Cruise Ships - Floating Hotels and Moving Resort.
Captain Jack Storms
Saturday, 9th June 2007
Take advantage of the heavy competition!

Tourists have taken cruises for decades now and for a very good reason cause it's a vacation as a vacation is supposed to be; all taken care off and nothing to worry about. It's the perfect getaway.

So perfect, that many people became so infatuated that they return year after year. For them, a cruise liner is more then just a ship that takes them from A to B. And they are right.

Have you ever seen a cruise ship?

It's sheer size can be overwhelming and breathtaking. The question that pops up on your first encounter with these giants is obvious: "How the h… do things like this float?"

And even if you know the answer, it is still amazing.

A cruise ship is both a luxury hotel and a traveling city. The amenities are as plush as those offered by five-star hotels and resorts, making passengers feel pampered throughout the trip. The crew is there to meet every passenger's needs, resulting in high hospitality ratings.

Rock Climbing in the Atlantic…

Most cruise ships have swimming pools, dance clubs, casinos, and even entertainment shows. So if the day's land visit is not for you, you can spend your day lazing around on the ship, taking advantage of the many fun activities onboard.

Your cruise ship may have a movie theater, a skeet shooting range, a golf range, a rock-climbing wall, a workout facility, and even child-care providers, so that the adults can have a day or night to themselves.

Surfing in the Caribbean Sea...

The world's largest cruise ship, Freedom of the Seas, even has a waterpark with a wave generator for surfing. You can see it in action right here.

The Freedom of the Seas however, is a cruise ship in it's own league. It's size is impressive to say the least. It is three football fields long and still capable of making more then 21.6 knots (40km/h or 24.85mph).

This moving resort has some 1800+ cabins. A crew of 1500 take care of more then 4000 passengers. The ship is alive 24/7. You like silly facts? They produce 350 tons of ice cubes onboard everyday...

Large, larger

The ‘Freedom' will not be the largest cruise ship for long. An ever larger ship is under construction while we speak. And an even larger one, is probably coming alive on  a drawing board somewhere in the world. The competition is fears. For you, as a passenger, that is great news.

Because of the heavy competition, cruise lines not only try to own the best and largest ships, but are also offering discounted package prices. Particularly during off-peak seasons. Cruise lines are even throwing in free upgrades and other incentives for potential passengers. 

Many couples see a cruise as one of the most romantic kinds of trips, and cruise ships are providing them with the romantic backdrops they desire.

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Cruise and have Fun!

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