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Have we Gone too Far with Technology in the Hospitality Industry
The hospitality industry is changing, and is rapidly becoming super high-tech and while we can argue that this benefits guests—and it certainly benefits vendors—how much is it taking away from the guest’s personal experien...
How to Organise Your Website Content
When Marie Kondo first published 'The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up' in 2011, best practices for website content were almost entirely different: Eight years ago, applying Kondo’s KonMari method to organizing your website would hav...
Top Tech Trends That Will Impact Travel Consultants
As travel continues to grow, and travel expectations evolve, technology continues to impose itself in the travel booking process and also in the travel experience itself
Why the Shifting Hotel Landscape is Impacting Management Agreements
Changing expectations from consumers coupled with an increasing consolidation of the market is changing how owners and operators of hotels negotiate and implement management agreements
How Tech is Opening New Doors for Nairobi
Few would deny Silicon Savannah has a great ring to it, but behind the hype, there are some firm foundations on which Nairobi’s growing reputation as a tech city is being built
Experimenting with the Future of Business Travel: Three Hypotheses
This month I headed to Miami for the Future of Travel Tech Summit where I joined a panel to discuss the 'Business Traveler of the Future' and taking a cue from the host, The LAB Miami, the summit was full of ground-breaking ideas and passio...
How Digital Can Drive Cost and Efficiency Benefits for Airports
What is the role that digital can play to help airports reduce their total cost of operations and improve the efficiency of core processes? To address this question, the study Airport digital transformation: From operational performance to ...
A/B vs Variant: What’s Best for Testing Hotel Website Messaging?
One subject that hoteliers ask us about time and again at Triptease is how to test their website messaging and find out what performs best: For a long time A/B testing was considered the pinnacle of website testing, with countless messaging...
The Threat of Mobile Fraud
In 2019, the number of mobile phone users worldwide is forecast to reach more than 4 billion and for 90% of these individuals, online shopping is one of the top ways they use their mobile devices, but what may be lesser known to these consu...
Unit-Level Hotel Marketing: P&L Reveals Changes In Department Functions
Technology, online intermediaries, social media, revenue management software, shared-services, and the proliferation of market intelligence reports have reshaped the way hotel Sales and Marketing Departments conduct business
Big Data and the Need for a Data Strategy
Big data: We’ve all heard and talked about it, big data is a major component of every industry and hospitality is not an exception, knowing how to recognize and utilize big data to your company’s advantage unlocks great amounts ...
Why Apps Are The Next Big Thing for the Digital Age Office
With over five million apps available across the world, just about every fathomable function of daily life can be aided by a finger-tap on a smartphone and humans spend at least two hours a day in apps, but so far this U$1
2019 and Lodging Technology: Is There A One-Size-Fits-All Approach?
Turning the page on another calendar year is always fun and reflective and as we look to 2019, there are some interesting trends and new technologies that should continue to impact the lodging industry
Enter the Data Platform. But What Does That Mean and How Does it Work for Hotels?
With massive amounts of data now available to hotels, it’s safe to say that all future technologies will rely on data and integrations, therefore the need for an independent system to collect and connect all existing data for hotels h...
Possessory Interests in Hotel Real Estate
What is a Possessory Interest? A possessory interest is created when a private-sector tenant is granted exclusive use of real property (land and/or building) that is owned by a tax-exempt entity, typically a municipality or a state or feder...
Distribution Costs Tracking: a Plea to Hotel PMS Providers
Over the last few years there has been much discussion in the the world of hotel revenue management on managing GOPPAR and NREVPAR over only REVPAR
Innovative Hotel Websites That Are Fighting Back!
Today we want to share a few real-world examples of recent collaborations with our clients that have led to exciting hotel website innovations
Is Your Toilet Listening To You? 🚽 😳
Let's talk CES (that's the Consumer Electronics Show, you newb, it's where all the cool tech companies unveil their hottest new products, and it happened last week) and it felt like everything was built for Alexa and/or Google Assistant, in...
The Impact of Messaging Apps on APAC Travel
The mobile-only world is fast approaching in the travel industry and in terms of mobile booking rates for hotels, Asia is far ahead of the rest of the world, and China is leading the pack with 60% of its online bookings made on a smartphone...
Boutique Hotels: Premium Performance Impacts Flow-Through
While boutique hotels comprised just a small percent of the total US lodging supply, boutique projects represented close to 18 percent of the rooms in the development pipeline as of June 2018
The Importance of Hotel Profit and Loss Statements
As CEO of a hotel management company that has generated over €190 million in the last year, I can tell you how important it is to control every detail of your business’s finances, both on the revenue and cost side
How to Consolidate Hotel Technology After an Acquisition
The hospitality industry is no stranger to mergers & acquisitions: In fact, it seems that every few months we hear about a new big purchase; most recently Hyatt purchased Two Roads Hospitality, and earlier this year, Wyndham bought LaQu...
Hotel Technology Trends – The Face of Hospitality Tech In 2019
It’s almost the end of another year and it’s been a thrilling one in hospitality: Travel is more popular than ever, technology innovations are on the rise, and as a result, the guest experience is constantly taking turns for the...
How Drones are Covering New Ground
A glance skyward, or at the latest newscast, can make it seem like drones are everywhere: Farmers, pizza chains, building surveyors and even Disney are using these aerial vehicles to give flight to innovations that are making life that much...
The Future of Hotel Management Systems
The impetus for h2c’s Global PMS Report results from the increasing amount of Property Management System challenges hotel chains are facing today
How the Changing Industry has Impacted Hotel Management Contracts
From the consolidation of brands to technology related advances and disruptions, the hotels and hospitality industry is evolving at an ever increasing pace
If You’re Not Growing Profit, You’re Losing It
Hotel competition across the Asia-Pacific region is fierce—and it only continues to grow and evolve with changing business models and sharing economy entrants
Quick and Easy Website Testing for Hotels [Part 2]
Is your website pushing guests away? Today's consumers don't have a great deal of patience for frustrating or difficult online experiences, if a site or app is confusing to navigate, users will either leave it for good or seek out a better ...
Quick and Easy Website Testing for Hotels [Part 1]
Homepage tour: Guests are on your website, they made it through the chaos of web searches, millions of distractions, and are one step away from clicking the 'book' button! At this stage, it is your responsibility to reward them with an amaz...
Wine, a Hedonic Investment Par Excellence
In recent years, wine has made a remarkable entry into the world of alternative investments, this emotionally charged asset has all the necessary characteristics to thrill not only amateurs and collectors but also investors and in particula...
8 Tech Trends That Are Changing the Travel Industry
From railways and steam ships to commercial flights, the age-old world of travel has benefited from technological advances since time immemorial
Emerging Technology in Travel
Sabre Labs is excited to share our Emerging Technology in Travel Report 2018: It distills our last year of research and exploration to three themes—automation, authenticity and blockchain—to help businesses make strategic decisi...
The True Cost of Payments
Some might say that for about 50 years the payments industry was a relatively uneventful place: a well-established ecosystem of banks, credit card schemes and others reliably ticked over in the background, helping us make day-to-day payment...
From Tech Dependent to Tech Savvy: How Hotels Can Get Ahead of the Curve
Patrick Fisher of Thomson Reuters notes that, 'As technologies become more and more pervasive across industries and functions, companies as varied as Goldman Sachs, Exxon, GE, Citi, and Walmart are all becoming technology companies as well'...
Artificial Intelligence in China's Flourishing Travel Sector
Chinese technology companies are making steady progress in artificial intelligence (AI), leveraging the technology to simplify travel planning and buying, and enabling communication in foreign destinations
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