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Hotels Websites Losing Traffic Due to Bad Design, Expert Says
Hoteliers could convert more website visitors to customers by offering cleaner web designs and embracing mobile browsing, according to a hotel data expert speaking at the ITB in Berlin
OYO China CFO: We’ll Have Clear Models for Hotel Operation and Profitability
When OYO Hotels opened its first property in China in November 2017, no one could have imagined that the Indian startup could sign more than 5,500 franchised hotels that have a total of 250,000 rooms in a short period of time
The Top Mobile Trends in Travel Decision Making
Exclusive Feature: Digital tools and resources have launched the travel experience leagues forward; specifically, mobile use has given individuals more control and choice as they embark on their journeys
How Tech is Taking Over London Office Leasing
As London’s tech sector continues to grow both in size and prominence, it’s increasingly rivalling the capital’s long established financial services sector when it comes to employing top talent and leasing quality office s...
How to Ensure 'Customer Success' Isn't Just Another Overused Term
You’ve heard it, you’ve used it, the catchy, trendy term 'Customer Success', type it into Google and you’ll receive about a billion hits; We’re also seeing customer-facing job titles specific to Customer Success, how...
The Evolution Of Private Clubs
The desire to be with and around other people is an innate human characteristic and in evolutionary terms, humans quickly worked out that strength in numbers equalled survival, and this need to seek connections and to form bonds with others...
Why Retailers Are Opening Stores That Don’t Sell Anything
At the South Coast Plaza mall in Orange County, California, French luxury retailer Van Cleef & Arpels has created a series of installations designed to evoke a 'dream-like landscape'
Viewpoint: Prime Minister and Vice-President of the UAE
Over 10 years have passed since I assumed the position of prime minister and vice-president of the UAE: In those 10 years we have launched a number of plans and strategies, led a number of reforms of our government, developed systems to tra...
How Singapore’s Malls Are Working Up A Sweat
Singapore’s Orchard Road has been synonymous with shopping for decades, but lately shoppers are swapping sales for sweat sessions in gyms that are becoming an increasingly prevalent part of the landscape
Why the Best Ideas Fit on the Back of a Napkin, According to Richard Branson
After twenty years of studying persuasion, I’m convinced the best pitch should fit on the back of a napkin and here’s why
In the Age of AI, Emotion Still Matters
Even though 80% of businesses already use or plan to use chatbots by 2020, over half of consumers believe the future should entail a combination of human and automated interactions
Is the Travel Startup Support Ecosystem Producing Innovation or ROI?
Phocuswright has tracked the launch of more than 80 travel-focused accelerators, incubators, early-stage investors and entrepreneur support programs in the last 5-7 years, not to mention dozens of pitch competitions, hackathons and conferen...
How Europe’s Cities Are Overhauling Their Docklands
Across Europe, major port cities are redeveloping former docks areas to create vibrant spaces for 21st century living and working: Rising demand for housing and offices, coupled with a growing focus on mixed-use destinations, are encouragin...
How Hotels Are Using Apps to Enhance the Guest Experience
An app can help a hotel enhance the guest experience: it’s a way to increase self-service and saving time – which guests interpret as deeper, better service, App makers agree - a customer is communicating their loyalty if they d...
Why The Shard Stands Out On London’s Skyline
'To me, The Shard was an innovative take on the modern glass skyscraper and it brought a new edge to London’s skyline', and for Lauren Gwinnett, who works in business development at JLL subsidiary Tétris, The Shard is more than...
Why Festive Store Windows Are Still Prime Real Estate
Shopping during the holiday season has changed dramatically in the last decade, with retailers transforming their business models to cater to the shift online
Why Europe Should Follow the Dutch Focus on Data
As European countries compete for real estate investment, there’s a key differentiator that helps promote their real estate markets as transparent, attractive places to do business: wide-ranging, easily available and reliable property...
How Europe’s Cities Are Embracing Flexible Space
For growing numbers of employees across Europe’s big cities, heading into the office no longer entails sitting at the same desk, next to the same colleagues each day
Badly Collected Data: The Mistake That Costs Companies Millions
Companies scrambling to learn more about their employees’ work habits – and how to provide the most efficient spaces – have led to a boom in proptech, an industry buzzword for everything from using augmented reality to des...
China’s Malls Boost Their Fashion Credentials
China’s shopping malls are rolling out fashion incubators, a move aimed at attracting style-conscious consumers and warding off the challenge of e-commerce
Six Ways Big Data Will Revamp Supply Chains
As more data is captured, digested and shared, the way supply chains – and warehouses – are managed is being improved and becoming more efficient when moving and storing stock is the end goal
From Furniture to Food: How is Retail Faring in the Digital Age?
As the rise of online shopping reshapes the vast retail landscape, some product categories are faring better than others in the rapidly evolving digital age
How Color and Psychology Work Together in Hotel Design
We do more than see color, we feel it, color has a psychological impact and Leatrice Eiseman knows about color: She is the director of the Eiseman Center for Color Information and Training, and she’s the executive director for the Pan...
Why Would a Casino Need a Revenue Management System?
A year after Lebron James departed Cleveland for the bright lights of Los Angeles, some thought his former team, the Cavaliers, still had the pieces to make a run at the playoffs
What Does Dubai’s Growing Digital Economy Mean for Real Estate?
Dubai is looking to a digital future as it moves beyond its traditional reliance on trade, tourism and real estate in its growth strategy and the UAE city has recently announced several changes aimed at nurturing innovation, including the ...
How Building Design is Better Adapting to Local Climes
The need for jackets and shawls in the office is an all-too-common complaint for employees living in sunny sub-tropical climates, fortunately nowadays, environmentally-sustainable architecture is on the case
Why Hostels are No Longer the Little Guys
The playing field has been leveled for most property owners, and hostels are reaping the benefits
Why Standalone Stadiums are a Thing of the Past
On game nights in Atlanta, the streets surrounding the Braves stadium are brimming with action: Bars, eateries, shops, a concert venue, luxury hotels, condos and offices keep the action hot on and off the baseball field
How Tokyo is Leading Japan Into the Future
As cities across Asia arm themselves with the newest technologies to become the smart cities of the future, Tokyo is doing what it does so well – quietly leading the charge with cutting-edge innovation
3 Reasons Hospitality Managers Can't Be Replaced by Robots
Advances in technology disrupt industries and while much of the focus on new technology is how it's created new gig economy jobs for willing workers, the harsh truth is that such innovation will spell the end of many present-day careers
How Could a Car-Free Future Shape the Way We Live?
Many of Europe’s cities are looking to a car-free future and as vehicles move out and people move back in, urban areas are changing to better accommodate their modern pedestrianized lifestyle
Check-In at the Bar: New Ideas for Hotel Front Desks
Hotel lobby front desks are no longer desks or located at the front: It made perfect sense, your first stop when checking into a hotel was the front desk, you had to collect your key and room number, but, you also might have needed to provi...
Being Curious and Its Benefits
Most of the greatest discoveries and amazing inventions throughout history are the result of curiosity, the impulse to seek new information , experience and explore new possibilities is a basic human attribute
From Eyesore to Icon: Converted Workspaces Get Bigger and Better
Refurbished industrial sheds are increasingly in demand as companies across technology and creative sectors seek out the versatility offered by these ultra-large, adaptable workspaces
Mega-Tainment Malls: Can Acrobats and Indoor Skiing Boost Shopping Centers?
People used to go to malls for new clothes and the routine indulgence in coffee and cinnamon buns, but as American retailers seek to stay relevant in the age of ecommerce, the trip to the mall is being redefined
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