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Social media, the latest fashion item or a not to be under-estimated new comer who will grow more power full as the web develops. Read here articles related to social media hotel & business marketing, eCommerce, sales programs, marketing strategies, revenue management and more.

Marketing vs Revenue Management: 4 Ways to Bridge the Gap
Is there an unspoken divide in your hotel? Revenue managers and hotel marketers are often at odds and it’s time to improve cooperation between hotel marketers and revenue managers
Review Ratings Make a Direct Impact on Revenue
Guest ratings are more valuable than brand: Although a strong statement to make, recent third-party research confirms that travelers are willing to pay more for hotels with high ratings
Marketing Tip: A Lesson from Hershey's Summer Chocolate Bar
For the first time in Hershey’s 125-year history, the brand is changing its iconic original milk chocolate bar and packaging and this summer, The Hershey Company is releasing a limited-edition Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Emoji Bar,...
Q2 2019: The Hotel Digital Marketer’s Whitepaper
The Hotel Digital Marketer’s Whitepaper, covers current trends and industry insights hoteliers should be paying attention to in order to have a strong digital presence
Using Instagram to Maximize your Hotel´s Social Media Marketing
Customers now take photos of everything at any moment of the day and this new trend is influencing how restaurants and hotels design their spaces, so, if you want to make your hotel more 'instagrammable', as is the prevalent buzzword, and i...
Your Outdated Venue Management Technology Costs You More Than You Think
The digital era that we find ourselves in can be viewed from two perspectives – one in which companies are inspired by the new possibilities of the digital revolution and one in which technological investment is an overly costly expen...
To Drive Success, Marketing and Revenue Must Collaborate
In soccer, the goalie doesn’t often directly interact with their forwards, save for a few well-placed punts, these two positions have very specific jobs that are drastically different, but the outcome of the game weighs equally on bot...
Loyalty: Addressing the Pain Points in the Age of Experience
Traditional loyalty is almost dead and pure points alone as a strategy is no longer going to cut it: The traveler of 2019 now demands instant gratification, unbundled choices and great CX to trust and remain loyal to your brand
China Digital Luxury Report 2019
The global personal luxury goods market is expected to grow from 2,406 billion RMB in 2018 to 3,117 billion RMB in 2025 (a roughly 4% annual growth rate); The luxury market in 2025 will, however, be significantly different from what it was ...
Managing Revenue in the Dynamic Market of Hong Kong
June Ng is the Director of Revenue for three of Hong Kong’s landmark hotels: the Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel, Gateway Hotel and Prince Hotel and all three properties command prime locations close to the commercial and entertainment dist...
Optimising Price, Protecting Loyalty
How do you optimise revenue while pricing sensitively when you are the only hotel on an island, have no competition and a loyal customer base? Add to the mix that your resort is run as a co-operative, owned and managed by its staff, and yo...
Customer Loyalty in a Hyper-Segmented Hotel Landscape
Travelers today have access to considerably more information than they did during the early days of loyalty programs and are more reliant on reviews and user-generated content (UGC) than on brand names alone when making hotel choices
Experiential Marketing
Artist Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino, used iOS Airdrop at Coachella to share his Adidas collaboration with festival-goers and those who accepted the Airdrop received a free pair of his unreleased shoes to wear at the concert all weeke...
How Smart Hoteliers Are Personalizing Their Ads to Capture New Audiences
One Message Does Not Fit All: Easy options you can implement immediately to personalize your ad messaging to capture new audiences
Chinese Health and Fitness Influencer Talks Lifestyle Marketing
At 25, Su Yulie was heralded as the youngest angel investor in China and now, the 33-year-old is surfing some of the biggest waves in Thailand and Hainan, showing off his boxing skills, and doing Muay Thai on the beach, and brands from Volc...
The Modern Casino Resort: An Event and Meetings Hot-Spot
Casino resorts have long been known as the ultimate one-stop shop for some of the best accommodations, food, entertainment that a given city has to offer: Bright lights, delicious food, local flair, incredible entertainment, lavish lobbies ...
Eight myths about OTAs
In recent years, the hotel sector has internalised and accepted a number of statements about OTAs that are imprecise at best, if not completely false and these 'urban myths' prevent us from seeing reality as it is and in many cases cause us...
