Hot Peppers may prevent blood clots & heart disease & promote weight loss.
SiCap Industries
Thursday, 16th June 2005
Studies show hot peppers may prevent blood clots and heart disease by increasing blood flow. It's all due to Capsaicin, the natural chemical that puts the "Hot" in hot peppers.

While clinically proven to relieve headaches and sinus inflammation, capsaicin may also be the key to a healthy heart. Because of its' unique thermal heat action, capsaicin also increases metabolic activity promoting natural weight loss.

For the past decade, doctors have been prescribing a daily dose of aspirin as a solid prevention tool against heart disease, but did you know that certain studies show hot peppers may be even more effective than aspirin when it comes to keeping a healthy heart? Furthermore, hot peppers also trigger metabolic activity which can lead to increased calorie burn.

It's all due to the natural chemical that puts the "Hot" in hot peppers. It's called Capsaicin, and it's been clinically proven to kill pain, stop headaches, and clear up chronic sinus conditions. Yet one of the greatest benefits of capsaicin is its' proven ability to increase circulatory blood flow thus preventing abnormal clotting which can lead to heart attack and stroke later in life.

Clinical studies have shown that when ingested, capsaicin activates the body's circulation process dramatically. Unlike drugs with stimulant side effects, capsaicin promotes circulatory blood flow through its' natural ability to conduct thermal heat while also inhibiting the nerve receptors that cause swelling and pain.

Several studies concentrating on gastrointestinal diseases have found that capsaicin also increases blood flow to the stomach and stimulates the production of digestive juices. One study in rats found evidence that capsaicin also protected against stomach damage caused by alcohol.

Studies have also led many researchers to conclude the unusually low rates of gastric and colon cancer in Latin America may be directly connected to the high dietary intake of capsaicin in that region of the world.

One study on gastric disorders at Duke University, showed capsaicin may actually lead to a cure for certain intestinal diseases. The Duke team found that a specific nerve cell receptor appears to be necessary to initiate the development of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), findings they believe could change the way physicians treat this disorder.

On the alternative medicine side, there's a popular capsaicin based drink that's being touted as an all around system cleaner. Known as "The Master Cleanser", it's one of the most popular recipes on the web with one of it's main ingredients being cayenne pepper. Many Hollywood stars use the Master Cleanser for weight loss, and for relieving many circulatory afflictions.

Robin Quivers of The Howard Stern Radio Show has lost 75 pounds, and regained her youthful energy since she started drinking the pepper based cocktail daily. Many insiders say Paris Hilton also credits the Master Cleanser with helping to maintain her toothpick thin figure. Actor / director Billy Bob Thorton and his ex-wife, Angelina Jolie also both reportedly use their own Master cleanser formula everyday. Thorton claims he's never even caught a cold since he's been using his daily dose of capsaicin.

Master Cleanser users claim the concoction of water, lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper also alleviates chronic stomach disorders, and helps to burn fat for prolonged periods.

Though it's a novel idea that seems to work relatively well, the Master Cleanser only provides a bare minimum of capsaicin, and because the recipe calls for powdered cayenne pepper, the complete benefits of the capsaicin are lost. In other words, powdered pepper is a great addition to your diet, but the medicinal benefits are limited when compared to fresh liquid pepper extract. Therefore, the key to getting the most benefit from the capsaicin is to use a fresh Capsicum pepper extract.

Enter SiCap Industries, makers of "Sinus Buster," the world's first capsaicin based nasal spray. They've designed another brand new capsaicin product known as "Pepper Boost". It's the world's first liquid capsaicin supplement designed to kick the body's circulation up a notch. The manufacturer claims Pepper Boost not only increases the body's circulation process, but it also speeds up the metabolism in general which also helps users burn calories more efficiently.

"The first thing you notice when you take Pepper Boost is the instant burst of energy it gives you. And after you use it for a couple weeks, most people notice increased circulation in their extremities. The other thing we're hearing from customers is that it apparently helps some people with inflammatory joint pain related to arthritis. We've also heard from dozens of people who say it stops sore throat pain on contact. The consumer reaction has been tremendous. I think we have another winner here just like the sinus buster....maybe even better," says Wayne Perry, President of SiCap Industries.

Aside from the Capsaicin (hot pepper extract), the Pepper Boost formula also uses two other very powerful herbal supplements as active ingredients. The first is Feverfew, a natural extract taken from a certain variety of Chrysanthemum plants. Feverfew has been shown to dramatically increase circulation just as Capsaicin does, and some studies show it may also be helpful in the long term prevention of migraine headaches.

The other active ingredient is Green Tea extract. This powerful organic extract has been shown to promote natural weight loss by helping the body burn calories and fat. Furthermore, just like Capsaicin, Green Tea is an incredibly effective antioxidant that may also have a future in helping to prevent certain types of cancer.

The three main active ingredients are combined with a natural lime base, pure clove honey, Rosemary extract, and Vitamin C to create a very powerful all natural medicinal cocktail. The manufacturer also claims that Pepper Boost is an excellent appetite suppressant, and there are studies that back up the suppressing effects of Capsaicin on the appetite.

"All in all this product is a daily supplement that boosts your metabolism which helps the body burn calories and fat naturally. Would you lose all your weight on pepper boost alone? No, but it can definitely help you shed a few pounds and most importantly, keep your weight stable. Plus it can help prevent circulation problems that definitely lead to heart attack and stroke down the road," adds Wayne Perry.

Pepper Boost is designed to be sprayed on food, in beverages, or directly in the mouth. The suggested dosage is three times daily using six squirts per dose, and the reaction is immediate.

"When you take a few sprays of this stuff, it really wakes you up. It doesn't burn, but it feels warm and kind-a weird. You take a few squirts and it makes you almost cough a little bit for a second....then you feel this warmth slowly go through your body after about ten minutes," says Steve Fellows, a former customer now turned SiCap employee.

"I'm not sure if it's helping me lose weight or not, but I love the stuff. It's great. I use it every time I work out. I go through the stuff like crazy," says Kevin Baker, a radio personality near Albany, New York.

If you want to learn more about SiCap Industries and "Pepper Boost," go to ( www.pepperboost.com ).

You can also find SiCap's "Sinus Buster", the world's first hot pepper nasal spray at (www.sinusbuster.com ).

The Sinus Buster is known around the world as the ultimate headache stopper and sinus remedy.

Samples of SiCap products and press kits are available to verifiable media personnel and medical professionals upon request. Wayne Perry is also available for media interviews. Simply contact (webmaster@sinusbuster.com).

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