The Hotel Industry and a Slowing Global Economy.
By Jerry Cedicci & Robin Trehan
Tuesday, 29th April 2008
With the decrease in travel due to increasing economic costs -it is putting a damper on the hotel industry.

Many people are finding it difficult enough to pay for high gas prices and food expenses; and to even consider traveling is far out of reach for most Americans. Rates of air flights and other travel costs are increasing to keep up with the expenses for oil.

The hotel industry was once a booming market and can soon be facing a huge economic slow down that can hurt many of the bigger and smaller hotels, more so with the smaller hotels who will likely have to close their doors.

Even business travelers are slowing down their international travels to corporate suites. It is much cheaper to conduct meetings via the web and telephone these days. The hotels in the U.S. are especially going to feel the impact of the economic slow down.

Many investors in the hotel industry are bracing themselves for the slowing economy by scaling back expectations. New hotel building projects are having troubles finding finances to complete them, so to help with this issue, it is best to focus on the already existing hotels and increasing their revenue.

Compared to other hotels around the world, the U.S. is "on sale".

To help bring in more revenue, a focus must be placed on international travelers. The American economy won't allow its people to enjoy the luxuries and corporate suites as they once did. Another way to help increase revenue is to offer more services.

Aryuvedic medicine practices could be an addition to spa treatments. It consists of massages, yoga and other therapeutic practices. Aryuvedic medicine could greatly help to bring in more traffic. Even packages with corporate suites and Aryuvedic medicines at a decent price could help to bring in the travelers to the U.S. or any other country for that matter.

The weakened dollar of the United States will likely keep them from being spent on the hotel industry, so it is important for hotels to think up other ways to keep their market strong.

Some of the smarter hotel industry investors have assets that are worth more than before and can cash in on those during tough times.

Investing in a market takes more than just earning profit from sales, one has to think smart and create assets any way possible, especially in the luxury hotel industry.

Jerry Cedicci or Robin C. Trehan can be reached at rtrehan@creditcapitalfunding.com
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