What is Branding?
Alexandra Yung ~ Creasians
Sunday, 22nd January 2006
Research shows that 80% of all consumers buy with emotion and not intellect, it only makes sense then that branding by integrating the heart with the mind is much more effective than determining your company's future direction with only the mind.

The Power of Branding
Without an identity, you don't exist. You have no value.

A company also needs a good identity. That's why fortune 100 companies around the world spend millions of dollars on branding. They know that to invest in building a lasting brand means creating customer value.

A good brand identity is a true reflection of the essence of who you are. It conveys your worth, what you stand for and most importantly, what value you can give to your customers.

The Value of Branding
Branding can increase the value of yourself and your company. It has been suggested that the IBM name is worth more than the gross national product of many nations while Coke claims that 51% of the company value is attributed to the brand.

However, branding is much more than just a name or a logo. It is a major company asset and can bring you enormous strategic and financial value.

A positive customer perception will drive sales and create loyalty over time, so a trusted brand can consistently draw customers over one that needs to compete by low prices or marketing gimmicks.

The Benefits of Branding
Creating an experience for customers is the ultimate goal of branding. However, just going through the branding process itself is transformational. It will also help you to:

  • clarify your vision & mission
  • claim a unique proposition
  • redefine your market
  • see a top down view of your whole organization
  • align company direction and focus
  • create value for your customers
The truth is people will pay more for something they perceive that will give them greater value.

A good product is not enough to provide competitive advantage. Only brands can tap into the emotional needs of customers and create a bond with them.

Alexandra Yung, founder of Creasians, is an international brand consultant who has been creating distinctive brands around the world for over 20 years. 

Alexandra has successfully created integrated brand solutions for companies, individuals, products, organisations and even cities.  Her recent projects include branding Harbin, a city in North China, and currently in the process of branding some new entertainers in Hong Kong. Her unique holistic approach integrates the heart and mind facilitating clients to get in touch with who they are at a deep soul level.

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