and extracting value from data of all forms and sizes, in 2017, systems that support large volumes of both structured and unstructured data will continue to ...
How To Optimize Your Hotelís Presence On Google.
Terri Scriven is the Head of Hospitality for Google UK, which means working with hotels and accommodation providers in Europe and beyond to help them to optimise their digital distribution and online marketing strategies
Breakage: Good or Bad for Loyalty Programs?
What is Breakage? Breakage is simply the technical term for points that expire and are never redeemed by members, breakage is one of the three primary sources of profit for a frequent flyer program (FFP), together with working capital,...
Five Ways Revenue Management is Essential to Building Direct Bookings.
Revenue management is fundamental to a well-run hotel, it’s the way hoteliers manage rates, inventory, and distribution in an effort to show the right room to the right guest at the right time at the right price
Landing pages: Turn Paid into Serious Hotel Revenue.
Landing pages are an important part of the booking funnel: they help you convert your paid traffic, carefully targeted and acquired by your marketing efforts, into profitable direct bookings
Refine Your Hotel's TripAdvisor Strategy.
Three key elements to consider right now: Millions of potential hotel guests visit TripAdvisor every month to plan their journeys, at present, the company reports an average of 390 million monthly unique visitors and has listings for 7 mill...
Six Stats to Measure for a Succesful Hotel Digital Marketing Strategy.
When it comes to your hotel’s digital marketing strategy, your KPIs are the bedrock on which your success rests, with these 6 essential KPIs, your digital marketing will have firm ground to stand on: Metrics are different for eCommerc...
Don't Be Afraid to Prioritize Direct Bookings over OTA Bookings.
The balancing act between third party channels and your own hotel website is often a difficult one and once you make the decision to take charge of your online distribution, it can cause some friction with your OTA partners and other third ...
eBook: Revenue Management Ingredients.
Successful revenue management practices bear resemblance to the creation of a successful culinary menu, pairing quality ingredients with innovative touches of flavor and flair yields an impressive and classic cuisine, while mixing unproven ...
Upper-Funnel Search Trends and How Hoteliers Can Influence Them.
Sojern’s 2017 Hotel Report, From Search Engine to Booking Engine, is out with valuable insights and actionable takeaways for hoteliers and travel brands
Infographic: How to Untangle the Channel Distribution Challenges Hoteliers Face.
The current hotel distribution landscape is a complicated tapestry, the large number of interlaced interactions between hoteliers and guests results in an intricate and complex combination of devices, channels and sequences of events that, ...
Are You Giving Your Guests Enough RevPAH?
As I often say in my hospitality workshops, we in the hotel industry are in a very unique business of selling space and time, so we had better be REALLY good at the intangibles
From Search Engine to Booking Engine.
Our report, From Search Engine to Booking Engine: Sojern’s 2017 Hotel Report, looks into the full path to a hotel booking using both Sojern and Google insights
Book Direct: A Profitable Strategy or a Daydream.
Book direct strategies: can you pursue one profitably, or are they nothing but wishful thinking? We’d like to argue strongly that not only are they profitable (managed properly), they are essential
Online Booking Trends: Understanding Traveler Behavior [Infographic]
When it comes to booking a hotel, predicting traveler behavior is difficult, while research studies exist, the facts often remain a mystery to those who don’t have much time to sift through it
10 Types of Data You Should Look at to Improve Your Hotel's Distribution Game.
Distribution strategy is one of the murkiest areas of revenue management for many hoteliers, it’s also one of the most important areas to manage carefully when you’re trying to drive direct bookings
Revenue Strategy Pro Tip: Use As Many Segments As You Can Handle.
We’re already aware that properly segmenting your hotel demand is the first step toward a successful property-wide Revenue Strategy, now innovative revenue managers are pushing the envelope by diving deeper and segmenting their guests...
How Booking Recovery Tool Can Make You Thousands in Revenue.
Here’s a quick breakdown of how and why they work: There are two different times when it’s vital to keep guests interested; before they’re ready to make a booking, and after abandoning your site mid-booking
But if the price is the same, I'll book at the OTA - Said No One, Ever.
When guests see price parity, surely they will still book through an OTA that they know and have used before?  Nope, We've heard this question a lot so thought we'd take you through how guests really react to OTA prices
Googleís Penalty for 'Intrusive' Interstitials: What Hoteliers Need to Know.
Google is once more making it clear what kinds of mobile experiences they want to encourage, recently, they announced they would start penalizing sites with intrusive mobile interstitials in their search results
New Hotel? Here's How to Use OTAs to Drive Future Direct Bookings.
'If I was starting a hotel from scratch, I’d give all my distribution to OTAs and just concentrate on the guest and their experience', that was the view announced by David Turnbull, co-founder of SnapShot, at the Seize Opportunity in ...
5 Tips For Incorporating Reviews Into Your Hotel Marketing Strategy.
In today’s business world, when taking into consideration the connectivity of people and the mobile-first society, it’s safe to say that guest feedback is the thing that can make or break your hotel marketing strategy
A Crystal Ball for Marketing & Revenue Management.
