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Five Principles Underlying Sheikh Mohammed’s Decision Making
I have worked for Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum for over twenty years now in a number of capacities and have had the privilege to watch him in action and I think one of the most remarkable things about the way he works is his decisi...
Understanding the Concept of ‘Candidate Shelf Life’
In any industry, including the hospitality and hotel industry, a concept exists called 'candidate shelf life,' and it’s one that can affect the chances of a hotel landing top talent for their team
Being the Bearer of Bad News
It’s never fun to share bad news with a customer, many people are scared to be the bearer of bad news and there are plenty of examples of bad news – an order didn’t ship, something was damaged, a deadline is not going to b...
3 Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Own Career
If you get far enough in your career, and you have had a chance to fully settle into your field, you might eventually start asking yourself questions about your current job in the hospitality industry: More specifically, you may have reache...
Global Update: Who's Where and Doing What - May 2019
Global update of who is moving where and from where - keep track of old colleagues and friends or find lost ones, brought to you by The Boutique Search Firm
Global Update: Who's Where and Doing What - April 2019
Global update of who is moving where and from where - keep track of old colleagues and friends or find lost ones, brought to you by The Boutique Search Firm
Yes, Hiring Managers Will Check Your Social Media Accounts
Social media has provided our culture with the chance to connect with one another and to form communities that otherwise may not have been possible without the digital platform, so just as you can use social media platforms to connect with ...
9 Great Tips To Improve LinkedIn Leads
As the social media craze continues to grow every day, businesses and individuals are finding innovative and novel ways of driving awareness and generating leads through exploiting the available social media platforms and if a business or a...
Global Update: Who's Where and Doing What - March 2019
Global update of who is moving where and from where - keep track of old colleagues and friends or find lost ones, brought to you by The Boutique Search Firm
5 Resume Mistakes to Avoid in Hospitality Management
When a hospitality management hiring manager looks through dozens of resumes for just one position, they quickly learn to spot common mistakes, and they may even begin to think of these mistakes as pet peeves
You Know When It Is Time to Find a New Hotel Management Job
At some point, almost everyone in this industry starts to wonder if they are with the right company or if it is time to move on and sometimes you feel that way after a bad week or meeting that did not go so well with the boss, but that is g...
Global Update: Who's Where and Doing What - January / February 2019
Global update of who is moving where and from where - keep track of old colleagues and friends or find lost ones, brought to you by The Boutique Search Firm
Public Speaking is No Longer a 'Soft Skill', It’s Your Key to Success in Any Field
After interviewing billionaires and CEOs, entrepreneurs and scientists for my new book, Five Stars, I’ve concluded that it’s time to stop referring to public speaking as a 'soft skill', a wealthy investor at Y Combinator, the ic...
Daring Leaders Build Trust by Peeling Away the Armor, Choosing Courage Over Comfort
How can I build trust, quickly, across my team? That's the #1 question I get from my clients and students and before I read Brené Brown's brilliant new book, Dare to Lead, I would have hedged, insisting that there are too many variab...
Using Influence to Lead Your Hospitality Team
A good leader in the hospitality industry is not necessarily someone that dictates rules and guidelines but rather someone that represents the overall vision of the company
Five Simple Ways to Start a Presentation
Giving presentations is a big part of the college experience, teachers assign this project as a learning process because it may often be necessary in the workplace too
How to be a Better Mentor to Your Managers and Staff
One tip we have repeatedly given to younger managers in the hospitality industry is to find a mentor and attach yourself to his or her side, however what we have not discussed, is how managers working their way up through the ranks can also...
How You Differentiate Your Leadership Style, Towards 2020?
Are you ready to challenge the status quo, and rock the boat? Game-changers in the age of digital disruption: What kind of leader are you? Are you bold? Are you creatively explosive? Do you break the rules (whilst explaining why, and creati...
What Does It Take to be a Good Banquet Manager?
Banquet manager was not the first job I had in the hospitality industry, but it was by far the most challenging and to be honest, it was a bit overwhelming at first, with so many moving parts and an operation that more or less runs 24/7/365
How to Adapt Through a Turbulent Environment?
In the past, we used to see leaders as men with strong personalities, kind of the hero image implementing their will on organizations, however the hierarchical approach with command-and-control is simply not working anymore
Tips For A Healthy Work-Life Balance
If you work in hospitality, you most likely don’t conform to the 9-5 working day or even standard 40 hr work week and I love this industry so much and can’t think of doing anything else, but it can seem like an impossible feat t...
Four Tips for First-Time Hospitality Managers
47 percent of first time managers receive no training whatsoever for their new role and for the employee to manager transition is challenging, and it's no surprise that many first time managers struggle to find their footing
Hail To The Chief, AKA Bravo Patron
Great news came out of the Annual Conference of the Leading Hotels of the World held in Shanghai earlier this month: a distinguished hotelman was picked by the membership and the board to be given the 2018 Leading Legends Award
Global Update: Who's Where and Doing What - December 2019
Global update of who is moving where and from where - keep track of old colleagues and friends or find lost ones, brought to you by The Boutique Search Firm
Why We Need to Build Trust in Hospitality as a Real Career Choice
With tourist arrivals shattering records in Australia, you could do worse than a career in hospitality: If you’re the right kind of person, there might just be nothing better
Resume Tips for Entry-Level and Executive-Level Hotel Managers
Today, most job applications happen online, this means your resume provides the first impression, and it better be a good one, so if it is not formatted properly or does not mention the right skills, it will immediately go into the 'pile,' ...
Top Career Mistakes Young Professionals Make
As a young professional, you have a bright career ahead of you: Start out strong and improve your job outlook over time when you avoid these top 11 career mistakes
How To Be A Kick-Ass #GirlBoss (or #BoyBoss)
I’m not sure why so many businesses — large and small — fall into the same patterns and processes and then wonder why they don’t work: Meetings, customer service scripts, invoicing processes etc and all of these thin...
Gen Z Careers in Hotels
Insights into how to attract, engage and retain talent from America’s largest generation, what strategies do you need for the next great generation?
Catering to the Young Business Professional
There is a new generation of business professionals and they are more technology savvy than ever and for hotel managers, they also present a significant portion of your business pool
Find an Internship That Suits You Best
This is often the most dreaded time of the year for college students: Finding an internship, the perfect one that combines one's passions, ambitions and professional skill development is not easy, especially with the ever-so-growing number ...
Benefits of Using Hospitality Recruiters
Hospitality recruiters offer a surprisingly easy fix for both those looking for jobs and those looking to hire: Anyone that has ever tried to find the perfect manager for a position knows how frustrating this process can be and the same can...
The 6-Step Rehearsal Strategy Steve Jobs Used For Every Presentation
For fifteen years, Ken Kocienda was on the ground floor at Apple as a principal software engineer on the original iPhone, iPad, and the first Safari web browser, working side-by-side with Steve Jobs gave Kocienda a rare insider's view into ...
Global Update: Who's Where and Doing What - November 2018
Global update of who is moving where and from where - keep track of old colleagues and friends or find lost ones, brought to you by The Boutique Search Firm
Businesses Must Prepare for a New Career Structure
Life expectancies are increasing across the globe and as a result people’s careers are set to last longer AD Businesses must adapt to accommodate the multistage career of employees in order to retain skilled workers
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