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 Sustainability & Environmental Library  (Click title to read article)

Being environmentally friendly & focused on green is a hot topic and requires special attention. Here you will find related materials, tips and best practices which can be used and implemented.

How can Leadership Teams Find Innovative Solutions to Sustainability Challenges? Part 2.
Part 2: What would you do if you realised that furniture you were buying had come from a sweat shop in an impoverished country where child labour was used? Would it matter if the customer didn’t know about it, and if it was the most c...
How can Leadership Teams Find Innovative Solutions to Sustainability Challenges?
Part 1: What would you do if you realised that furniture you were buying had come from a sweat shop in an impoverished country where child labour was used? Would it matter if the customer didn’t know about it, and if it was the most c...
Sustainability in the Hospitality Industry.
Climate change is one of the most significant threats facing the world today and at recent talks in Peru, where a framework for tackling the problem was agreed upon, highlight the long-haul journey that we have ahead of us, if we ...
Interview with Sonu Shivdasani, Chairman and CEO of Soneva Group.
At this year's Tourism for Tomorrow Awards, Soneva Group won the Environment category, we spoke with Sonu Shivdasani, the company's founder, Chairman and CEO, about what motivates the luxury chain to achieve such levels of sustainabili...
A Sustainable Future: Pieces of Paradise Become Waste Dumps.
Nothing untoward on the beautiful pictures of your postcards? Let's hope it lasts! Today, our Blue Planet is in danger: the giant open-air waste dumps are appearing in the oceans and on land
Environmental, Social and Governance Reporting in Travel and Tourism - Trends, Outlook and Guidance.
As with all businesses, Travel & Tourism companies are increasingly affected by environmental and social issues that can influence global demand and industry-wide profitability;  Publicly reporting on issues relating to s...
Protecting the Earth: A Group-Wide Initiative.
Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22 as a global effort to show support for environmental protection;  From our food purveyors to our local wildlife, Shangri-La hotels and resorts around the world are proud to help protect ou...
Environmental Sustainability in the Hospitality Industry.
Best Practices, Guest Participation, and Customer Satisfaction -  Certain sustainability practices could be considered nearly universal in the lodging industry; among the common green practices are water conserving fixtures and linen-r...
Sustainability in the Hospitality Industry.
Climate change is one of the most significant threats facing the world today;  Recent talks in Peru, where a framework for tackling the problem was agreed upon, highlight the long-haul journey that we have ahead of us, if we are to lea...
Earth Day: Beyond the Towel Rack.
When you stay in a hotel room, do you reuse your towel? Do you read those little cards that ask you to consider it? Would you be more inclined to hang up that towel if you knew the vast majority of other guests reuse their towels? The avera...
Alternative Energy, Abandonment and War: The Current Affairs Driving Tourism.
Exclusive Feature: When German politicians decided to phase out its nuclear power stations following the Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan and boost green energy, they probably didn't bank on solar panels and wind turbines becoming touris...
Hotel Sustainability Benchmarking.
A landmark Cornell University study has industry-wide data collection and analysis effort to benchmark; This report highlights the results of the first Cornell Hotel Sustainability Benchmarking (CHSB) study which focuses on two key componen...
Hotel Guests' Reactions to Guest Room Sustainability Initiatives.
This study employs an empirical procedure to address a key issue regarding energy-saving manipulations to hotel guest rooms; That issue is how guests will react to changes that are intended to save energy—or whether the conservation efforts...
Sustainable Hotels Earn Higher Guest Ratings.
Hotels that have earned the ISO 14001 certification had higher guest satisfaction scores than those with no such certification
Carbon Tax - A Good Idea Whose Time Has Not Yet Come.
Are we ready for a carbon tax? Al Gore thinks so
Sustainability Is Overall Revenue Neutral for Hotel Industry.
Hotels around the world have risen to the challenge of improving their sustainability and reducing their carbon footprint
Corporate Social Responsibility: Making a Difference for Customer Relationships.
In its just released Industry Brief, 'Corporate Social Responsibility: Making a Difference for Customer Relationships,' Loyalty 360 – The Loyalty Marketer's Association shares insights from industry leaders about the impact that Corporate S...
Greenwashing Customers.
Like nearly every hospitality conference in the world, the Lodging Conference in Phoenix AZ, devoted some time to green initiatives though more as a by-product of other topics
How to Engage With Socially Conscious Consumers.
Consumers around the world are interested in companies that have implemented programs to give back to society, and the numbers are growing
Sustainable Meetings: Some of Holland's Greenest Hotels.
After discussing eco-friendly travel, green catering and waste reduction, it is time to have a look at the accomodations for your meeting delegates
Why Buildings Hold the Key To a Low-Carbon Future.
Global paper shows that implementing ambitious performance building policies can achieve deep reductions in energy consumption and CO2 emissions and sets out the necessary steps towards a 'Deep market transformation'
Are Your Sustainability Initiatives Missing a Critical Component? A Perspective on Risk.
This article provides a perspective on key areas of risk relating to investment into utility efficiency projects and sustainability initiatives, and how owners / operators can minimize exposure during all phases of investment into their pro...
Roundtable Investigates Key Sustainability Issues.
Many hospitality firms are making every effort to report the status of their sustainability initiatives, but a challenge arises in exactly what to report and how to report it
sus·tain·abil·i·ty - How Do You Define It?
I looked up sustainability in the dictionary the other day, it's one of those words that I never used to come across and now it’s everywhere
Eco Friendly Ways to Reduce Expenses.
Every business is constantly searching for ways to increase sales and reduce expenses
Determining Materiality in Hotel Carbon Footprinting: What Counts and What Does Not.