Owners and operators are dead set on obtaining more direct bookings for their hotels to maximize their profits, revenue management and marketing, more than ever, must align in order to achieve what their owners are asking for
Channel Optimization: The Secrets of Data-Driven Hoteliers.
New report shows the steps hoteliers can take to create and maintain the right channel strategy to reach and convert more customers
Hotel Sales: 'Why Do Our Rates Change? We Discount When Itís Slower!'.
Every day your hotel sales, reservations and front desk colleagues are fielding questions from both prospects and guests regarding why it is that the rates are so much higher during certain periods as compared to other dates
Three Key Insights into the Bleisure Traveler.
As someone in the travel industry, travel is both a matter of business and an area of personal interest: For more and more professionals, regardless of what industry they work in, the same holds true
Are you Prioritizing Distribution and Measurement in your Content Marketing Strategy?
Creating relevant and valuable digital content for travelers that is essential to marketing success:  For destinations and travel brands to activate their content creation efforts, it’s crucial to put an effective distribution an...
How User Feedback Impacts Sales- Through the Lens of the Hotel Industry.
It goes without saying that the internet and user feedback have changed the way people make purchases, in nearly every vertical market
The Top 8 Hottest Social Media Marketing Trends in 2017. (Infographic)
Social media has had an enormous impact in today’s digital marketing landscape: in 2016, the social media sphere has continued to rise with more 2
Increase the Value of Marketing by Comparing It to Its Peers.
Analytics-based insights derived from Marketing’s data have become the lifeblood of both Marketing and the business, these data driven decisions are the critical component in improving Marketing’s effectiveness as well as provin...
Five Design Tactics Helping Hoteliers Drive Direct Bookings.
What’s the most important function of your hotel’s website design? It’s not the aesthetics, it’s not even, ultimately, what guests can learn about you from it and in the end, your hotel’s brand website is all a...
Are Chatbots the Key to Guest Satisfaction?
If you ever had to call customer support, regardless of the specialty, you are familiar with the generic robot voice and elevator music at the beginning of the call
Social Media Ė To Post or Not to Post.
Having an active social media presence, and a strong one at that, has never been more important! Not only has social media provided convenient means to engage with followers and share information, it also has the ability to act as an easy d...
Proximity Now The Most Important Ranking Factor for Local Searches.
Whitespark, a team of SEO experts focused on local search, has noticed something big: proximity to the searcher is now the #1 ranking factor for local search pack results
Five Ways to Compete Against Low-Price Competitors.
All of us, at one time or another, are confronted with a low-cost or low-price competitor, the solution isn't to lower your prices and engage in a price war, because the result is lowered profitability for everyone involved
Who Cares About Revenue Management?
Nearly 30 years after its debut, we can now safely say that revenue management is an important hospitality discipline
Focus on Revenue is Not New Marketing Thinking.
Peter Drucker is attributed with saying that ―Business has only two basic functions – marketing and innovation; Why is marketing so important? Perhaps the answer lies in Phil Kotler's point of view that: Marketing has the m...
Things to Look for in a Hotel Booking Engine Provider.
What should you be getting from your hotel booking engine provider? Which features are most important to your hotel, and which can you live without?  From our perspective, your hotel booking engine provider should be giving you a highl...
Why GDS Will Remain a Crucial Booking Channel for Hoteliers in 2017 and Beyond.
Even though online bookings continue to grow and will do so for the foreseeable future, hoteliers need to maintain a focus on the GDS channel, which will remain a critical source of revenue and bookings both in 2017 and for the next several...
Run a Social Media Campaign Your Hotel Can be Proud Of.
If your hotel’s social media presence isn’t getting you the bookings you want, there’s a simple answer: a great social media competition, these are genuinely effective methods hotels can use to build a swift online pr...
Is Your Best Rate Guarantee Accurate?
Part 2 of What's in a widget? A speedy widget is great for conversions, but today we're taking a peep at a slightly trickier beast to tame: accuracy
The Need for Speed - On Booking Engines and Beyond.
Welcome to part 1 in our series: What's in a widget?  In this series, we'll take a look at what makes a sterling price comparison widget - and what you can do to get the best out of yours: Today, we'll start with the need for spee...
3 Ways Revenue Managers Can Get Started With Hotel Revenue Strategy.
2017 is no time for hotels to merely 'manage'; around the industry, signs in the latest available research and comments heard at the Americas Lodging Investment Summit seem to indicate that this year could be one of slow growth for revenue ...
2017 Smart Decision Guide to Hospitality Revenue Management.
All revenue is not equal - Some revenue costs too much to capture - Other revenue could have earned you more
The History of Direct Bookings.
As we prepare for the upcoming Direct Booking Summit on September 13-14, we've taken a look at the history of direct bookings and all of the key events that helped shape this movement
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 Most Recent Articles
The Vast & the Various: Your Guest is Driving, Buckle Up.
Thursday, 27th April 2017
As an industry, we have debated tirelessly over the pros and cons of focusing on driving more direct bookings, one can argue just how profitable direct bookings are in relation to the alternative

