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Being environmentally friendly & focused on green is a hot topic and requires special attention. Here you will find related materials, tips and best practices which can be used and implemented.

The Social Impact of Global Tourism
This report from WTTC and the Sustainable Tourism Global Center (STGC), and supported by Oxford Economics, examines the social footprint of the Travel & Tourism sector globally, broken down by age, gender and wage
Paving the Way for a Greener Tourism Industry Through Education
Each year, Earth Day serves as a reminder of the urgent need to protect the environment our social and economic systems rely on
Asia’s Green Transition: Renewables in the Built Environment
Asia-Pacific leads growth in renewable energy generation, but its ageing grids need a revamp to meet the demand of renewables in the built environment
Carbon Prices and Inflation in the Euro Area
What is the effect of carbon pricing on inflation? This paper shows empirically that the consequences of the European Union’s Emission Trading System (ETS) and national carbon taxation on inflation have been limited in the euro area, ...
Hotel Sustainability Outlook for 2024 Starts with Profitability
Sustainability is the future for hotels, full stop, however profit-conscious or skeptical of international policies you may be, it’s becoming exceedingly difficult to fight against the flow of the river that is action against human-bo...
The 'Real' Value of Green Certifications for Hotels in Asia Pacific
The real estate industry has been singled out as one of the largest sectors for carbon emissions and is increasingly facing scrutiny to decarbonise
Benefits of Accelerating the Climate Transition Outweigh the Costs
Ensuring a lower-carbon future is not only necessary but also good for the economy, according to the latest climate scenarios from the Network for Greening the Financial System, a group of 127 central banks and financial supervisors working...
Sustainable Business Travel Can Be a Competitive Advantage
Sustainability continues to rise in prominence in the business world, increasing the spotlight on sustainable travel practices
The Impact an Event Has on the Environment
From large-scale music festivals to corporate conferences, every event leaves a carbon footprint that contributes to environmental degradation
A Thought Revolution Needed in Sustainability
The next word is biological diversity, says Greenview’s Ricaurte, as a leading player in hotel sustainability reporting, he has outlined what he sees as 'the next lens' to view humanity’s mission of environmental balance and ste...
Empowering Climate-Conscious Travel and Meetings Through Reporting
Business travel and meetings are like glue to global organizations, but in today's environmentally conscious world, it's crucial to consider their impact on the planet
State of Sustainability Reporting in Asia Pacific
Understanding sustainability reporting requirements globally and across Asia Pacific, and insights on the journey to date
Green Hotel Management Agreements in Asia Pacific
As a response to climate change and carbon reduction commitments, there’s a need for the hospitality industry to align interests on sustainability
How Sustainability has Influenced Consumer Sentiment and Consequently Consumer Behaviour
Sustainability has influenced consumer sentiment and consequently consumer behaviour, and what businesses in the travel and hospitality industry can do to respond to these new patterns of demand in order to successfully adapt to a rapidly d...
The Return of the Cruise: How Luxury Cruises are Polluting European Cities
After a brief hiatus due to COVID-19, luxury cruises are back and this new study shows that cruise ship pollution at Europe’s busiest ports is back to pre-pandemic levels leaving many cities exposed to air pollution
Hospitality Sector Key To The Delivery of 'S' in ESG
Businesses in the hospitality sector have an opportunity to lead the environmental, social and governance (ESG) agenda and deliver prominently on social values, enabling positive change for their people, customers, and the wider community
The State of Climate Action in Business Travel
2023 Barometer: Business travel is at a critical juncture
Showcasing Hospitality Properties and Their Pioneering Eco-Friendly Practices
Climate change, freshwater depletion, unsustainable use of resources, and biodiversity collapse are some of the most pressing challenges faced by humanity today
New Build Hotel Decked Out in 200% Foliage Makes Debut June 1
Is it a garden? A park? Oh, it’s the Pan Pacific Orchard; His first hotel opening was the Crowne Plaza Chengdu in 1996 and when the new Pan Pacific Orchard soft opens on June 1, it will be Marcel Holman’s seventh opening &ndash...
Europe, And the World, Should Use Green Subsidies Cooperatively
Governments across the world are using subsidies to support the green transition, green subsidies can be helpful where there are market failures
Hotel Environmental Sustainability Also Means Profit Sustainability
With the new legislation put forward in Congress that’s aiming to ban gas stoves (citing both health and environmental concerns), it’s easy for many of us to get caught out in the sheer divisiveness of the news story and miss th...
More and More Travellers Starting to be Aware of About What Sustainability Means
As more people become more clued up about what sustainability means, the demand for environmentally friendly accommodation is on the rise
Guiding Organizations on Their Sustainable Meetings & Events Journeys
Sustainability is embedded in our ethos and plays a role in much of what we do, including the events we help to orchestrate through our meetings and events division
Sustainability in The Hospitality Industry: Working Towards 'Travel Without a Footprint'
'Sustainability' has evolved beyond a trendy buzzword in recent years, with consumers and businesses alike becoming more conscious and involved in playing their part in preserving the planet for future generations
Adventurous Consumers Seek More Sustainable Options in 2023
The 2023 travel trend reports are rolling in, and it’s clear that personal environmental impact will be a major focus for consumers this year
After Years of Toiling Away At The Fringe, Greenview Finds Its Moment in Time
For more than two decades, his was a voice in the wilderness and although Eric Ricaurte started his company, Greenview, to focus on sustainability practices in hospitality, in 2008, the Singapore-based executive has been involved in the spa...
A Breath of Fresh Air for Luxury Hotels
Trees, potted plants and 'green walls' may not be conventional forms of interior design, but with growing demand for sustainable, eco-friendly hospitality, hotels are upping their efforts to incorporate 'green atmospherics' into their indoo...
The Value of Sustainability
Gain more insights on the value of sustainability and download the research report for the latest insights on green premiums in the Asia Pacific
Driving Climate Change in Business Travel
In November 2022, close to 300 delegates - including 100 corporate travel managers - gathered in Brussels for GBTA’s first-ever Global Business Travel Sustainability Summit
Bridging Data Gaps Can Help Tackle the Climate Crisis
A famous physicist once said: 'When you can measure what you are speaking about, and express it in numbers, you know something about it', nearly 140 years later, this maxim remains true
The Scope of Green Leases is Expanding Beyond the Environment
Green leases have historically focused on environmental clauses, but now the conversation is moving to clauses that make social impact
Prioritizing our Planet: Make a Difference with these 4 Sustainable Hotel Practices
After being put on the back burner for a bit, sustainability is back on the travelers’ agenda so read our suggestions on how to make sustainable hotel practices a priority
How To Drive Sustainability in Destinations
This report aims to provide practical, structured inspiration to destinations as they think about resilience and sustainability
How Environmental Awareness Is Influencing Travel Behaviour
Globally, the world’s travel industry contributes around ten per cent of GNP, but worldwide it is also responsible for about five per cent of CO2 emissions
Public Sector Must Play Major Role in Catalyzing Private Climate Finance
The recent spikes in the cost of fuel and food—and the resulting risks of social unrest—underline the importance of investing in green energy and boosting resilience to shocks
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