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20 Hidden Secrets About Chocolate
Chocolate is more than a familiar product: affordable and consumed worldwide, it is today part of our daily alimentation, but a few centuries ago, the 'Food of Gods' was a very luxurious and singular product
Harnessing The Power of Storytelling in Restaurants
'If used well, stories can stick in the customer’s mind, much longer than a memory of a bite of food, or a glass of wine': Funnily enough, I’d like to start with a story, years ago, I went to a restaurant in a suburb of Glasgow,...
The Renaissance of the Hotel Room Service
Not long ago, hotel room service was perhaps the least exciting aspect of a traveler’s stay and with only the barest minimum being offered, guests didn’t really have a lot to expect from room service, but these days, with hotels...
Why All the Appellations, Bordeaux?
Jean-Marie Cardebat, wine economics professor at the Université de Bordeaux, director of its finance and economics research center (Larefi), and affiliate professor at INSEEC Business School, spoke recently on the sidelines of a wine...
Bright Young Chefs Add Sparkle to Hotels
Hotels and fine dining have long been a near-perfect pairing but in today’s food conscious culture, the addition of an acclaimed chef at the kitchen helm can really put it on the foodie trail
Do Fine Wines Still Have Their Place in Restaurant Wine Lists?
‘Upscale’ or gastronomic restaurants have seen many changes over the past 20 years as we have experienced the influence of social media, the globalization of cuisines, and the role of wine in the cellars and menus of restaurants
Celebrity Chefs: Are They Worth It?
Celebrity chefs are ‘very expensive’ but they can bring instant brand recognition to your hotel restaurant: That was the general consensus among panelists at the F&B breakout session at the International Hotel Investment For...
The Importance of Social Media For Restaurants
According to a Cornell University study, 59 percent of chain restaurants and 79 percent of independent restaurants use social media: It’s a booming marketing tactic that over a few short years has helped restaurants gain greater brand...
What Brewpub Hotels Tell Us About Our Industry
The genesis of the craft beer movement is usually traced back to the 1960s-70s, when big brewers strengthened their grip on the market and forced a lot of regional players to close down, then brewing made a move into private homes, and a ne...
13 Hottest Food and Beverage Trends in Restaurant and Hotel Dining for 2019
Big challenges in 2019: More people eating home as restaurant prices outstrip supermarkets', while paychecks lag behind, sitdown restaurants converting to fast-casual, serving upscale food, did Amazon just benchmark the country’s new ...
Restaurant Design Trends We’ll See in 2018
A restaurant’s design plays a vital role in attracting customers, and this is something the hospitality sector has been playing close attention to since the past few years, 2018 will be no different in this regard
What Does Culinary Creation for a 3* Restaurant Involve?
Running a restaurant is a big undertaking: For a three star restaurant to reach that level and maintain it, takes a lot of work and knowledge--in fact, there are only three restaurants that have been awarded three Michelin stars in Switzerl...
Why Apartment Blocks are Adding Coffee Bars to the Mix
For many people living in Europe’s cities, coffee isn’t just about a quick caffeine fix on their daily commute, it’s also about relaxing and socializing in cafes whether it’s Monday lunchtime or Friday night
Dining Programs are Hot: Here’s Why it Should Matter to You
With the Global Business Travel Association’s annual convention just behind us, it’s no wonder everyone is talking about business travel and it’s a hot topic that gets even hotter when we talk about how much business trave...
10 F&B Trends and the Next Big Bang for the Buck
Food and beverage has witnessed a healthy growth over the past couple of years and with this trend there have been some significant shake-ups
Say Cheers to Herb Infused Alcohol
Alcoholic beverages have been a crowd pleaser for ages, but now, a new kid is stealing the thunder – herb-infused alcohol: It has all the goodness of your favorite drink, but the extra punch of your favorite herbs and spices
Five Tips to Improve Your Wine Tasting Skills
With more than 1000 different grape varieties around the world and an ever-growing number of wine-producing regions, it’s getting tougher to differentiate a wine from another
Increase Your Restaurant Revenue with Music
As all restaurateurs and chefs know, creating a unique environment for your restaurant is an important part of the dining experience and music is an essential part of creating the right ambiance for your restaurant
Five Ways Fast Food Restaurants Are Updating Their Look
Even in the world of online grocery platforms like Instacart and the focus on healthy eating, consumer demand for fast food remains strong: Quick-serve restaurant (QSR) sales increased more than 12 percent in the US from 2015 to 2018—...
