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Social media, the latest fashion item or a not to be under-estimated new comer who will grow more power full as the web develops. Read here articles related to social media hotel & business marketing, eCommerce, sales programs, marketing strategies, revenue management and more.

The Direct Booking Movement is Moving to Metasearch.
The travel industry loves a buzzword: Chatbots, artificial intelligence - and, yes, direct bookings - have each had their turn as the topic du jour of hospitality newsletters and conferences over the last few years, but over the last few mo...
Q3 2017 Hotel Digital Marketing, Technology, and Trends Whitepaper.
What’s Trending in Hospitality: Stay up-to-date on what will affect hoteliers over the next few months, including Airbnb’s move into the business travel segment and what to be aware of considering the rise of widgets available t...
Social Media has Changed Everything.
Introducing The Conversation Prism 5
Direct Bookers are Bigger Spenders.
Do you know which of your guests are spending most in your hotel? Here's a clue - it's probably the direct bookers
Marketing Trends for Destination Marketing Organizations at Destinations International 2017.
Travel consumers and tourists have a plethora of choices at their digital fingertips when it comes to choosing destinations and as such, many destination marketing organizations (DMOs) are creating innovative ways to reach these shoppers
Why Should Guests Pick You? Your Hotel Value Proposition.
The fundamental question you must answer in your guests’ mind is, 'Why should I pick you?' Wherever they’re seeing your hotel – an OTA, your website, a billboard, an online ad – your hotel value proposition must be s...
The Human Live Chat Revolution for Hotels is About to Begin.
Lodging Interactive predicts that the way hotels engage with consumers online is about to change and that hoteliers can expects total disruption ahead, online consumer engagement disruption is a good thing for hoteliers who want to increase...
Is Facebook Still a Relevant Platform for Hotel Social Media Marketing?
Most social marketers still consider Facebook their most valuable hotel social media platform and it shows by the amount of ad revenue poured into the platform: 2017 ad revenue for Facebook is nearly three times as much as Google
Social Media Marketing in the Hotel Industry: Trends and Opportunities in 2017
As social media platforms gain traction in usage rates and become ubiquitous in day-to-day life through the proliferation of mobile devices, they are proving to be valuable marketing channels, especially when targeting younger consumers
5 Digital Keys to Winning in China.
China’s rising e-commerce adoption rates, evolution into a cashless society of mobile payments, and obsession with mobile messaging app WeChat make it clear that it’s essential for brands to stay on top of constantly developing ...
When Are the Highest Value Leads Generated omn Google Hotel Ads?
When it comes to metasearch traffic, the data for determining weekly trends for your account is readily available, we wanted to take it a step further to get a better understanding of these patterns on an hourly level
Loyalty Programs Should Solve Problems to be Valuable.
Loyalty programs can be invaluable tools for brands, as well-executed programs can facilitate data collection, personalize on-site experiences, and drive consumer engagement and while these programs function as a customer lifetime value veh...
The Missing Link in Book Direct Strategies: The Front Desk.
Hoteliers have been putting huge amounts of efforts into building solid book direct strategies; However, your fantastic strategy to align your goals for marketing & revenue might be missing a crucial element
Metasearch At Scale.
The guide to metasearch advertising for travel brands: Learn the ins and outs of multi-million dollar metasearch campaigns with insights from the leading bid platform in the space
The Importance of Rate Parity for Travel Brands.
When it comes to pricing, travel brands are currently facing two sets of online competition: The first is fellow travel brands within their competitive set, with whom they’re vying for visibility and popularity among the same group of...
Don't Say 'Book Direct'.
Industry jargon gets between you and your guests, it can reduce the number of bookings you get, both on your own website and elsewhere;  For example, the phrase ‘book direct’, which is so widespread within the industry that...
Tuning Up Your Marketing Metrics and Measures: What Are They and Why They Matter.
If you want to demonstrate the importance of Marketing to the rest of the organization you need to be able to quantify Marketing’s value to the business: A recent study by Ernst & Young found that only 13% of the CFOs said that th...
Loyalty Programs Must Move Beyond Discounts.
Loyalty programs have become a more valuable tool for every type of hotel as the Book Direct movement has increased momentum
Koddi's Top Metasearch FAQs
Our friends at Koddi know a thing or two about metasearch - and, most importantly, they know what hoteliers want to know about metasearch
Travel Brands Falling Short in Chatbot Deployment
Chatbots are a potential route to billions of consumers but travel brands are failing to fully take advantage of their possibilities according to the new 'Are Bots Worth the Bother?' report
How To Insert Your Hotel Along The Customer Journey.
Regardless of whether you’re Marriott International with a portfolio of 30 logos or a single independent hotel with a sign above the front door, you’re presenting a brand to your potential customers
Prospecting Campaigns: The Modern Billboards for Hotels.
What are the best types of online campaigns for your hotel to run? Confusion abounds on this topic: Many hotels have questions about which types of campaigns are best, what return to expect on them, and the true value of those campaigns
Price Check Widgets: Who, How and Why to Use Them.
The past three years have seen a relatively new product category hit the market for hotels: price check widgets, this sudden proliferation has come hand in hand with the increasing move to drive direct bookings
Personalization – The Fifth P In Marketing.
I will always remember my first marketing class in college when we learned about the 4 P’s – Product, Price, Place, and Promotion, well, now there is a fifth P; Before I go any further, as a customer service and experience ...
Driving Direct Bookings Comes at a Cost.
A little over a year ago, I wrote an article that struck a sensitive nerve: Hotels Promoting Direct Bookings: It’s About Time! Perhaps this is why it was widely shared across social media and republished on various travel in...
10 Tips to Create Captivating Facebook Travel Ads.
