Investment climate Across Emerging economies- to Russia with love.
By Robin Trehan
Monday, 27th November 2006
Where to put our next dollar for investment? While a lot of being said for the growing economies of China and India but I will suggest putting dollars in Russia. In my opinion Russia has got tremendous growth opportunity which has just began to spring. We all know about its great tradition, culture, art and vast source of intellectual ability. Next step is to bring is close to us- To Russia with love.

Russia has been a one of the main players in international science and technology for a long time and with its footmarks in defense, space research and engineering it is another big power which is going to play even a more vital role in international business arena. Russia is also sitting on vast reserves of oil and gas reserves and it has just begun consolidation of its energy industry. Companies like Lukoil (lukoil.com)/ Rosneft (rosneft.com/english), Gazprom(gazprom.com) all are going to be household names across the world.

Russia also has a great academic base and excellent educational institutions which focus on practical education and R&D. We must also not discount the fact that both India and China has very small R&D bases both in terms of science and technology and their technology in multiple sectors is either borrowed or purchased from Russia or Israel.

Russia has been America's major competitors for long time both in space and defense sector and that is one the reason we have strive to work harder to maintain our edge. We love competition and has let to great technology advances in USA. Both Americans and Russian know when someone says impossible, it means they cannot do it; it does not mean we cannot do it. Mutually, we also know how to dream big and preserve the dream and transform it into reality.

Also, we must understand that stronger Russia is in best interest of USA. The fact is that we need Russia and Russia needs us. Our over reliance on China and India is something to be questioned. Also, the changing demography of India is of great concern. With its huge Islamic population and soft approach towards terrorism, India is sitting on its own problems. Also, growing China and India relations with Iran is of great concern. We have been facing the same problems at home what Russians and Indians are facing in Chechnya and Kashmir.

America needs to protect its interest and time has come to look at Russia in new light. We need to help Russia to build its infrastructure to boost its economy. Vast reserve of natural resources in Russia will help our companies to come in partnership with Russia energy giants and help to stimulate industries and generate employment. A great Russia consumer market and real estate boom seems to be around the corner.

Russia is also a power source to Europe and to growing America energy needs. We need to bring is close integration with Russia to bring in stability and efficiency its economy. We need to make them feel important and bring in happiness and prosperity. Our obligation as the biggest power in the world is the obligation of wealth creation and promoting democracy and prosperity across the world.

We are living in a world where everything is changing constantly, we need to learn to change and determine what is in our best interest. Today's preparation determines tomorrow's achievement and dollar invested in Russia seems to in our best interest.

Robin C. Trehan is an expert in the filed of mergers and acquisitions and private equity capital. He can be reached at robin@tafunds.com

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