Brand Content Ad Opportunities
Influencers are the future of marketing: The title is no longer reserved for high rollers like Kendall Jenner, with over 100 million followers on Instagram — as little as 1,000 followers can qualify someone a nano-influencer
How to Report On The Value Marketing Generates
We suspect your CEO, CFO, COO, or president has a cadence for each function to report on performance, if this is the case, as the Marketing leader you provide some type of report to help your leadership team understand the value of Marketin...
Questions to Determine If Your Hotel Group Sales Process is Broken
The hospitality industry is evolving at a rapid pace: From heightened guest expectations to revolutionary new-age technology, the world of travel is constantly reinventing and re-imagining itself
Plug and Play? Not So Fast – How to Avoid the Wrong RMS Provider
Exclusive Feature: Revenue management is a marathon, not a sprint and hoteliers will see the greatest return over time, the longer a hotel has a system in place, working in conjunction with an effective team, the greater the return a hotel ...
Why Marketing Should Always Be Spelled with a Capital 'M'
Quite a few years ago we had an intense debate over my insistence on capitalizing the word 'Marketing', you’re probably laughing right now thinking what a waste of energy and effort
Four Things Hoteliers Can Learn From Their DMOs
Smart hoteliers keep a close eye on their local destination marketing organizations (DMOs), it’s a crucial part of understanding and identifying where your own marketing tactics can ultimately align with those of a given DMO
Leverage Audiences for Google Hotel Ads
One of the biggest buzzwords in digital marketing today is audiences, while the concept of target audiences has been around for as long as marketing itself, the evolving digital landscape has changed the way that brands reach their customer...
Back to Basics: Email Marketing Best Practices
Email marketing has quickly become a vital part of a hotel’s CRM efforts, but for many, it remains a complex, uncharted landscape and the good news is, it’s not as hard as it seems
Reasons Facebook & Instagram Ads Are Snatching Up Space In Your Media Plan
Social media advertising has become a seemingly unstoppable force that is transforming the ways hoteliers allocate their marketing funds
Why Focus, Timing and Strategy are Vital in Resort Revenue Management
Based on Ibiza in the Balearic Islands, Palladium Hotel Group has been operating for more than 50 years, with a portfolio that spans Europe, Brazil and the Caribbean and the company manages 50 hotels worldwide under eight brands as well as ...
Independent Hotels Action Plan to Win the Direct Booking
With the explosion of the 'digital way of life,' the traveler’s customer journey has become increasingly complex, which necessitates independent hoteliers to rethink and overhaul their marketing and technology stack strategies and inv...
Sales 'Steps' and 'Funnels' Are SO 1990’s; Here’s What It Takes For Hotel Sales Success In 2019
While the hotel sales environment has completely transformed, hotel sales training models seem to be stuck in the 1990’s and when I meet hotel leaders at industry conferences it seems most recognize the profound changes such as the em...
How To Drive The Right Results: An Interview with the CEO of HotStats
The hotel industry saw mixed results from 2018, with hotels in the US enjoying a healthy annual increase in profit plus it was the third consecutive year of growth in gross operating profit per room (GOPPAR) for hotels in the country
Dos and Donts of Instagram Stories
Since Instagram introduced Stories in 2016, the platform has proven to be a successful channel for hotels and we all know that social media has become pay-to-play
Google Introduces Brand Filter for Hotel Search on Mobile
Google has quietly launched a new filter by brand feature for Hotel Search on mobile, previously, users did not have the option to narrow their hotel search results by brand, but now they can filter by their preferred hotel chain and its re...
Is Your Property's Website Built to Deliver Results?
You can have the prettiest, most visually pleasing website ever created, and it will fall flat on its digital face if it’s not optimised properly, it’s like starting the year’s work off without a strategy – what you&...
Put A Spring in Your SEO Strategy
We’ve given you the SEO essentials before, but no harm revisiting for the time of year that’s in it! As with everything in this industry, practises change and update rapidly all the time, so to be constantly learning is key
Five Examples of Hotel Managers Responding Like Stars
Responding to reviews should be a breeze now, after getting through the simple guides on properly replying to positive and negative reviews and if the thought of addressing guest feedback still keeps you up at night, why not get some inspir...
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