Want to create stunning travel ads on Facebook? We've outlined the ten components you need to engage with travelers while they surf Facebook
Undercutting Increases as Stays Get Longer.
The undercutting trend you don't know about yet:  Hotels know they need to be watching their parity, rate undercutting is so widespread that it's taken as a given, and, in this industry, a successful ecommerce business depends on the a...
Choosing the best distribution strategy: Should it be as unique as your hotel?
Technological advances have reshaped the hotel distribution landscape, consumers have access to an unprecedented number of options for shopping and booking hotels and every hotel has unique needs when it comes to aspects of their operations...
How Do Guests Engage with Your Website.
Does the way guests find your hotel website matter? We’ve put together 8 questions to tell you where your guests come from, and how they behave once they’re on your hotel website
Guide to Google Tools for Hotels.
Google + and Google My Business are important tools for hoteliers:  Despite being mostly misunderstood and under-appreciated by businesses all over, Google+ can actually have a fundamentally positive impact on your hotel’s websit...
Top 5 Tips For A Successful Newsletter.
With the growing popularity of social media and ephemeral apps, many forget the importance of email: Did you know that 91% of consumers check their emails on a daily basis?  No, email is not dead - it remains a great way to reach your ...
How Travel Brands Can Succeed With VR.
VR may seem futuristic but travel brands are already experimenting, and succeeding, with this new medium to generate consumer interest
Challenges You'll face When Implementing a Revenue Strategy. (For Independent Hotels)
Implementing a revenue strategy comes with a unique set of challenges: Hotels need to remember why they are focusing on optimising each channel, and how direct bookings reduce costs and produce a higher lifetime value for each guest
What Matters for Mobile Bookings for Hotels? Speed....
Mobile bookings are a challenge for the hotel industry, even as traffic on mobile continues rising to never-before-seen levels, conversion rates on mobile aren’t quite keeping up
Make Your Customer Strategy More Than A Buzzword.
Customer-centricity, it’s more than just a buzzword; it’s more than just a platitude:  This concept, while not new, has become one of the most popular topics among today’s business leaders as companies explore ways to...
Three Steps to Optimize Your Hotel’s Pay-Per-Click Strategy.
The success of your hotel’s pay-per-click (PPC) advertising strategy depends on its ability to reach the most qualified users with enticing offers, helping your hotel stand out from the competition
What Travel Marketers Need to Know About Local Search and Mobile.
Over the past decade, nothing has impacted travel buying more so than search and consumer access to mobile devices, now more than ever before, the customer buying journey has changed due to increased mobile use, both in travel planning, and...
How to Make Your Hotel's Social Media a Source for Travel Inspiration (II) – Instagram & Pinterest.
In our previous post, we began to dive into social media and how you, as a hotelier, can transform it into a source for travel inspiration; more specifically, we talked about how you can optimize your hotel’s Facebook and Twitter prof...
Negative SEO: Six Little Things with a Big Impact.
Negative SEO is a term usually used to describe an attack on your website by a competitor to lower your SEO, this can take the shape of spammy links being built to your site, hacking, or content duplication just to name a few common ones
Is Organic Search Dead For Hotels?
As the movie character Ferris Bueller once famously said: 'Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it';  Now I am pretty sure Ferris was not refering to the digital landscape and ...
Two Titans of Chat - But Which Works Best for Hotels?
Apple Business Chat vs Facebook Messenger: what's best for hotels?  Never one to lag behind, Apple are testing Facebook's mettle with the launch of their new iMessage integration, Business Chat
How to Build and Analyse Successful Hotel Rate Plans.
How do you design a successful rate plan for your hotel? Why are some rate plans more successful than others? When you create rate plans, try and tap into your inner hotel shopper psyche
Why rate Disparity Matters, and What To Do About it?
Rate disparity, if left unchecked, can seriously impact your hotel’s bottom line, hotels often find themselves with lower rates on OTAs and other third party channels than they do on their own website – that’s not good! So...
The History of Direct (infographic).
Direct bookings have never been more on hoteliers' minds than now, we've spent hours chatting to hoteliers to figure out how the movement began
Hoteliers Need to Stop Digital Fragmentation.
We operate in a multi-device, multi-channel and multi-touchpoint digital world, and the hotel planning and booking customer journey is becoming increasingly complex as a result; In fact, according to Google, the average consumer engages in ...
Reimagining the Online Booking Channel.
For many years, hotels and OTAs have had an ongoing feud, acting more like rivals than the (business) partners that they should be
DiBPAR - The Most Important Metric You’ve Never Heard Of.
Direct Booking Revenue per Available Room: DiBPAR, Not the best acronym, but a hugely important concept
Closing the Loop on the Travel Journey
Action plan to achieve a 360-degree past and future guest engagement, retention, and acquisition strategy -  Today’s hotel planning and booking customer journey is becoming increasingly complex in this multi-device, multi-channel...
Are Corporate Travel Programs Getting the Hotel rates They Negotiate?
Globally, 86 percent of travel managers audit their negotiated hotel contract information, including rates, amenities and other negotiated features, once it is loaded into the system to verify its accuracy
How Metasearch Empowers The Independent Hotelier.
Since 2010, the hotel industry has seen huge growth and changes to the metasearch landscape; a combination of consumer and product growth
Hotel Agents Can Increase Reviews and Revenue.
While brand hotels receive more sales than independent properties, the gap is shrinking; according to a study at UCLA Anderson School of Management, revenue chains generate over independent hotels has shrunk from 32% in 2000 to 19% in 2015
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Is Your Best Rate Guarantee Accurate?
Wednesday, 16th August 2017
Part 2 of What's in a widget? a speedy widget is great for conversions, but today we're taking a peep at a slightly trickier beast to tame: accuracy

