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Unconscious Bias: Just Because You Can't See It, Others (Almost Certainly) Can
There we were: A roomful of mostly white adults from my upper middle-class, fairly liberal Massachusetts town, gathered together in our earnest desire to discover how to be better allies to people of color and tensions grew as the facilitat...
Does Your Company Need a Hospitality Recruiter?
Human resources managers already know the challenges faced when trying to find the top talent in the hotel industry and when advertising locally, those challenges increase tenfold simply because you are working with a very limited pool of c...
Organisational Culture Critical to Success
During last month's 10th Edition of the Ecole Hoteliere De Lausanne's (EHL) Young Hoteliers Summit, panels and sessions focused on the multifaceted aspect of hospitality and its growing complexity
Leadership Sets the Tone of the Culture
One of our Shepard Letter subscribers, who asked to remain anonymous, recently shared a story worth telling: To protect him from the backlash he’s concerned about, we’ll change his name to 'protect the innocent,' as the saying g...
HR: To Specialise or Not to Specialise?
Specialising in an area of HR can be extremely rewarding and, in some industries, may pay a higher salary than a more generalist role
Are Hotel Job Boards Going to Become Extinct for the Hospitality Industry?
According to experts in the industry, there is a widely-held belief that the next decade will see job boards made completely irrelevant or even extinct and some say this might happen sooner than even that, but considering job boards are how...
Gonna Have To Face It We’re Addicted to: Everything?! Digital Addictions In The Workplace
Cell phones, video games, YouTube, TV, iPads, Kindles, online gaming, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Stream, click, stream, repeat and as the years go on, so too does the list of things to which people become addicted
The 'Hospitality X-Factor', Foundation Of Long-Term Success
Noted hospitality thought leaders and corporate governance/ performance management experts Kefgen and 'Dr Jim' share common management challenges while providing time-tested, field-tested or just simple 'quick-fix' ideas to keep professiona...
Flexing Hotel Labor Today
It’s easy to say, 'flex down your labor costs' when revenues drop, but is it easy to do?: In a market of uncertainty and seasonal fluctuations, managing hotel property expenses is a challenging job that remains on the forefront of the...
Making Your Hotel More Attractive to the Best Hotel Managers
Given how much a subpar employee can cost a business (upwards of 10 times as much as hiring a recruiter), hospitality and hotel businesses need to know how to attract the best talent in the industry and how to keep from settling for candida...
Workplace Canteens Take a Leaf from Healthy Food Outlets
Once known for its limited choice and stodgy food, the office cafeteria is undergoing a major makeover with healthier options and all-day dining increasingly on the menu
The Cost of 'Bad Hires' in the Hospitality Industry
Do you wonder how much your next bad hire will cost your business—thousands, tens of thousands, or even millions? What’s your plan for fighting bad hires and turnover in your hotel? Out of every industry, the hospitality industr...
Series On 'Professional Visibility': Heartburn vs Insomnia
Seasoned executive search professionals and human capital advisors, Thomas Mielke and Andrew Hazelton share their thoughts on achieving ‘professional visibility’
Hospitality Leadership Solutions Series: The 'Organizational Spinal Cord'
Noted hospitality thought leaders and corporate governance/ performance management experts Kefgen and 'Dr Jim' share common management challenges while providing time-tested, field-tested or just simple 'quick-fix' ideas to keep professiona...
Wired For Sound: The Ins and Outs of Workplace Recordings
Consider the all-too-real scenario of meeting with your employee for a disciplinary discussion: At the start of the meeting, he innocently puts his phone face down on the table and unbeknownst to you, however, anticipating the meeting may r...
5 Easy Ways To Reduce Turnover At The Front Desk
With one of my main roles at KTN being to conduct front desk hospitality training worldwide, one issue that always seems to surface is turnover at the front desk
Your Hotel’s Next Hire: Is Experience a Good Thing?
For hoteliers, the search for new talent often revolves around familiar haunts, from TAFE and university departments, to the ubiquitous recruiter and it makes sense that a graduate from Edith Cowan with a Bachelor of Commerce in Hotel Manag...
