A Hotelier's Self-Assessment Quiz.
By Dr. John Hogan CHE CHA MHS
Monday, 14th September 2009
You've got to be success minded, You've got to feel that things are coming your way when you're out selling; otherwise, you won't be able to sell anything.

Curtis "Curt" Carlson (1914 –1999) Swedish-American businessman and founder of the Carlson Companies. 1

Do you feel that you and your hotel are well suited for the future, or have you given up and set yourself up for "non-success?" 

After taking this short self-assessment quiz and evaluating your score, you may feel encouraged or you may decide that you are not focusing on the right skills or markets.

1.  What pleases you most about your job?
a. I love doing it
b. There's always something new to learn'
c. The potential for a high level of personal success is there
d. It's easy for me

2.   How would you describe your average work day?
a. It's usually exciting and motivating
b. It's mostly satisfying
c. It's somewhat tedious
d. It's drudgery and I can't wait for the day to be finished

3.   How would you express what you are personally giving to your guests and staff?
a. They are receiving exactly what I want to give them
b. They are getting a little bit more than they should be
c. They are getting too much out of me
d.  Often, I am not giving the service and attention I want to be

4.    Why did you choose this industry?
a. It challenges and excites me
b. I am good at it
c. It is the best (or all) I can do
d. To please someone else (family, spouse, etc)

5.   How would you describe your qualifications?
a. I know more than necessary and am still learning
b. I am current and open to new ideas
c. I know more than anyone else on staff
d. I'm getting there

6.  How well are you known in your community?
a. Many different kinds of people know me well
b. The "right" people know me well
c. Few people know what I really do
d. Only my staff and neighbors know my name

7.  How would you describe your temperament in relation to the business?
a. My temperament is right for the business and my staff and guests like me
b. My temperament is right for the business but I need to work on my people skills
c. I find it hard to deal with customers and some staff
d. I am often edgy with others and would rather work by myself

8.  How does the hospitality industry affect your health?
a. Positively most of the time
b. The business makes certain demands but I can handle it
c. It's taking a toll; I have to constantly watch myself
d. I really don't know

9.  What is the current condition of your business, given today's market conditions?
a. We are holding our own and constantly looking for ways to improve revenues and guest satisfaction
b. We are down some, but have maintained general levels of acceptable service and revenues
c. We are losing business to our competitors on rate
d. Business is substantially down and we are looking to sell

10.  Where do you see yourself three years from today?
a. Self-confident, secure and earning solid increases each year in financial packages and benefits
b. Professionally growing, with regular raises and increased responsibility
c. In the same position, with average reviews and raises because of the economy
d. I cannot project that far in the future

  • 5 points for each A answer
  • 3 points for each B answer
  • 1 point for each C answer
  • 0 points for each D answer
  • 40-50 = Generally well adjusted and believes in self
  • 30-40 – Generally confident, and with plans can substantially move ahead
  • 20-30 = An "average" score means an "average" attitude; is "average" a life goal?
  • 10-20 = Approaching or already in a major danger zone; specific action plans must be defined and implemented
  • 0-10 =    This may not be the industry for you.   THINK and ASSESS what is important to you/
From my career experiences and observations working with literally thousands of people, I have come to realize that quizzes and aptitudes tests can be a measurement, but the inner drive is what makes one successful.   If you scored 25 or better in this quiz, you can probably move forward and realize your potential and success because you have identifiable goals with measurable steps to mark your progress.

How well do you do compare at your hotel?

1 Source: Wikpedia - Carlson founded the Gold Bond Stamp Company in 1938. Carlson used "Gold Bond Stamps", a consumer loyalty program based on trading stamps, to provided consumer incentive for grocery stores. Carlson was the first entrepreneur to develop a loyalty program for the grocery chain through the issuance of trading stamps. What began as a simple loyalty program for grocers in the Midwest grew into one of the largest service providers of frequent shopper / buyer programs across a variety of retail and hospitality sectors.

Carlson expanded his offerings by purchasing the downtown Minneapolis Radisson Hotel in 1960 and building it into a national chain. He also acquired TGI Fridays, Carlson Leisure Group and hundreds of other hospitality businesses.

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All rights reserved by John Hogan and this column may be included in an upcoming book on hotel management.   The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of this publication

John Hogan, a career hotelier and educator, is frequently invited to participate at franchise meetings, management company and hospitality association industry events.  He is a successful senior executive with a record of accomplishment in leading hospitality industry organizations at multiple levels, with demonstrated competencies as a strong leader, relationship builder, problem solver and mentor. He conducts mystery-shopping reviews of quality in operations and marketing, including repositioning of hotels.

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