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Vertical Dashboard.
By Gene Ference
Thursday, 6th April 2006
It's time for your business to take stock of itself and make sure your managers and supervisors are up to their tasks of taking your company to new heights. Businesses must stay competitive and ahead of the curve… Enter-Vertical Dashboard.

Building Professional and Organizational Skills

Spring has arrived! (OK, we know full well that it's Autumn in Australia, but from where we sit here in the United States, it's Spring!) Time for the great outdoors to come alive, to stretch and flex its muscles, allow for and nurture new growth, and to reach new heights. So too, should it be a time for your business to take stock of itself and make sure your managers and supervisors are up to their tasks of taking your company to new heights. Enter-Vertical Dashboard.

Businesses must stay competitive and stay ahead of the curve in order to be successful. Utilizing comprehensive and reliable processes to gather, analyze and provide managers with valid feedback, HVS/The Ference Group can address this need by providing information on how executives are perceived in the work environment. And, by using our Vertical Dashboard technology, human capital intelligence is delivered in real time as well as over time.

Based on surveys completed by employees grouped by department, Vertical Dashboard computes a profile of scores regarding a manager's or supervisor's performance, giving a vertical slice of the organization with feedback from direct reports and significant others. Results are benchmarked against internal property norms as well as hospitality-industry performance norms, comprising a dashboard of performance scores. Benchmarks, created from over 1,000,000 surveys of hospitality employees that HVS/The Ference Group has administered within the hotel, resort, club, restaurant and gaming industries offers unparalleled comparisons.

Program administration is on-line, with modules completed on a self-paced schedule. Continuous 24/7 feedback is available, with follow-up supported by a coaching process between each participant and others. Of key importance and value is this tool's focus on personal development processes which track progress over defined periods of time.

This program provides a foundation for the dynamics of professional development while providing a blueprint for the alignment of strategic organizational objectives. Vertical Dashboard offers a reliable, valid method for the feedback of both current performance and future expectations of individuals by team members and can be linked to other support programs and services offered by HVS/The Ference Group.

A Four Part Support Menu

Individual Perceptions-Each individual has their own set of perceptions that are both personal and different from that of anyone else. Perceptions make up our windows of reality until something or someone alters them. As a result, measuring employee perceptions of the work environment and those working in it becomes critical to understanding ourselves and others. Using the power of employee perceptions as a basis for performance feedback, Vertical Dashboard calculates best-practice scores and compares them to service industry and company norms.

Coaching-Where scores are lower than identified thresholds, participants have the option of retaking the survey. In all such cases, pre and post survey comparative results are always available and calculated within the context of each new report, and are available for each participant's immediate supervisor or designated coach. Performance progress is monitored through a series of interpersonal meetings. Our unique coaching model encourages managers with high scores to assist in the development of others with lower scores. HVS/The Ference Group can provide professional coaches with expertise in all facets of the service industries.

Resource Warehouse-Through secure access to our Resource Warehouse, all survey data and normative information are available 24/7. Content includes, but is not limited to: individual survey results, Performance-Steps for action planning, topical articles, management readings and checklists. These can be accessed by those being rated as well as their coaches. Special sections are available regarding "How to Coach" and "How to Conduct Performance Reviews." A Vertical Dashboard link is available to HVS/The Ference Group for questions and answers on management issues.

Performance Reviews-It's sometimes difficult to pinpoint employee's strengths and weaknesses. Vertical Dashboard creates a special report capturing each participant's scores following completion of a skill set-usually five modules of development. While this special report serves as a blueprint for stimulating communication, when used in tandem with a company's formal performance review process, the report serves as a database for additional performance insights which can help point to strengths and uncover weaknesses and blind spots that are crucial to the outcome of a review. Additional materials in the form of reports, graphs, spreadsheets and comparatives are provided by Vertical Dashboard, further aiding and facilitating the review process.

Just as seedlings seldom take root in Spring-or Autumn "down under," without water, employees will seldom grow without the proper nurturing as well. Staff development is a key factor in determining company success. Our approach creates an environment that encourages and yet holds people accountable for their development while facilitating the building of both professional and organizational skills. Our perception of ROI, Return-On-Individuals, enables HVS/The Ference Group to enhance performance and support a development culture of learning, motivation and recognition.

For more information regarding development programs, contact, Gene Ference, President, HVS/The Ference Group. gference@hvsinternational.com

HVS/The Ference Group provides programs in TeamStrategics: organizational development, business health assessments, and strategic planning. Our clients include successful applicants for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, Employer of Choice, Best Human Resources, Employer of the Year, as well as quality of work life and service culture awards of Great Britain, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, The Netherlands and Singapore.
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