Restaurants Reviews – How Much Does a Restaurant’s Reputation Actually Matter?
If Maslow taught us anything is that food is one of the primary human needs, that stands at the very bottom of the pyramid; The food business has come a long way from hunting to stay alive, to building a multi-billion dollar industry that c...
Why Restaurateurs Are Heading Under The Arches
Across Europe’s major cities, damp and decaying railway arches were often synonymous with the seedier part of town; Not anymore as in recent years, regeneration and growing demand from new food and beverage brands has breathed new lif...
Taking a Sneak Peek Into Restaurants of the Future
The past decade has fared well for the restaurant industry, especially the casual concepts, but with increased competition, can ‘good food, fast food’ really be enough? As we take a peek into the future, turns out, quality food ...
How Hotels Are Upping Their Game on Food and Drink
From partnering with world-renowned chefs to letting guests order room service via Amazon Alexa, hotels are increasingly offering innovative food and beverage (F&B) experiences
The Rise of Post-Dinner Cocktails – And How to Order Them
After-dinner drinks are becoming more than just an old boys’ club tradition and an expanding group of diners is looking to make the most out of culinary outings by extending their meals with inventive after-dinner cocktails and digest...
London Insiders
Don't believe what you hear about the food in Britain, it is far more than mushy peas & pork pies and London is a true food destination with amazing hidden gems just waiting to be discovered, as I have learned yet again while in the UK
Restaurant Sales Mix – Contribution Margin
We will look at how sales mix delivers incremental revenues and more importantly sustainable profits through the phenomenon of Contribution Margin
Too Pretty to Eat? Hardly. Our Guide to Edible Flowers
Edible flowers have been a wow factor for food for centuries, and today's rainbow food movement is driving the current interest in edible blooms
Buffet Power in a Restaurant Sales Mix
In Part 1, we learned about the components of a sales mix being menu item mix, meal periods and market segments: We also saw how restaurant seat capacity plays such an important role in not only revenue generation but also profitability
Leveraging your Restaurant Sales Mix?
Restaurant Sales Mix is the foundation on which restaurant revenues are generated and while profitability concepts between a hotel and a restaurant are broadly similar, they are not the same
What's Behind the Poke Bowl Trend?
From August 2014 to August 2016, the number of Hawaiian restaurants on the Foursquare app doubled to 700 and if growth continues at this rate, there will be 1,000 Hawaiian restaurants by 2020, the majority of which will serve the latest foo...
5 Senses: The Key to Improving Guest Experience in Your Restaurant
Restaurants have become a very competitive market and now more than ever it’s essential to keep the guests satisfied and provide them with the best experience
A Review of the Global Restaurant Investment Forum
It has been a month since the Global Restaurant Investment Forum (GRIF) in Dubai came to a successful closing amd celebrating its fifth anniversary, it is the surprisingly upbeat tone of the event and industry that stays behind
F&B Options in Hotels – It’s Not Just Another Place to Eat
F&B options are no longer an afterthought for hotels, for they are one of the most important elements to ensure a hotel’s success: be it coffee shops, specialty restaurants, bars, or banquet halls, the food and beverages served in...
F&B: Which Is More Profitable – Outsourcing or In-House?
Hotel Food and Beverage (F&B) operations increased in revenue value by close to 5% during 2017, according to a report from STR, so this is clear evidence that F&B is still an important revenue stream, second to accommodation income,...
The Business Case for Hotels to Reduce Food Waste
The following resources contain tools and guides for anyone attempting to quantify and reduce their own food loss and waste, as well as reading materials providing additional background on the causes, extent, and effects of food loss and wa...
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