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Banners Terms, Mechanics & Payment.

Banner Terms
  • By submitting your banners to 4Hoteliers you agree to it's publication on the 4Hoteliers web site and that for whatever reason should it be required to change its location within the 4Hoteliers site, 4Hoteliers or its agents have the final decision as to it's publication, use and distribution within said web site. Should the new location represent less value as stated in the banner ad summary, 4Hotelier will compensate accordingly as it finds suitable.
  • You further warrant that you are authorised to submit this banner and/or content and hereby grant permission to 4Hoteliers to its publication, use and distribution.
  • 4Hoteliers reserves the final right of refusal if a banner/content is considered not suitable for its site. Should that be the case, the fees paid related to the particular banner/content will be credited without charges of any kind to the submitter. As the 4Hoteliers decision is final, no correspondence will be entertained on this subject.
  • Banners can not be rotated over a longer period of time.
  • 4Hotelier will generate a traffic report upon request, which show: impression rate, geographical coverage and an indicative readers profile overview. CTR and any other statistics needs to be tracked by the advertiser through tracking codes.
  • Banner ads or any other advertising options offered by 4Hoteliers.com do not guarantee an increase of website traffic or business requests. Therefore 4Hoteliers can not be held responsible in any way.

Mechanical Specs
  • Formats accepted only: FLASH, FLV, JPG and GIF. For the eNewsletter, we only accept JPG or GIF formats with NO animations.
  • The SWF (Flash) file must be supplied without any fixed embedded links.
  • The SWF (Flash) file can have a dynamic link based upon a variable that is passed to it when through the Object/XML methods and this embedded link must open the target URL in a new ("_blank") window.
  • Animations within the Flash file may have a maximum of 2 iterations (2 cycles through full animation then stop). An option "click to replay" is allowed.
  • Source code of Flash file must be supplied.
  • GIF images must be "progressive" and no larger than 20KB.
  • Flash banners no larger than 80KB with no off site embedded content.
  • Large format adverts (300x250 in Flash SWF/FLV format ONLY) are subject to technical audit prior to acceptance.
  • We support both "DART for Publishers" and "standard/embedded Double Click Advertising tags".

Payment Specs
  • We accept international bankwire and secure online credit card payment only.
  • 2Checkout.com, Inc., the exclusive authorized retailer of goods and services provided by 4Hoteliers News Resource.
  • Following the online credit card payment transaction you will receive a confirmation email of your purchase, followed by an email from our Customer Services division to discuss further details on dates and space availability.
  • Prices are stated in US Dollars and non-refundable.
  • Rates are subject to change without prior notice.

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