The Connection Between Hotel Design and Personal Wellness
By Beachwood Custom
Tuesday, 11th December 2018

Exploring the relationship between health, architectural design, and hospitality trends: Wellness isn’t just a trend; it’s a vital aspect of living and while maintaining a healthy lifestyle at home may be easy, the stress of the outside world can make it difficult.

Fortunately, hoteliers are recognizing this and using new building designs and amenities to improve the guest experience.

This innovation has been particularly important for the hotel industry. With all the stress associated with travel, this is great news for both casual tourists and traveling professionals.

Hospitality design and wellness

Some hotels were once notorious for their cookie-cutter designs and lack of amenities. However, recently constructed hotels, along with those that have been renovated, commonly feature a series of pro-health facilities.

The workout room, swimming pool, and spa are the most common of these. New innovations have improved these features by making these spaces more versatile and suited to individual needs. For example, with the increase in the number of yoga practitioners, more hotels are providing areas specifically for the practice. Other space accommodations are being made to include room for spinning, Pilates, kickboxing, and meditation.

Other design trends

Aside from facilities that involve physical fitness, designers are also improving other areas of a hotel to enhance a guest’s well-being. Hotels are being designed to blend man-made and natural environments – which allows visitors to enjoy the interior and the surrounding vistas with larger windows and the inclusion of low-impact structures. For the same reason, interior designers are incorporating more flora, wooden furniture, and multi-tier terraces in lobbies and other common spaces.

Contemporary design encourages social interaction while giving guests a sense of brand uniqueness. This is achieved by improving business centers and other shared spaces and adding elements of regional “flare” by decorating them with unique furniture and art made by local artists.

Of course, providing for a guest’s health isn’t just limited to the types and styles of rooms offered. Several new hospitality trends add unique amenities that can boost guests wellness during their stay.

Better food, better drink

Modern travelers aren’t satisfied with the same, unhealthy fare they can buy from a cheap restaurant down the street. Hotels are shaking up their menus with dishes that cater to a variety of palates and dietary requirements such as paleo, vegan, organic, and other health-oriented dishes. Some establishments are even replacing vending machines full of sugary, high-calorie junk food with nourishing fresh and dried fruits offered at the front desk.

Hotels are beginning to provide juice bars as well to provide better beverages for their guests. Even the quality of complimentary coffee many hotels offer is being upgraded.

Comfort and sustainability

Nowadays, customers expect everything to be high quality, but also sustainable and environmentally friendly. To accommodate, hotel designers are using new construction methods like the Locally Fabricated (Lo-Fab) way of building.

Lo-Fab is an east African architectural movement that involves sourcing materials regionally, hiring and training locals to build efficient, yet beautiful buildings without taking up too many resources or leaving a large carbon footprint.

In addition to making hotels less environmentally taxing without sacrificing comfort, they’re also financially cheaper to maintain.

Beachwood Custom is the leader in the art of opening a hotel. Since 1992, we’ve been at the forefront of the hospitality industry and provided the best design, purchasing, manufacturing, and installation services on the market. If you want the best interior decoration for your building, contact us today.

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