TrevPAR vs RevPAR Ė Both Matter But Which is Best?
Wednesday, 26th April 2017
When looking at any hotel, regardless of size or market we always seem to focus on three main benchmarks - occupancy, average daily rate and RevPAR, with RevPAR being dubbed as king, but why?  We are always hearing questions such as is my RevPAR where it should be, are we tracking it correctly and how can we increase it without having to suffer a decrease in average daily rate - all very valid questions as RevPAR has and always will be important

Yield Management for Small Accommodation Providers.
Wednesday, 26th April 2017
Ideally a hotel would always sell all rooms at the highest rack rate, as this is rarely possible the challenge is to find the right price to utilise a hotels capacity in the most profitable way possible

The Quick Guide to SEO for Independent Hotels.
Tuesday, 25th April 2017
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial to your hotel’s online visibility on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, SEO is complicated and constantly in flux, so it’s no wonder so many people don’t even know where to start
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7 Most Effective Marketing Tips to Promote Your Brand
Tuesday, 17th January 2017
The goal of every company is to reach out to as many potential customers as possible; This is for the simple fact that the more people learn about you, the more likely they are to do business with you, however, considering how competitive the market can be, not many businesses manage to achieve their goal of reaching as many customers

Digital Marketing and Mobile Trends Impacting the Travel Industry
Saturday, 10th December 2016
We’re living in a mobile-first world, where 85 percent of travelers worldwide are also smartphone users – and 32 percent also use their mobile devices to book travel, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the use of mobile devices travel shopping and booking continues to rise

The Customer Experience Is Your Best Marketing
Tuesday, 22nd November 2016
What is marketing?  A quick Google search on the word marketing reveals this from the American Marketing Association (And, they should know!): Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large

Which Revenue Management Technology is Best for your Property?
Monday, 12th December 2016
For many hoteliers, there is a great deal of confusion about the different revenue management technologies available on the market today, it’s hard to remember which technology calculates rates, which manages inventory, which updates the new prices to the online distribution channels or if they do both

Include Video in Your Hotelís 2017 Social Media Marketing Plans
Monday, 13th February 2017
Visual content social media marketing speaks volumes and video is the most powerful storytelling tool your hotel can include in your 2017 social media marketing plans arsenal

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