A Hotel Butler, A New Lifestyle Performer?
By Osvaldo Torres Cruz
Tuesday, 7th April 2009
The first time that the concept of  life style appeared was in 1939, when it was deemed in sociology a life style is the way in which a person  or a group of persons live. A person's life style reflects his way of life and is determined by all different variables and demographic, economical, cultural, social and internal elements. Every consuming decision taken by the individual will reinforce or partially change his life style.
When a guest chooses some hotel it is mainly due to, among other aspects, the fact that there exists a concordance between what the hotel is offering and his life style. This selection is mostly an expression of his individual personality, so as, the narrower is the breach between the relations –services offered /guest life style-, the more identification of the guest with the hotel will be achieved, thus, influencing his loyalty.
When a guest arrives to the hotel the most important luggage to unpack is the one bringing his life style. The fundamental task of the Hotel butler is to discover, decipher and reproduce this life style when assisting the guest. The Hotel butler must pay special attention to all elements regarding the guest life style, his personal relations, consuming habits, dressing, attitudes, values and environment vision, etc.
The identification and classification of the style life of every guest will ease to make their segmentation and creation of service strategies, in order to satisfy their wishes and demands. Relationship established when giving individual attention to the guests  allows the adjustment of the services offered to the parameters of each life style.
Individual attention from the Hotel butler allows characterizing and segmenting the guests according to their life style. The Hotel butler also guarantees the continuity of the life style which brings the guest when arriving to the hotel. When assisting the guest in an individual way the Hotel butler will get to know all the attributes which make his life style.
The life style of a guest will influence his behaviour during his stay at the hotel. It will also determine the appraisal of the given services. He will be always pondering if the offered services fulfil his needs in the way he is used to. The life style is a way of relating two big branches of butlership: that of a house or hotel. A house butler knows the essence of his boss at home and the Hotel butler has the picture of his boss as a guest and away from the guest home. The relation of these two branches will allow getting to know and reproduce the guest life style too.

Once a guest has lived an unique personalized experience the Hotel butler is confronted with the most difficult guest` s request: whilst packing the guest asks him/her : is it possible to take you home in my luggage?

Osvaldo Torres Cruz
Hotel Butler.

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