How to Keep Your Restaurant's Appearance Up-to-Date.
By Lloyd M. Gordon,
Saturday, 24th November 2007
Every restaurant operator eventually grows tired of seeing the same furniture and decor day after day. Eventually the question arises, "Is it time to make a change?"

Your initial concern in planning for new restaurant decor is to reinforce your theme which is the unifying concept that ties your food, service and appearance together. What you do with decor can either cement the whole into a pleasing dining establishment or fragment it. Dramatize your menu's theme through the furnishings and design treatments used.

Select furnishings to compliment the theme. Choose sturdy or delicate furnishings and decorative pieces. Usually, the sturdier the furnishings the better they'll wear under customer abuse and the longer they'll last. This is great if your theme can use sturdy types.

If you need more delicate styles, examine what is offered and try to obtain an optimum usage: you must balance the cost, the usable life, and the looks. Often this can be difficult if you lack experience in design work. You may require professional advice from an interior design consultant. If so, get it.

Also consider the timeliness of the products used. There are certain trends in decor that date or limit a dining establishment. You should be aware and keep in mind what is timely now! Some restaurateurs say they design for tomorrow with what is available today. Your success in achieving this task can protect your restaurant investment in the coming years by providing a fresh and "current" appearance that still will be in "vogue" many years from now.

When looking for restaurant furnishings, you must search more deeply than you would in furnishing your own home. Remember, you should consider actual appearance as well as internal values and real cost effectiveness. Here are some things to consider in choosing furnishings:

  • Ease of cleaning, how often required and by whom.
  • Durability
  • Length of manufacturer's guarantee.
  • Proximity of repair service location to your business.
  • How does it fit into decor scheme?
  • Is the product really cost effective?
  • How does the product rate per cost/durability factor?
  • Is the product readily available and replaceable?
  • Have you considered the freight and shipping charges?
  • Are the products highly safety and fire rated?
  • Have you actually tested the product for customer comfort?
Good instincts and experience in furnishings and decor treatments can not only make your restaurant more acceptable to your customers, but can keep the facility new looking for a greater period of time and in the long run keep the costs of maintenance and replacement down. All of these are results eagerly sought by knowledgeable food service operators like you.

Mr. Lloyd M. Gordon, President of GEC Consultants, Inc. has an MBA from the University of Chicago. He has concepted more than 390 restaurants and has been consulting for over 44 years. He helps people enter the restaurant industry, points the way to profitability, and helps keep them successful. To discuss "How to Keep Your Restaurant's Appearance Up-to-Date" he can be reached at 847-674-6310. email experts@gecconsultants.com  or on the web at www.gecconsultants.com.  

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