Choose Hospitality: Why Managing Hotels is More Rewarding Than You Think
By Richard Leuenberger
Thursday, 7th September 2023

Not long ago, a recent graduate from a prestigious hotel management school asked for my advice.

Although he just went through a 4-year education in hospitality management, he found himself drawn to luxury retail. Explaining the wonderful short-term benefits and a very structured work-life balance.

This made me realize that we are not doing a great job of showing people how amazing a career in hotel management can be. It is much more than just a regular 9-to-5 job; it offers a lot more variety and room for personal growth.

People First: The Core of Our Business The hospitality industry is not only about guests; it is a people business through and through. This is a sector where the skill of human connection applies not only to customers but also to your relationship with colleagues and staff. It offers a type of job satisfaction that is more akin to a life mission: it is a rewarding lifelong journey, not a short-lived TikTok video.

Early on to Leadership: One of the most compelling aspects of a career in hotel management is the accelerated path to leadership roles. Within a few years, you can find yourself not just executing tasks, but leading teams, departments, or even entire establishments. It is not just about managing; it's about influencing, innovating, and inspiring.

The Multi-Dimensional Skill Set: A Platform for Entrepreneurship: Skills acquired in hotel management are impressively diverse—human resources, finance, marketing, operations, you name it. These skills do not just make you a versatile asset; they provide the foundation for various entrepreneurial journeys, from starting bed-and-breakfasts to launching luxury brands or even branching into real estate - every business is a service business.

Rethinking Work-Life Balance: Crafting a Synergistic Life The hotel industry offers a unique take on work-life balance. It is not about compartmentalizing work and personal life; it’s about integrating them in a way that one enriches the other. Unlike the rigid confines of a 9-to-5 job, hospitality offers fluidity and flexibility, allowing you to craft a life that is both professionally rewarding and personally enriching. You will find plenty of time for yourself - but you grow in sync.

Crafting Unforgettable Experiences: Making a Difference This is not just a job; it is the art and craft of creating experiences that people carry in their hearts long after they have checked out. You will experience the unmatched joy of making tangible differences in people's lives, both in their celebrations and in their everyday routines.

Community Engagement: Beyond the Lobby Whether it is here in St. Moritz or elsewhere, community engagement is not one-size-fits-all; Hotels are in the middle and intricately involved where they are, each place has its unique cultural and social fabric. This gives you the chance to be a part of something larger than yourself, something that has a lasting impact on communities.

A Life of Integrity and Service: In a time where everybody talks about authenticity, the virtues of integrity, honesty, and service find their true home in the hospitality industry. Living these values each day enriches not just the lives of our guests but nourishes our own souls in a way few other industries can replicate.

The Long Game: A Lifelong Journey Choosing hospitality means choosing a path that is more than a job; it's a fulfilling, lifelong journey. A career in hotel management offers diverse experiences, lifelong learning, and an endless horizon of opportunities—personal and professional.

If you find yourself at a crossroads, contemplating moving to other sectors, take a moment to consider the profound, lifelong rewards that await you in hotel management. Your seat is not just available; it’s warmly awaited.

Richard Leuenberger
Managing Director

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