How to Effectively Use a PR Agency to Increase Exposure and Maximize Hotel Revenue?
By René Mayer
Monday, 13th May 2024

PR and Communications for HotelsIn the dynamic and complex landscape of hotel management, the role of a PR agency is often misunderstood, leading to mismatches in expectations that can compromise the effectiveness of the collaboration.

Unfortunately, some hotels hire a PR agency without thoroughly understanding their own needs or the specific role of the agency.

A PR agency can only be successful if the hotel provides a clear marketing plan and actively leads initiatives within the establishment.

The PR agency is not a standalone solution for a hotel's success; rather, it is a powerful ally that can amplify your efforts when guided by strong hotel management. Here’s how you can address these common issues and foster a productive partnership with your PR agency to effectively boost your hotel’s market presence and revenue.

PR agencies are specialists in managing public perception, media relations, and helping to shape and maintain a positive perception of the brand. Developing and executing communication strategies that align with the hotel’s objectives is a core function.

They produce or help produce content for various platforms, organize events from press conferences to product launches, and manage events aimed at generating media coverage and public interest. They can also lead crisis management efforts when applicable. They are adept at crafting compelling narratives about your hotel that resonate with both media and potential guests.

However, it’s important to recognize that they are not equipped to handle direct marketing tasks like SEO, PPC, or comprehensive sales promotions.

Contrasting PR with Full-Service Marketing Agencies

Unlike full-service marketing agencies, PR agencies do not engage in direct sales or manage extensive marketing campaigns. Their strength lies in supplementing these activities by enhancing your hotel’s public image and securing media coverage, which indirectly supports your marketing strategies.

Hotels should temper their expectations to view PR as a long-term investment in brand building and reputation management. Immediate boosts in bookings or dramatic improvements in reputation are rare without accompanying marketing efforts.

Effective PR strategies take time to bear fruit. Establishing robust media relations and a credible brand presence is a gradual process, requiring patience and persistence.

Here some insights about how effectively use a PR Agency to increase exposure and maximize hotel revenue:

An integrated approach where the PR agency collaborates closely with your hotel’s marketing team can yield the best results. This allows each entity to leverage its strengths, thereby enhancing the overall marketing objectives of the hotel.

To ensure both parties are aligned, implement a structured communication schedule. This will facilitate timely adjustments to strategies based on ongoing results and feedback, keeping both sides informed and responsive.

Encourage ongoing education for your marketing and executive teams about the nuances of PR work. Regular sessions with the PR agency to share knowledge about industry trends and insights from successful campaigns can refine and inform future strategies.

Clearly communicate your marketing plans and goals to the PR agency to avoid misaligned expectations. Ensure that both sides understand that the PR agency is there to augment, not replace, your marketing efforts.

Discuss the budget openly and agree on the scope of work from the outset to prevent misunderstandings. Additionally, be prepared to blend the creative visions of your hotel with the market-driven strategies recommended by your agency.

Develop a proactive crisis management plan in collaboration with your PR agency to handle potential issues swiftly and effectively, ensuring your hotel's reputation is safeguarded.

To summarize, a successful relationship between a hotel and its PR agency begins with clear communication and a deep understanding of each party's roles and capabilities.

By setting realistic expectations and fostering a collaborative environment, hotels can leverage their PR agencies to significantly boost market presence and achieve remarkable revenue growth.

The key to maximizing the benefits of this partnership lies in the hotel management taking the lead, enabling the PR agency to maximize their activities for enhanced exposure, which ultimately boosts revenues. Remember, the key person will always be the management, guiding the PR efforts to fruition and success.

René Mayer
Co-Founder & CEO at SCOP3 Group

A visionary entrepreneur and seasoned hotelier, Rene held significant roles at top global hospitality brands like InterContinental, Kempinski, and Fairmont. Recognized for his achievements, Rene received the Sales Hotelier of the Year award and led award-winning marketing departments. As Co-Founder and CEO of SCOP3 Group, we've established ourselves in luxury lifestyle communications, serving prestigious clients. Beyond SCOP3, Rene has co-developed ventures like Kids SoHo, a comprehensive educational center for children, and Syrco BASÈ, a culinary venture featuring a 2-star Michelin chef, with Rene's partner Ronald Liem, diversifying their portfolio with exciting projects like a new adventure park. Along his entrepreneurial journey, he became a member of EO (Young Entrepreneurs), further enriching his experiences and network.


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