Creating Hotel Distribution Strategies Tailored to Guests’ Regional Preferences: 4 Key Takeaways.
Friday, 11th August 2017
The distribution strategy that led your hotel or chain to revenue growth last year won’t necessarily continue to be successful in the months ahead and the strategy that led you to big wins in one part of the world may not translate well around the globe, even for the same brand and similar traveler demographics

'But if the price is the same, I'll book at the OTA' - Said No One, Ever.
Wednesday, 9th August 2017
'When guests see price parity, surely they will still book through an OTA that they know and have used before?', nope! We've heard this question a lot so thought we'd take you through how guests really react to OTA prices

Ways to Overcome Mobile Booking Abandonments (Infographic).
Sunday, 6th August 2017
It’s time to talk about cart abandonment on mobile, while mobile traffic is still growing strongly, far outstripping desktop and tablet, bookings on mobile still lag behind - Why?  Almost two out of five mobile shoppers have abandoned a travel booking on a mobile device due to poor user experience
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How To Optimize Your Hotel’s Presence On Google
Monday, 17th April 2017
Terri Scriven is the Head of Hospitality for Google UK, which means working with hotels and accommodation providers in Europe and beyond to help them to optimise their digital distribution and online marketing strategies

Hotel Sales: 'Why Do Our Rates Change? We Discount When It’s Slower!'
Friday, 17th March 2017
Every day your hotel sales, reservations and front desk colleagues are fielding questions from both prospects and guests regarding why it is that the rates are so much higher during certain periods as compared to other dates

Increase the Value of Marketing by Comparing It to Its Peers
Monday, 13th March 2017
Analytics-based insights derived from Marketing’s data have become the lifeblood of both Marketing and the business, these data driven decisions are the critical component in improving Marketing’s effectiveness as well as proving Marketing’s value to the business

Why rate Disparity Matters, and What To Do About it?
Friday, 16th June 2017
Rate disparity, if left unchecked, can seriously impact your hotel’s bottom line, hotels often find themselves with lower rates on OTAs and other third party channels than they do on their own website – that’s not good! So what can hotels do? This article will cover: The impact of rate disparity on your hotel’s bottom line Causes of rate disparity How hotels can combat rate disparity and encourage direct bookings If you’re not particularly familiar with rate disparity, or how it affects your pricing strategy, this guide is for you

The History of Direct (infographic)
Friday, 16th June 2017
Direct bookings have never been more on hoteliers' minds than now, we've spent hours chatting to hoteliers to figure out how the movement began

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