Through the eyes of a Hotel Butler: The timing service.
By Osvaldo Torres Cruz
Saturday, 7th March 2009
When I receive a guest arriving to the Hotel, after leading him to his room, I use to comment on every service I can offer him as a butler, so I will be able to get information about his needs and motivation regarding them.

One of the most important information to get is the management of his time. This data allows us to use a highly effective tool to be applied for the achievement of the guest satisfaction: the timing of the rendered services.

Timing is the way to personalize time of a service, that is to say, to control the right time for a service to happen and produce the WOW effect, the origin of positive emotions and feelings, making the guest to receive the service as an experience made right for his moment.

Timing is mostly related to the guest moment and this is a very important factor to magnify the positive effect of a service. The guest asking for a service expects it to be rendered in the time he previously established, however, if we add to this the delivery made at the right time, the guest will consider it as HIS service in HIS time.

Each guest has his particular timing, depending on the type of service and the particulars of delivery. Best way to know the best timing for each guest and service, is by paying individual attention, allowing us to decode the signals sent by the guest, thus establishing his right moment...

 The butler plays a vital role setting the timing for a service. As being in close contact with the guest, he can apprise the exact moment for each required service. In the timing service, all departments of contact may be involved with the guest, as for example:

1-A guest tells the butler that he enjoys taking baths. The butler contacts the concierge and he informs him about the schedule of the guest for the day, so the butler finds out the approximate arrival time. A short time before the guest's arrival, he prepares the Jacuzzi with special salts and scents and relaxing music. When the guest comes into his room he finds the service already prepared just for his moment.

2-The butler finds out the guests are arriving to the hotel after a whole day of outing. He approaches them offering courtesy refreshment drinks, the same ones that perhaps had not been accepted the first day of arrival to the hotel, not been then the right moment.

3-The door opened at the right time… The information rendered before requested. The cigarette lighted just in time for smoking. The empty glass of wine timely refilled, in fact: details of caring observation, comprising the service timing.

Service timing conveys motivation and expectation for the service. The guest is surprised in a positive manner and confident of the good assistance he is receiving. So he will generate service needs which will lead to get pleasant experiences, such as getting just what he needs at the right time, notorious manifestation par excellence of luxury in service.

Timing is the way of matching a previously determined event (service) with the emotional factor, achieving an everlasting effect on the guest memory. This is a way of distinguish oneself by means of service, thus attaining the so wanted guest fidelity.

Osvaldo Torres Cruz.
Hotel Butler
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