Tourism Investment Opportunities: Global Hotels, Resorts and More

Hospitality Solutions International - Asian hotel management company, franchise, modular constructionThe global tourism industry is booming and is going from strength to strength with current markets still growing, emerging marketing showing hyper-growth and new markets being introduced regularly.

This global industry is a powerhouse, a major GDP contributor and constantly introducing new investment and business opportunities:

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Opportunity 1: Investment opportunities in Shanghai and Changzhou, China

We are seeking investors for a 7,000 square meter Shanghai city centre lifestyle hotel conversion and a 3,900 square meter city centre lifestyle hotel conversion in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, China. Both hotels also feature edgy food & beverage and catering spaces.

Investment opportunities in Shanghai and Changzhou, China
Our clients has several more projects in the pipeline in China and other parts of Asia and under the same brand as above investments, there more projects in the pipeline, immediately available for investments.

Opportunity 2: Hotel acquisition opportunities in Turkey

A small hotel portfolio comprising a business hotel and two established resort properties on the Mediterranean Coast which provide 800+ rooms, is available for acquisition, either collectively or as individual assets.

The hotel in Istanbul is located in the central business district while the high quality resorts each have excellent beach locations. Interested parties may contact us for additional information subject to completion of requisite NDAs.

Opportunity 3: Thailand - Profitable, established and fully operational Golf course with additional land for course expansion, hotels, residential.

Located 2 hours drive from Bangkok and amongst the top golf courses in Asia.

This unique opportunity should not be missed. The purchase comes with an option to acquire more adjacent land for future expansion of the golf course. Alternatively, residential villas, apartments/condos or hotels can be consider for this emerging and rapidly developing market.

Opportunity 4: We are seeking investors for a China-based sustainable Boutique brand with growth pipeline.

The core brand values of the group are Authenticity, Design and Impact: building a leading inclusive hospitality business for impact - China based and currently seeking capital injections.

They have a unique business model which uses synergistic clusters of boutique developments to gain economies of scale, while utilizing deep local community connections and spreading impact. This also allows them to offer unparalleled authentic experiences to our guests.

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Opportunity 5: We are seeking investors for a small boutique villa hotel in an exclusive location in Bali, Indonesia.

The complex is designed for some of the best world's architect, built over 200 Hectares and more than 50 Hectares exclusively dedicated to all horse-related sports.

  • Enchanting, secluded and close to nature
  • Three luxury villas, 11 rooms total
  • Each of villas equipped with sophisticated interiors furnished, a fully equipped kitchen and private swimming pool
  • Great wedding potential
  • 180 degrees of breath taking Panoramic Ocean View

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Opportunity 6: We are seeking investors for this massive and highly potential Entertainment complex located in Kathmandu, Nepal.

The complex is designed for some of the best world's architect, built over 200 Hectares and more than 50 Hectares exclusively dedicated to all horse-related sports.

  • Top luxury equestrian villages
  • Located in Bhaktaphur District in Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Half hour drive from Kathmandu International Airport

  • Nestled in undulating and slightly hilly, blended with the picturesque natural environment
  • Amidst a totally un-spoilt landscape
  • Served by First Class Road Network

Opportunity 7: Theme Park and Resort Hotel in Guyana.

As Guyana prepares to become a major oil producing country, and an economic powerhouse of the Caribbean and South America, it is clearly an emerging tourism market with great potential.

Our client is seeking investors for a Theme Park/ Resort Hotel in Guyana.

We are is confident this would be a profitable venture, due to the geographical location of Guyana, as Brazil, Venezuela, and Trinidad are its neighboring countries. Guyana is also known as the gateway to the Caribbean.

While Brazil has a population 176,029,560 the largest in South America, Venezuela has a population 26,023,528, and the surrounding Caribbean population of 35,000,000.

Guyana, as prime location, makes it accessible to these markets.

Business Objective

Our client - an established business group with in-depth country & regional knowledge - is seeking to develop a Caribbean theme, Movie production theme park/ Resort Hotel project in Guyana.

Our main objective is to provide a unique Caribbean experience theme park entertainment complex.

The Group will build on a 30 acre, 200 room, 4 star, Caribbean theme resort hotel, with a casino and entertainment complex.

The theme park will incorporate all the unique features that identify the Caribbean, and it culture. From the rides, to the animated display of characters.

Opportunity 8: Approved Portugese Tourism Project.

Serena - bidos Health & Wellness Resort, is an innovative and evolutive concept of Health & Wellness dedicated to promote health, longevity and wellbeing through a unique combination of comprehensive lifestyle and designed programs of therapies and activities, focusing on guest’s individual needs and goals.

The project is to be built on a property with 82.000 M2 implanted in a rural environment, 3 km from bidos Medieval town, and 80 km from Lisbon’s international airport, 45 minute drive.

The property owners have approved 13.581 M2 of construction area. Architectural and
engineering plans are approved but may be altered according to this new concept, adapting the
construction area to the facility new planning.

Serena - bidos Health & Wellness Resort will be organized in 4 essential areas/ pillars to good

    1. Fitness & Movement
    2. Nutrition & Food
    3. Health & Healing (Mind & Spirit)
    4. Spa & Beauty

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About Hospitality Systems International
Hospitality Systems International (HSI) has access to approved tourism investment projects combined with connections to reputable finance streams. We have also developed a ground-breaking franchise system and project framework for cost effective and efficient opening of franchised hotels with a speedy ROI. Our system is most suitable for implementation for new build and modular (pre-fabricated)

HSI's' partners, directors, associates and employees come from all over the world, with wide ranging cultural, educational and professional property backgrounds. These include development managers, modular construction experts, chartered surveyors, hospitality executives, investment bankers, project experts, architects, sales and marketing professionals, IT professionals, PR/Marketing, accountancy and professional advisory



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