Benefits of Using Hospitality Recruiters
By Jerry McConway
Wednesday, 14th November 2018

Job and recruitment newsHospitality recruiters offer a surprisingly easy fix for both those looking for jobs and those looking to hire: Anyone that has ever tried to find the perfect manager for a position knows how frustrating this process can be and the same can be said for managers looking for a hotel that suits their particular skill set.

Neither finding a job or finding an ideal manager is easy.

Benefits for Employees When Using Hospitality Recruiters

As a potential employee, the task of finding an available position can be very daunting and time consuming, especially if you are currently employed. Searching through job sites and help wanted ads takes a lot of time. Add in the time it takes to customize your resume for each position and finding a job is a full-time job on its own.

By using hospitality recruiters, this process is made much easier as well as being far more effective. Some of the reasons are:


Confidentiality is especially important for employees who are currently working. We all know days in the hospitality industry can go 10 hours, 12 hours, or even longer on busy days. That makes applying and communicating with prospective employers very difficult. Using a hotel recruiter allows the company to do much of the initial communication on your behalf without you risking exposure by communicating during shift hours at your current position. More importantly, all communications are confidential, so your current employer will never know you are looking for employment elsewhere.

Placement Expertise

Good hospitality recruiters are keen at recognizing skills and matching them up with ideal opportunities. Their experience with these employers all but ensures the opportunities presented will give you the best chance of success if hired.

Jobs Access

Not all available opportunities are posted. Some of the best hotels in the country NEVER advertise online or in publications. These properties rely solely on their recruiting firm to fill their positions. Point being, the perfect opportunity could literally be in your backyard and you don’t even know it exists… unless you are working with a hotel manager recruiting firm.

Support and Feedback

Have you ever applied for a job, interviewed, and were positive you got it only to never hear from them again? There is that lingering thought of “what went wrong?” Recruiters have an advantage in being able to ask the employer why you were not hired. This can provide valuable feedback and provide a learning experience to make you better prepared for the next interview.

Hospitality recruiters can also provide help with resume writing. They are able to go over your resume to point out areas of weakness for specific opportunities and make recommendations that will help make your resume stand out over all others.

Benefits for Employers When Using Hospitality Recruiters

As an employer, it can be rather intimidated to root through a stack of resumes. There is also the temptation to hire the first suitable candidate, especially after you have interviewed dozens of people unfit for the position, rather than hiring the ideal or perfect candidate.

Weeding Out

One of the most time-consuming aspects of hiring a new manager is weeding through applications to find the list of managers to bring in for interviews. This entire process is eliminated when using a hotel recruiting agency. The recruiters do all the legwork for you and ONLY present a list of suitable candidates to be interviewed.

Finding a Perfect Fit

Good hotel management recruiters are not going to send an employer a candidate unless they feel he or she is a very good fit for the property. By discussing the specific needs of the property, the recruiter is able to sort through their list of candidates and only send the best possible fits for the position.

Larger Talent Pool

Recruiters will also have access to talented managers from across the country, not just local candidates. While you may not have considered hiring a manager that needs to be relocated, the investment is often far less costly than bringing in a sub-par manager for the sake of filling the position.

As you can see, using a hospitality recruiting agency is beneficial for both parties. Joseph David International is recognized as one of the top hospitality recruiting agencies in the country and has successfully placed hotel managers for more than a decade. To learn more about our services for employers, click here. For more information about our services for employees, click here.

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