Why Your New Hire Ghosted You
By Mandy Ferrin
Thursday, 5th August 2021

You would be amazed by how many new hires don’t show up on day one, there’s currently a talent crisis and these 'ghost stories' have become all too common.

Some industries, especially those with many lower-paying positions, are used to a certain level of ghosting. The hospitality industry, for instance, struggles with onboarding seasonal staff and housekeeping. The senior living industry struggles with finding caretakers.

We understand why this happens during the recruitment process, but why does this happen when the candidate has already signed the offer letter?

The main reason why recruited candidates ghost?

Candidates who intentionally ghost employers almost always discovered something about the job they didn’t like.

The biggest turnoff for candidates is when there are discrepancies between interviewers about the job’s duties. An inaccurate job description is one of the most common hiring offenses. It’s equally as common for candidates to put two and two together before they even clock in for their first shift and move on without a word.

If they’ve actually made it in on their first day, the inaccuracies in the job description can (and will) become apparent pretty quickly. This can put hiring managers in a dilemma when the job isn’t completely desirable, they’re desperate for employees, while simultaneously needing a candidate who will stay in the role.

Luckily there are a few things you can focus on to keep your descriptions realistic and attractive.

Be Upfront About Benefit Packages
Benefits are a huge deal, especially retirement accounts and health care. Don’t just say 401k, talk about the specific match and how long it takes to get fully vested. If you offer health care and there is no or only a small contribution needed by the employee, be upfront about it. If there is no benefits package, this is also something that will need to be disclosed from the beginning.

Advancement Opportunities
Not every candidate is going to be looking for advancement, but the top talent in the industry will be and they will want to know just how challenging that road is going to be for them moving forward. Jobs that aren’t the most glamorous need a trajectory-based focus that isn’t centered solely on present reality. Where can this position take them realistically?

If they decide to come to work for your company, you can tout the specific percentage of upper-level management positions currently filled with in-house promotions as well as mentoring programs you have set up to ensure your managers are given every opportunity to better themselves and advance their careers.

The Company Culture
It is a waste of everyone’s time and money if you go through the process only to find they are not an ideal fit for the culture of the company. This is something you will obviously go into more detail about during an interview, but you can also narrow down the field of applicants by being very upfront about the culture of the property in the job description. If there are disparaging reviews online, do not shy away from addressing them.

Joseph David International is a top-ranked executive talent recruitment firm that will help you find the ideal candidate for your specific needs. For more information about our hospitality and senior living management recruiting services, please click here.

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