As hotel companies seek in good faith to determine and report their carbon footprints, often in response to stakeholder requests, the issue of materiality arises, in which the hotel firm must determine what factors are important to greenhou...
Sustainable Restaurants: Quick Wins for Restaurateurs.
Sustainable food has been described as the gateway to the green economy; what that means is that people may first have sustainability enter their mindset because of something in their food
Overcoming the Concerns That Arise with Green Cleaning.
It might seem a bit strange to find an article advocating green cleaning in a publication whose readers already understand the merits of cleaning and operating their facilities in a more environmentally preferable manner
The Buzz Around Europe's Green Efforts.
I recently returned from a cruise through Europe and as always, I had a tough time separating work and leisure
Can Travel Ever Really Be Sustainable?
Unless you're traveling on foot, tourism inevitably has an impact on the environment
Smart Energy Management Solutions Can Help Reduce Energy Costs.
Energy costs are constantly increasing, and the hospitality industry in India has been consistently adopting energy management solutions in varying degrees
What Is A LEED-Certified Hotel? How Do I Become 'Green Certified'?
In the United States alone, hotels represent more than 5 billion square feet of space, nearly 5 million guest rooms, and close to $4 billion in annual energy use
Environmental Issues Impacting Strategic Decisions.
As companies develop their plans for growth in an unsettled economy, environmental issues are playing a bigger role in determining growth options, capital allocation decisions, and the ability to carve-out or sell an entire business or its ...
Stakeholder Perceptions of Environmental, Governance and Social Issues Impact Bottom Line.
According to a new report from Deloitte, an organization’s understanding of how its stakeholders perceive and value the organization's environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues is central to developing a strategy that may lead to fi...
Robotic Fish Monitor Pollution.
Imagine a 5-foot long yellow fish swimming through the shallow waters of Gijon Harbor in Spain; however, this fish is no marine animal, rather, it is a well-equipped robot patrolling the waters of the harbor, looking for polluters
Ocean Changes Will Affect Food Supplies.
Warm water holds more salt than cold water, therefore, changes in ocean temperatures will affect ocean salinity
A Phased Approach to Investing in Hotel Environmental Performance.
Hoteliers can consider a phased approach to investing in environmental initiatives to ensure that these investments conform to ownership goals, minimize financial exposure, and optimize returns
Sustainability Will Continue to Contribute to Profits.
When corporate executives talk about 'Sustainability', they mean taking long-term responsibility for the environment and society
Current Trends and Opportunities in Hotel Sustainability.
The concept of sustainability has gained momentum in recent years within the global investment community – resulting in significant financial implications for new and existing hospitality assets
Hotels Going the 'Green' Way with Technology.
Green is no longer just a fad for the hospitality sector, the industry is growing rapidly and as a large consumer of resources, especially water and energy, green sustainable technology is high on the agenda
Hybrid Meetings: A Sustainable Solution.
Hybrid Meetings have emerged as a trend and are quickly heading towards mainstream practice, why not? They make good business sense, which is at sustainability
Does Your Logo Design Imply How Good a Corporate Citizen You Are?
A friend once remarked that she didn't care for the Lord of the Rings movies because all the bad people were ugly and all the good were good-looking (if a little short)
Carbon Measurement, Management, and Reduction for Small Businesses.
The Carbon Trust, a not-for-profit company based in the UK, has launched a new online guide, The Growing Business' Guide to Managing Carbon
Biodiesel in Your Hotel Vehicle: Top 5 Things to Know.
Converting a corporate fleet to biofuels is one way to reduce emissions, and improve your corporate social responsibility
The Social Media Scene Gets Green.
We live in the age of social media, an age where unlimited, up-to-date information travels the net and hundreds of millions of people are engaged with a wide online community
Why Go Green Now.
Going Green is now the Phrase of the new century, it's everywhere and it is now permeating the business realm at all levels, but why? Personally I don’t buy into the crap that Al Gore published but that doesn’t mean going green isn’t a good...
Sustainability Reporting Managing Risks and Opportunities.
In today's regulatory environment, companies face a growing number of requests and legally mandated requirements for sustainability data
The Challenges of Sustainable Hospitality Operations.
As explained in the proceedings, 'The Challenge of Hotel and Restaurant Sustainability: Finding Profit in 'Being Green',' the contradictions involve finances, operations, and marketing
Premiums Prices for Green Food: Will the Market Bear It?
It's plain that many consumers are just fine paying a bit of a price premium for green products; it's also plain that many others are not
Towards the Business Case for Sustainable Hotels in Asia.
This landmark report, undertaken cooperatively by HICAP, WWF and Horwath HTL, capitalizes on three years of submissions for the HICAP Sustainable Hotel Awards, which recognize the range of sustainability best practices emerging in the hotel...
Environment - The Growth of Biofuels.
Biofuels offer the greatest hope for aviation to reduce its carbon emissions, savings of up to 80% are on the table if the industry can get it right, however if airlines wait until the price is right and commercial quantities are available,...
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Thursday, 30th June 2016
Unfortunately, few people are thinking ahead about the far-reaching effects of climate change on air travel, a recent heat wave in the southwestern United States has raised our consciousness about another effect of these climate shifts---the worldwide effect of increasing ground temperatures

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Friday, 13th May 2016
According to a recent count, China has 2

The Link Between Wellness and Sustainability in Hospitality.
Thursday, 24th March 2016
Wellness and sustainability have very different definitions, but are often tied together in hospitality industry literature

Meluha - An Ecotel Hotel - Translating Sustainability.
Wednesday, 23rd December 2015
Designed for Sustainability: The Meluha has been awarded the ECOTEL Certification for meeting its criteria and making sustainability integral to the company's business strategy
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