Improve Performance & Ensure Consistent Service.
By Robert Duprey
Monday, 10th September 2007
Consistency is essential if you want your restaurant or hotel to be successful in the long run -

Customers expect to receive the same high quality service every time they enter your establishment.

Employees need to know how to do their job effectively in order to ensure the consistent success of your business.  Employees who receive inadequate training or are unaware of their job responsibilities will cost you customers and revenue.  The more you leave to your employees' judgment, the less likely it is that they will do things the way you would like them done.  Your staff will be much more productive if they are trained properly. 

Don't leave employee training up to staff members who may not have the knowledge or time to provide proper instructions. 

You can ensure consistency and improve your employees' performance by providing training manuals for every position in your operation.

Using an employee handbook and training manual will save you time in the long run and help protect your business.

An effective training manual will provide many benefits:

1. A training manual will help you determine and communicate exactly what every employee needs to do in order to ensure high quality service, satisfied customers and increased revenue.  This minimizes the risk of forgetting to inform your staff of certain procedures or tasks which need to be completed.  By clearly explaining the job responsibilities, your employees will be more confident and productive. They will also understand the standards and results expected of them.

2. A manual saves time. Improperly trained employees ask the same questions over and over again. By putting information and answers to common questions in writing, you make it easier to find the answer to common questions, and ensure they receive the correct answer every time.

3. A training manual is like a roadmap. It provides your staff with the information and confidence they need to perform their job correctly.  You no longer need to worry about staff members receiving incorrect or outdated information.  Everyone will be properly trained which will increase productivity and employee morale.

4. A training manual proves to your employees that you take training seriously and pro-actively.  It makes your operation look more professional.

Improve Employee Morale

It's very important to retain high quality employees.  Staff members who understand their responsibilities and role will enjoy their job much more.  This means that they are more likely to remain with you. 

Hire the Right Employees

You want to be sure you are choosing the most suitable candidate so they will contribute to the success of your business.  Using excerpts from a well written manual will prove very helpful when it comes time to hire new employees.  Applicants will be completely aware of the responsibilities, role and expectations of the position before they are hired. 

Monitor and Evaluate employee performance

A training manual can also be used to evaluate employee performance.  Because each employee in a particular position receives the same information, it is much easier to monitor their progress.  If you detect any problem areas, you can work with the employee to remedy the situation.

If new staff is hired or employees are required to fill in temporarily for another position, you can remain confident they will know how to do the job properly. 

Avoid Legal & Safety Issues

Safety needs to remain one of the top priorities in your hotel or restaurant.  If your business operates with clearly established and consistent practices, accidents are less likely to occur and misunderstandings can be avoided. This greatly reduces your risk of potential lawsuits.  

It's essential that all of your employees understand their specific roles and responsibilities within your operation.  Don't run the risk of facing expensive legal problems or serious accidents.  With our lawsuit friendly legal system, you can't afford the risk of not providing comprehensive training guides for every employee.  If you have to fire someone and they file for unemployment or complain to a labor board, you will have documented proof that you have provided clear instructions.

Use Templates to Save Time and Money

Developing a training manual for each position can be a complex, time-consuming process.  You have to conduct research, organize material, write a draft or input each manual. 

One way to save valuable time is by purchasing and customizing training manual templates.  With a template, you can add or change information to suit your particular needs, so all of the employees in your organization will be trained according to your standards. 

Whether you decide to develop manuals yourself from scratch or purchase ‘off the shelf' templates, you should consult with a qualified legal professional who can review the document before you use it to train your employees.  You need to ensure that all of the policies and procedures listed in the document are in compliance with local employment laws.

Lexington Interactive offers a complete training templates package including manuals, job descriptions and checklists. 

For more information about our new training manual templates, click here www.restaurant-training-manuals.com

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