C-Suite Miniseries: The Hospitality CMO – A Global Profile Of The Evolving Role
As part of our investigative C-Suite miniseries, which takes a closer look at and profiles the key senior leadership functions at hospitality companies around the globe, AETHOS now attempts to paint a clearer picture of the Chief Marketing ...
Why the Right Lighting is a Must-Have for Healthy Workplaces
Researchers have been refining their knowledge of how light, in all its colorful waves, plays a big role in influencing sleep, digestion and even food cravings, so as circadian science moves from the fringes to the mainstream – owing ...
Do’s and Don’ts of Interview Questions
There are certain things you can and cannot ask during a job interview, regardless if you are fresh out of college or a seasoned veteran, some questions are important to have answered but sitting in front of your potential GM or department ...
The Broken Record Discussion – Boardroom Diversity Within The Restaurant Industry
Participating in countless client board meetings, I can say with confidence that gender diversity within the boardroom leads to first-rate ideation and collaboration
Human Capital in Hospitality in AEMEA Region: Rise in the Hospitality 'Footprint'
AETHOS Consulting Group's London Managing Directors Thomas Mielke and Chris Mumford have gathered their collective thought leadership and now share predictions, concerns and issues for 2019, and while some of these issues transcend across b...
Workplace Law Predictions For 2019
The past year has seen quite a few changes in labor and employment law, but with the New Year having just rung in, it’s time to look forward rather than backward
Talent Acquisition: Recruit Employees Like You Do Guests
Are you looking for people to fill jobs, or trying to help people launch and advance careers? The challenge for hotels, as for any business these days, isn’t just finding ways to appeal to a new generation of customers
Why Your Hotel Should Be Working with a Hospitality Recruiter
Finding good employees is difficult, but that task is even harder when you are working with a limited pool of candidates instead of using a hospitality recruiter
Avoiding Workplace Violence: Tips And Best Practices For Hospitality Employers
Whether internal or external, violence in the workplace is an increasingly problematic issue that employers must learn to effectively minimize and prevent
Handling Complaints Against Your Hotel Staff
Complaints are just a part of the hotel business: There are going to be honest mistakes, misperceptions, and customers that are simply looking for a little something for nothing
Strategies to Prepare for Design Thinking - Part 4: Access All Parts of the Brain
Are you using your brain to its full potential? Our brains are not simple 'input' / 'output' machines, they actually have a myriad of different possible neural connections and cognitive functions, and the most creative people can access all...
Did I Make a Bad Hire?
The hiring process can take considerable time and money, which makes making a bad hire all the worse, but rest assured, though, you are not alone: Harvard Business Review estimates less than 20 percent of all hires are actually considered '...
Hotel Training Tips: Train, Train, and Train Some More
There are so many catchphrases out there in 'tips' articles, it can have your head spinning by the time you get done reading them all; One of my favorites is don’t manage, communicate, which is complete nonsense, communicating is part...
Hospitality & Technology - What To Look For When Hiring A CTO
Over the last several years, the function of the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) has become increasingly important to the success of almost every type of organization and yet, despite its importance, it is still rare for hospitality firms to...
Asking 'What Makes You Stay?' How Stay Interviews Can Improve Employee Retention And Productivity
Hiring interviews and exit interviews are a very common, if not completely unavoidable, part of any employer’s business operations but what is less known and less talked about, however, are stay interviews—even though they could...
Minding What Matters: Incorporating Mindfulness Training At Work
Does your workplace have a meditation room yet? Do you provide break time for employees to engage in mindfulness training? If not, you may want to consider the benefits of mindfulness not only to your employees’ health and well-being,...
Would You Like Fries And A Political Opinion With That?
Regulating employee buttons, pins, and insignia in the workplace: Burgers and buttons are making headlines again and employees at Burgerville—a fast-food restaurant chain in the Pacific Northwest—recently took to wearing buttons...
Why Green Workplace Design Creates a Feel-Good Factor
For environmentally minded companies, good interior design is an intrinsic part of a greener office: In the Los Angeles offices of Cuningham Group architecture firm, natural daylight streams in through four skylights and floor-to-ceiling gl...
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